UK Passengers Against State Quarantine on Arrival – December 22 2020

UK Passengers Against State Quarantine on Arrival - December 22 2020 1


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12 Comments on "UK Passengers Against State Quarantine on Arrival – December 22 2020"

  1. Put them bac on the plane & send them back to the Uk

  2. That should be easy. Send them back

  3. Who care if them don’t want to quarantine send them back.brite

  4. So glad the report stated that the unfortunate passengers were told of the mandatory quarantine in “mid-flight”. Their disappointment is entirely understandable. However, the Jamaican Government had to protect the local population, and isolate the visitors for now.

  5. Anthony Richards | December 23, 2020 at 7:24 PM | Reply


  6. Anthony Richards | December 23, 2020 at 7:29 PM | Reply

    I ain’t gonna lie…Covid makes one miserable sharp headaches nausea dry cough. It does bring in a minor panic. Worth with the media hype. That already defeats anyone. Mind over matter. Metaphysics. That is taught in tertiary learning centers, but not poor people. Use your mu d; you defeat any challenge allay all feara!! Inclusive of criminals and covid 19!!! I believe Bill Gates has something to do with covid 19!

  7. So why allow them to come in the first place ?

  8. at the same time the dam government have different rule for white tourist

  9. Wow! Yet, 30 of the 200 and off passengers tested positive! What do you say to that? Well done Jamaica’s government. I do not know when we will ever become more mature and responsible as a people!

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