UK Rejects Jamaica's Vaccination Programme | TVJ News 1

UK Rejects Jamaica’s Vaccination Programme | TVJ News


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  1. Really. The UK is so unconscionable and unreasonable.. we need to apply the same measures to them with immediate effect

    1. Jamaica need their money for tourism. Jamaicans likes to forge documents. That’s why. It’s not the only country they not letting in

    1. @A A well it wasn’t rejected but they withdrew/recalled it after some cases of effects came out, biden himself said it,, but then it was reviewd and they cleared it saying that the side effects were unrelated to the vaccine or sumn of rhat sort

    2. @Romario Edmond exactly, so claiming it was rejected was either you being misinformed or disinformation. It was paused for a few weeks and reinstated.

    3. The UK manufactured their own batches of vaccine for their own people but allowed other versions to made in Indian and Europe.

  2. Why Jamaican journalists are so bad at journalism. Where is the why question. Why are Jamaicans denied? Why are the vaccines being rejected? Where are the investigative journalists! Just poor reporting!!!!

    1. Meanwhile japan did their own tests own moderna that was sent to them and found it was a bad batch. I wonder if our leaders test these vaccines before administering them?

    2. It’s the vaccination program that was rejected, not the vaccines. Irrespective of that, journalism is very poor in Jamaica.

    3. @Audrey Simon Alright! Break that down for me now. So you are saying that UK never like how Andrew and his administration was executing the vaccine programme so much so that a person who took the vaccine in Jamaica is labelled unvaxxed on entering the UK? Just clarify it for me plz!!!

    1. So true Jacqueline xyminis. If it was a little local person trying to come to the UK and undergo such ordeal, them wouldn’t believe.



    1. @Christopher Storer (1) Why doesn’t Jamaica manufacturers it own medicine rather than accepting other countries waste. (2) The great leaders the past must be Turning in dem grave. (3) Over the years now I hadn’t seen any of the Jamaican P.M. Defending or speaking up in defence of their Nationals / Nationality home or abroad. (4) Now they don’t respect anything from and Jamaica; Well it’s gull not full….. Gůll time fe Jamaica to return the same Nastiness back on Baal people.

  4. Doesn’t the uk government always snub carribbean people ? This is nothing new .if we were majority white it would have been recognizable.

    1. @Charmaine Biggs Thats a racist statement and not at all what I meant we are all Jamaicans at the end of the day no matter the skin color. Out of many, one people ,not just black people .Doing racist things to attack racism is still racist .

  5. This report is so misleading. This report would have you believe the UK is rejecting Jamaica’s Vaccination program as a whole. Thank goodness I did further reading from other news sources on the matter to find the UK only has a problem with the Vaccines manufactured under the brand Covishield. TVJ needs to do better reporting and stop confusing the people.

    1. TVJ is poor at reporting and the people of Jamaica are gullible. We don’t check the facts at all. We will always be left behind because we are a bunch of followers. By we I mean the majority. I have to qualify that for the persons who are going to come at me for making that statement.

    2. @Audrey Simon we are gullible for listening to the news and believing what it says? The media has a legal responsibility to provide accurate information so if they don’t then that’s on them , not the Jamaicans. I’m sure we are smart enough to corroborate the information with other sources but this topic wouldn’t be farfetched because racism and politics are still strongly intertwine in places like the UK.

    3. @Openeyes XUnknownYes, so true. Well not sure about smarter than most Jamaican. Irie is representing Jamaicans in an unbias manner. We just need more to subscribe to the channel. Jamaica news trying to take her videos. down.

    4. @Josie Lol you don’t understand sarcasm.I am not supporting her. let me explain, Jamaicans are socialized to consider any info or product provided by a white person to be far superior than the same product provided by a Jamaican, especially if that Jamaican is black. IRIE IS JUST ANOTHER CULTURE VULTURE.Exploiting the island and it’s culture like most Europeans have done going all the way back to the plantations.

    1. @Carlene Garvey Exactly, smart people like us know these things but as my father always say more illiterate people are in Jamaica than smart people so they can trick the mass

    1. It also goes to show that the contents of the vaccines were not known nor tested in Jamaica and that the people fell victim to “the experiment”.

    2. Facts, too soft, too, licky licky, they only want to hold on to there UK and US visa, they sell us out all the time.

    3. but holness gave a set on the uk board…he’s the president on that seat suh him know what’s going on….another way to hold down his own…
      all him good for is to lock people that are against him

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