1. This is beginning to sound a lot like that same incident with Russian backed separatists shooting down that civilian jet in Ukraine a few years ago. They didn’t allow any inspectors to check the wreckage then either.

    1. This reminds me of USA shooting down an Iranian civilian airplane killing 290 innocent people in 1988 and never apologizing for it.

    2. @elijah mikle well I care cause our government is in the business of creating false flag events then trying to blame another party to justify a war.

  2. If you think an internal fuel tank explosion brought this plane down, search the story of TWA800 and how fishy that explanation was. Planes don’t just explode into a fireball in midair.

  3. I can’t imagine the horrors those souls had to endure. Now , it is more probable that it was a missile, mistaken identity.

    1. ​@Adena Properties That’s not how sams work at all, they are big but not that big. Those passengers without doubt were subjected to unbelievable horrors. look at mh17, only the pilots were spared the way down.

    1. Average Joe 737 max is different with the older 737 model that does not use the software that causes crashes

  4. All this talk about politics but 176 innocent humans died. God bless their families and friends. A day not to be forgotten.

    1. @SmithN’ Wesson
      Boo hoo . Deflecting news away from Trump. Here is a news story for you. George W.Bush went to war with Iraq and brought Instability to the region. Then he had Saddam Hussein killed.

    2. @Avenger 1 Yea and George Bush was not a good president. Ohhh you thought Im one of those retards that praises one political party? No they both suck. The last decent presidents I recall were Clinton and Regan. All these politicians are corrupt fucks. Pelosi Pompeo Schummer AOC Trump they are all crooked

    3. @MyName IsT those idiots? July 3 1988 america did the same thing with almost 300 people on board. Coincidentally, that plane also took off from Iran.

  5. The Fact that Iran doesn’t want to release the black box is enough to know that it was NOT an “accident”

    1. @Dakota Clarke Oh man, what propaganda do you keep reading? The blowing people up, was started by the USA. The one country that gets its people to applaud the corporate pirates who rob them. Before Saddam was removed people didn’t blow each other up. They got tortured by the hundreds. But the US crusade ‘saved’ them all. Since their ‘liberation’ more than a million died! 1.000.000 people, citizens. While Iraq had nothing to do with the attack. It was mostly Saudi’s (never punished, because they buy weapons) and Afghanistan (because Bin Laden went there). Since 2004, the US ‘war on terrorism’ terror attacks in the region went up with 4500%. But you keep reading the propaganda and never check the following. https://medium.com/the-gentle-revolution/usa-united-states-of-abomination-cc3352cf3f32

    2. @Rafael von ros And Trump’s own regime will fall too. Man, to most American citizens it will celebrate it like the liberation of a dictatorship. …which it actually is.

    3. @HemiHead664 not an american but this kind a person is a parasite to the country that always blame president for literally everything.

    1. @L A because somehow u.s. managed to get so far into their capital and shoot down an airplane that only took off 2 minutes prior. All while under their nose during a time where iraan had surface-to-air missiles everywhere.

      Yep. Trump did it somehow

    2. @Vive l’Iran 1500 protesters were killed just this month by the Iranian government. They don’t care about their people

    1. This reminds me of USA shooting down an Iranian civilian airplane killing 290 innocent people in 1988 and never apologizing for it.

    2. nobody does. but obviously the u.s. does without having any personel on the floor. haha its all propaganda

  6. I’m picturing Iran setting off missiles like a drunk uncle lighting bottle rockets in all directions at home on the Fourth of July.

  7. We can’t even fathom what those people were going through knowing their life was going to end in just seconds. So, so sad.

    1. It’s a missile. They were dead long b4 they hit the ground.
      Lesson: never ever go to the middle east.

  8. I think we all know what happened, Iran was expecting incoming air strikes for attacking US Troops In Iraq and made a mistake

    1. Billy Boulton ,, It wasn’t a coincidence that plan went down ,,time will tell if i’m right or wrong not you .. Sorry

  9. Iran: “We didn’t kill them”…
    Ukraine: “Can we have the black box back to see then”
    Iran: “Urgh, urm, no.”

    1. @Shawn Marla bs not even america alledges that such an attack would be “intentional” rather than as accidental similar to when a US cruiser blew a airliner with 300 or so Iranians out of the sky.

    2. @Pamela Cassise you say you’re sane but somewhere along the road you decided to listen to the corrupt media and dislike trump. Trump supporters understand what this country is up against and if there’s ever another war it will be trump supporters protecting you. This is about good and evil, heaven and hell, god vs Satan. If you’re not supporting trump you support the end of America.

    3. @SHA8UTIE Ok so the General was a terrorist but, what about the terrorists in the American army who do the samething as him when he was alive? Y’all are a bunch of fucking hypocrites. He never got a trial so, I don’t see why y’all making it your point of duty to dehumanise the man.

    1. Kind of suspicious the us automatically blame iran. U have to be nuts in the head to believe what any government tells u.

    2. The us allies don’t want any part of of dump cheetos president war with Iran. What a way to get them on board then to kill a couple of hundred people from the allies countries.

    3. @Mark Williams UK and Canada just reported that they have intel that a Iran missile took down the airliner. It was reported by CNN all those people hate trump so….

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