UK Prime Minister Withholding Report On Russia's Role In Brexit | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

UK Prime Minister Withholding Report On Russia’s Role In Brexit | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow reports on a controversy in the UK in which Prime Minister Boris Johnson is blocking the release of a report on Russian interference in the Brexit vote until after the general election scheduled for December. Aired on 11/05/19.
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UK Prime Minister Withholding Report On Russia's Role In Brexit | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @Rachelle Chery Yep, English is not my native language, the language of the spellchecker on my phone is Dutch and I do not want to use a dictionary for every word. It looked all right to me. Probably because the Dutch word is kloon.
      Add typing on a phone to the equation and it is a miracle that I am able to produce something coherent and legible
      But thanks, I learned something new.

    2. Maybe but he’ll get us out of Europe, and that’s what we wanted. A bit of pain afterwards is not a problem.

  1. I actually understand this better from Rachel than our own UK press they are brown nosing boris Johnson so much…

    1. Why? We have crazy state tv (Fox News) but we also have investigative journalism like Maddow and Farrow, etc.

    2. Teresa Sanchez yeah we know, the US has really both the best and worst of popular journalism. It’s a scale thing.

  2. They’re all connected – Brexit and Trump – this is a plan that’s been hatched over a few years. Trump/Farage and now Boris! There’s one common
    denominator = PUTIN

    1. He is the richest man in the world. Basically king of Russia, no one does anything there without kissing the ring.

    1. well if you lose …. Just blame Russia
      They probably involved but it is NEGLIGIBLE!
      But this will not be a concern to the remainers, and this will be just like the USA where the democrats blame Russia for losing the election – solidly !!

  3. Yep, it’s the sad sad case that our Conservative Party are just as venal, manipulative and vicious as your Republican Party, Rachel.

    1. mick readdin just call it what it is. Fascism. Trump has fired or forced out every single person who won’t give him absolute authority, or challenges his rule. We now have hotel managers buying ambassadorships and replacing TRUE, honest public servants with political yes-men and corporate hacks. This is as close to a dictatorship that America has ever gotten.

    2. Darth Wheezius Oh no no, we’re not gonna “corporate-Dem” this. Believe it or not there was a big, capable Democratic party before Bernie and AOC, and they are responsible for most political progress since the latter half of the twentieth century. When you Sarandon this you’re signaling that it just doesn’t matter, Bernie or Bust, burn it all down. Which comes from a position of delusion and of privilege.

    3. Darth Wheezius agree with all you say regarding the NHS, however from here in the U.K. the Republican Party seems a mirror image of the Tory party, the Democrats appear socialist leaning as the Labour Party or Liberal Democrats.

  4. In the UK we now have 5 opposition parties. So when Johnson spouts his lies it is 5 against 1. This is a fundamental change to our system. If you had more opposition parties in the US it would make Adolf Trump’s job harder.

    1. Yes but sadly our opposition parties only attempt to organize every 4 years, after attending Kremlin-y events, in order to sink the Dems from the Left. Jill Stein — soon to be Tulsi Gabbard

    1. @Rose Harvey You mean we have been told by mainstream media? You cannot believe a word they say Rose, just like the Trump whistleblower is a CIA agent who worked with Obama – thats why they wont name him. Switch off your tv and do you and your family a favour.

    2. @Martha no, he is not being named to protect him from retribution and now possible harm. His claims were vindicated by the phone call notes and public servants etc who have given testimony. The facts are there, it’s not false.

    3. @Rose Harvey Well if I believed mainstream news then I would believe it but unfortunately Rose, I don’t anymore. I understand if you still do though.

    4. Adam Adam Yes and also some proper journalists and news agents who must fact check this Tory Government and horrible prime minister but most of the journalists in this country are such a snow flakes and have no any decency and I mean the big Newspaper corporations .They think it is not in their interest to come up for the people and democracy in this country. At least in America you have got CNN and a lot of other news agents and fact checkers who are standing up against your bulling president and republican party.
      I believe Chanel 4 and BBC 2 News Night and BBC radio 4 are doing their best and the smaller news papers like the Guardian, Observer and the Independent and I believe The Evening Standard as well. I am so tiered of it all that I hardly watch t.v anymore. But I will never give up on decency and democracy and the responsibility that we all have to make this world a good and beter place.

    1. They’ve waged war successfully *and* on the cheap. Imagine reaping all of these rewards without a single “boot on the ground.”

    2. @Carolyn Talbot Many yrs ago, a Russian leader banged his shoe on a podium and announced the US would destroy itself from within. Putin took him seriuosly. Looks like both were right.

    3. @v blackwell It certainly looks that way, doesn’t it? I hope to God we survive this with our institutions intact.
      Why is this so difficult for Trump supporters to grasp, especially considering the demographic (which includes a sizable number of baby boomers?) Do you think they’re just nihilists, deep down?

