1. The Ghost of Kiyev must have been having a nap or something, because UKraine’s air defenses were a total no show.

    2. Yes. He said that Russia is the victim and the west is ganging up on him. He also said that the Ukrainians were being unreasonable and not surrendering

    1. I personally pick Ukraines side over Russia because of my Background and heritage. And I cannot believe on what they are doing in eastern Ukraine.

    2. Where was the legendary Ghost of Kiyev? Was he having a nap or something or was he just a figment of Ukranian imagination this whole time?
      BTW, you can get plenty of news from the other side on places like Rumble which still allows RT to post their content.

    1. @Fred M Umm you do realize Ukraine has lost 5 times more soldiers than Russia in this conflic, by admission of their own wounded men in hospital. I’m sure they know better than you do how much they’ve actually lost.

    2. @Milan Borjan how come? I’d Russians lost 5,000 soldiers, why do you need a mobilization? You, Russians, have 1.5 million army.

  1. Canadians and Ukrainians alike should take some solace and feel confident that our male feminist leader is taking action. Putin fears Trudeau’s feminism, and that fact makes me proud to be Canadian.

  2. what do you expect would happen ….destroy bridges,rail roads,highways , sanitation , water , electricity bla,bla,bla it happens in every war

  3. Ukranian honey needs to know these were subsonic missiles.
    You bring in air defense and those defence complexes would be out with supersonic missiles and if needed hypersonic.
    Nothing can stop hypersonic as of now.
    Then what you gonna do?
    Have you seen dogs fight?
    The loser runs away accepting defeat. Those survive.
    The ones foolish to not back down die.
    Take your time to back down. Let those regions go.
    Take time to rebuild strength to challenge that dog before going in again.
    Doing the exact same thing over and over again and expecting different results is foolishness.

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