Ukraine launches counteroffensive on Russian troops | USA TODAY


  1. I appreciate this is posted by USA Today and the US is the major contributor but also with the assistance of many other countries also. I do hope Ukraine can make more progress and hold the positions before winter comes. Good luck to Ukraine

    1. @jjb2458 It is my sterling that is going over their in weapons , military and cyber information and training and many other countries are contributing too. All I ask is that our contributions which are not insignificant aren’t ignored just because your contribution is much larger. I will ignore your poor attempt at an insult using the word propaganda. Just remember your friends in this world and I am one of them wont appreciate it.

  2. It’s a noble aim to continue providing Ukraine 🇺🇦 with this military tools to protect their lives, their country and their freedom

    1. @D K Without the US, NATO is nothing. The sole reason why Russia is struggling is due to not declaring war officially on Ukraine so there is hold on the amount of collateral damage inflicted. Take a look on how the US handled Vietnam or Afghanistan.

    2. @Mr Lime 20 years in Afghanistan then bailing out leaving millions in military equipment and destabilizing the country. Vietnam 2.0. Next venture Ukraine but this time no troops on the ground just supply them with the hardware.

    1. Let’s hope that dink can buy another shirt 40 billion dollars can buy a whole new wardrobe Juan go back to the border It misses you, yo quiero taco bell

    1. @LVPN 0 Either way Russia will be fighting what amounts to a high tech insurgency in Ukraine as long as they remain. And from all the leaked calls we know their leadership is almost nonexistent, drunk, incompetent and the average soldier morale is zero. They should have looked at the US occupation of Afghanistan which is not the same, but we were never welcomed there, constantly attacked and eventually left and things returned to the way theyve always been, Ukraine will be a similar story.

    2. Exactly! Maybe premature but some people I know who follow the war are beginning to talk about what post-war russia will look like.

  3. The fact that they are even able to consider this is truly an embarrassment to Russia. An incredible triumph for Ukraine. Героям слава

    1. @NCZIOOX Ya that was completely embarrassing, evidently they didn’t take notes of how they won against Germany in WW2 and made the same mistakes as them, insufficient rations, clothing, fuel, parts and bogged down in mud and slush.

    2. Ukraine’s spirit is like the American spirit of 1776. 99% of people playing their role to get Moscow out of Ukraine. It’s so inspiring.

    3. @Kyle Johnson Russia has what was once known as ‘the second most powerful army in the world’ helping them 🤪 50k corpses and counting😂

    4. @Kyle Johnson Yes because they see the warcrimes Russian is commiting there and they want to help stop it before it spreads. What’s the problem?

  4. It is now time to crush the main-bulk of the Orc-forces at Isjum. Encircle them, don’t let them get away, then grind them down with all you got!

    1. Nurid is not an American name I’m familiar with lol ppl like u straight of the banana boat should focus on making money not politics let the natives handle that

    1. Take another selfie lol how do you know from the propaganda they spoon feed you why don’t you stay out of it it not your concern I can bet 10k you’ve never been or will ever go to that dump go read a book

    2. @jjb2458 Russian soldiers are sitting on suitcases waiting for Ukraine’s troops to arrive right now. It’s over, Russia has lost.

  5. Glory to the Ukrainians. You guys are us so as we our yours and therefore we the USA/ the people can not condone Russia’s actions We the USA/our people stand strong with u and forever will keep your innocent peaceful people in our hearts. I give my condolences to all the family members and love ones that we lost to Russia’s/ Putin tragic war actions.There must and there will be DIRE consequences for Russia actions now let’s destroy they’re Main Bulk of the Orc-Forces at Isjum with force and power.. We Stand Up To Bullies. Glory to Ukraine, Hell to our opponents /bullies.

  6. Uhhh….I think this video pretty strongly undersells just how significant this is. Ukraine took back more land in 4 days than russia took in the last 3 months. I’ve heard military analysts call this the most successful counterattack since ‘Operation Gazelle’ in 1973. And ‘with US aid’ is kinda true, but these are Ukrainians soldiers with help from Ukrainian partisans still working for their cities. I feel like this is historical moment…regardless of what happens after this.

    1. These young Russian troops, most of which have never seen combat, went in all gung-ho after being told that the majority of Ukrainians wanted “liberating”. They’ve now seen what the majority really want and would rather be back home playing video games and doing vodka shots. Yeah, I’d be high tailing it out of there as well.

    2. What’s being said today is in the north Ukraine has taken back all Russian gains since mid April. That’s not the worst of it as for months Ukrainian soldiers have been slowly backpedaling and abandoning people and land as they go. This has to wear on the soul but as they move forward and seeing the kids as well as adults waving and cheering that effect is priceless for their morale.

  7. It’s been very successful. Ukraine has liberated 30 miles of ground and retaken a city with the center of another city liberated.

  8. Dear Ukraine Citizen’s You are my Hero’s
    You are my Avatar’s !!!
    I have been living in complete paralysis of fr

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