    1. @Antony Stringfellow then you just get tit for tat…. US and UK have professional military, special forces and are also masters of dirty tricks… no more so than Britain… we’ve been doing it for a very long time.

    1. @Jay R Not enough time…the Russians must have infiltrated, Britain, using an “israeli” persona… Just like they do in the U.S.. It’s in the air.

    2. @Yuri Kovalenko Maybe, the U.S. needs to repatriate all of the Russians in the U.S. back to, Russia, for national security reasons, then, yes, Yuri? Out of diplomacy, I gave you a capital “Y.”

    3. you dont understand the mindset in europe mainland especially the eastern countries poland ukraine romania bulgaria hungary etc we dont want to become britain at least not what britain is today , the russians will be brought back in and east germany will be annexed this is what we want , the danger of becoming a new pakistan/african state like britain it`s very big certanly in future we will have wars but guided under the hand of holly russia we will win , russian interference it`s not the problem YOU BEEN VOTED OUT OF EU BY NON – EUROPEAN IMMIGRANTS IT`s on statistics all non european immigrants VOTE FOR UK OUT OF EU ! you white western trash must keep that in mind , this is only just a taste of things to come the non europea immigrants will totally desintegrate your nations and that will not happen in east or in far east

  5. Johnson is inept and Farage is corrupt. The amount of misinformation about Brexit on social media is unbelievable and Johnson is hiding something

    1. @Roger Whittle Totally agree. I’ve been taking an active interest in this since the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke in March 2017 and the more I have read (from different sources), the more I’m convinced there was Russian interference in the Brexit referendum. For anyone who doesn’t know how they operate and how the Social Media giants (particularly Facebook) are totally vulnerable to being used as tools in Putin’s campaign of misinformation, take a look at the CEO of Cambridge Analytica himselg explaining back in 2016 how influencers can buy “microtargetted” and totally opaque advertising to influence the result of a vote:
      He’s not talking about Russia specifically, but the point is that anyone with a bit of nouse and enough resources can sway an election.

    2. They’re hiding the fact that they are both owned by Putin. These leaders on both sides of the Atlantic are Traitorous Terrorists and should be executed by firing squad.

    1. @Ekklesia yes fascist, unless you have no f**king idea what the word means. UK has a fascist press owned by extremely rich Tories to put out propaganda and brainwash people.

    2. @punkman115 at the moment the UK is a first rate country but being pulled down to America’s level by the Tory government and people too stupid to work out they are being robbed.

  6. Just like trump, Mr. Boris Johnson benefited from the Russian interference… duh…. of course he doesn’t want that news made public.

    1. Lynne Gill If like you say all this news is true with 100% hard evidence where are the CPS and the arrests to would surely follow. Your talking espionage and traitors here . Very serious accusations , You prove to me 100% with hard facts not some tabloid headline out to sell more papers and cause intrigue.

    2. Lithuanian Giant So you have 100% hard evidence that links putin directly with this. Name your sources and state the facts as you know them to be 100% correct and indisputable.

    3. Becca Boo Yes I see MI5 the CPS and the police arresting numerous members of the Tory party including Boris for being a traitor to the UK and collusion with Russia. Get real will you. James Bond will be in the cinemas shortly.

  7. It appears that they may be hiding that Johnson has been positioned by Russia just like Trump, both Johnson and Trump are Russian puppets. Boris Johnson is blocking the release because the Brexit vote interference by Russia and he is covering it up.

  8. “It’s not just us”. Am I the only one who noticed that these things happen in countries that have highly privately financed political systems?

    1. Russia is spreading it’s poison throughout NATO and beyond attempting to do what the Soviets were never able to do, that is to weaken or destroy the western alliance. Russia could never hope to stand up to the west on it’s own so it’s strategy is to fragment the west as it seeks to move it’s borders westward (again) reasserting hegemony. Putin has found some willing partners among some western politicians, particularly in Washington but not exclusively there.

    2. Yes..that’s because…we donn’t have a real democratie.
      They let us believe we do.
      But are just ‘shepeople’s’.

  9. This is exactly the reason why we don’t trust Johnson’s Tory government, he’s another Trump like figure who lies all the time.

    1. @Andy Straus Most things. Our main media is controlled by Reuters out of Frankfurt. Constant repetition of news is used to brainwash people into a particular belief. See David Ickes talk from the Oxford Union for a good start to waking up to how the world is really run.

  10. Brexit was about billionaires avoiding the new EU tax laws. Farage and his links to Cambridge Analyitica must be investigated.

    1. killbotone Russian oligarchs, Putin, etc., moved their ill gotten gains to Tortola BVI after crashing Cypress money laundering operations. That’s why Poutine wants GB out of EU.

    2. @joe caterman No. Facts. And another fact is that Rees-Mogg fired his UK staff when he moved is business to Dublin in 2017.
      About Farage and his hellspawn – these creatures should never be allowed to pollute Germany with their presence. Their passports need to be revoked immediately.

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