Ukraine can win war with Russia according to Def. Sec. Lloyd Austin | USA TODAY

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin spoke to allies and emphasized the strength of the Ukrainian military.

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A meeting of defense officials from more than three dozen nations Tuesday helped unify the West's efforts to aid Ukraine “win today and build strength for tomorrow," U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said. "Countries all around the world have been stepping up to meet Ukraine's urgent needs," Austin said following the meeting at the U.S. Ramstein Air Base in Germany. “We've got to move at the speed of war."

Austin said Germany, which had balked to providing heavy weaponry to Ukraine, had agreed to send 50 anti-aircraft weapons to the embattled nation now in its third month of a grueling war against Russia's invading force. Austin lauded "countries all around the world that have been stepping up to meet Ukraine's urgent needs."

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  1. Keep removing it, I’ll keep posting it.
    It’s like saying a Toyota Prius can defeat a Ferrari SF90 in a quarter mile. It’s just stupid. We’re so F’d with these sociopathic clowns in power.

    1. @sweetbriar huslin yeah it is. There’s always a victor in war. One side wins, one side loses. Nato wants to expand and will do so at any expense, even at the expensive of people’s lives.

  2. If you provide them with flight maternity suites and guns for their transgender fighters they can win it,

    1. I don’t know if you have ever gotten into an altercation with a transgender person but it is brutal.

  3. According to them they can win but not according to the Ukrainians actually fighting they can’t 😂😂😂🤦🏽

  4. That doesn’t mean much. A shark can visit the moon in a water filled rocket…possibility and probability are two very different things. There’s a chance dang near anything “can” happen.

  5. I am a 67 year old retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant (E8/1972-1993) and former defense contractor (2005-2010). One of my biggest concerns is that so many of our fellow citizens and elected leaders WANT to intervene militarily in Ukraine, or to fight a proxy war with Russia, and are willing to gamble with all our lives there will be no escalation because of that intervention or fight. This is not a third world insurgency or Iraq or Afghanistan we are talking about here. The only thing comparable in our military experience would be WWII, which was totally conventional, except for two atomic weapons dropped close to the very end of that conflict by the United States. I want to remind those people yelling for military intervention, or a proxy war, that ANY attempt by NATO to engage Russian forces in Ukraine will most likely result in a new WORLD WAR, and one that will possibly go nuclear rather quickly because of the weakness of Russian conventional forces compared to NATO. Russia has shown since its invasion that it has a tough enough time as it is trying to defeat Ukraine, and is simply NOT capable of conventionally taking on NATO at this time. Another fact: Almost EVERY wargame by the Pentagon in the past has shown that ANY war with Russia goes nuclear within a very short period of time. We MUST NOT give into our passions, emotions or desire to bloody the bears nose here! Cooler heads MUST prevail here, or we risk destruction of human civilization if a new World war breaks out and goes nuclear. For all you people out there urging military intervention by NATO forces in Ukraine or a proxy war, is that what you truly want, with all its attendant consequences that will affect YOU and EVERYONE you know?

    1. Russia has not used its military weapons to destroy Ukraine for a reason. Logical thinking, and propaganda must be considered, what are the facts? What is a scripted movie ? Why are there so many connections to movie production? Green screens? Not just now, but the last 20 years?

  6. Ukraine caught in the middle between 2 powerful countries. This war will go on for many years and many Ukrainians will die.
    Come to a resolution…. The rich are not fighting and only men who most will die.
    Just my 2 cents

  7. I don’t know how we continue to help countries in crises and those who are not, as well as support all of the imagination coming into the US. Somethings going to break very soon.

  8. I’m going to remember this when they lose to remind myself never to trust a word from the US officials

  9. With all due respect! Win or lose, by now Ukraine 🇺🇦 looks like The South Bronx of the 80’s! It would take 1Trillion Dollars to rebuild!

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