1. @Andrew Mercak re read it again nato fucked up this time and the world is not safe i from russia

    2. @knowledge
      Putin raped Europe.
      He has dragged Europe into the mud. Such a person achieves nothing for Russia and his history entry will be close to zero: accomplished nothing economically for Russia, invaded its neighbors and achieved nothing thereby. After him, Russia will be twenty years older and just as run-down as after the Soviets. Even mineral resources are no longer of interest in Europe, which will soon be climate-neutral. Ooops 🤡

    3. Putin was fine till the idiots started threatening his country. The press is just spreading propaganda spread by nato and the west. Leave his port access alone and keep natos nose out of their affairs

  1. Ms. Rudik is exceptionally bright and articulate. The world is watching a very humble, courageous man (Zelensky) rise to the stars and secure his place amongst the greatest of hero’s while another man in Moscow reveals his ugly cowardice soul to everyone. Stay strong, Ukraine. Truth and courage always win in the end……ALWAYS. 💪💪

    1. @It’s Alive! I think this is a real person because it is so long. Needs a place to vent off. Not that I have read all of it… There is a reason why some people write books or are on TV as experts and others write in the comment sections below YouTube videos. I have to say the reporting on this war by MSM is quite good. I can recommend UK’s Channel 4 News. As for most comment sections: I am glad to see all the support for Ukraine.

    2. @Ennaira Corpuz The NATO-Russia Founding act – signed by Russia – is regulating that and NATO kept their word and didn’t station rockets at Russia’s borders. Even though Eastern European countries joined NATO they didn’t put rockets there. After the occupation of Crimea they stationed a some troops nearby but that is all I know of. Guess that’s gonna be different from now on.

    3. @Huw Leonard Do you somehow believe that posting long-winded confrontational diatribes are going win over readers?

    1. This is why we need a mandatory retirement age. Especially for politicians. He also famously said “bomb, bomb…bomb, bomb, Iran”.

    1. Your hair would move on your head if you knew other languages besides English)just type in youtube Факельные шествия в Киеве

  2. There needs to be the best effort possible to thwart the Putin military in Ukraine. It’s obvious his regime only understands strength. There’s no strength sitting and waiting for the inevitable to happen. His goal is to carve out of Europe borders that only agree with himself. If nothing else, there needs to be a strong air defense for the west of Ukraine. Who is he to decide that Ukraine belongs to himself and his machinations ?

    1. Air defense for west Ukraine? Western forces shoot down a Russian aircraft and we have a nuclear war. Ukraine is not worth risking human civilization. People have to get over it. This is the reality. My heart goes out to these people but they should have joined NATO when they had the chance.

      Ukraine’s president is absolutely right. Ukraine’s only option is to talk to Russia. That or waste countless lives in a guerrilla war that will probably still end up with a Ukraine which has lost territory to Russia.

    2. Death sounds better fhan Putin’s Russia. The pride of fascists needs to laid low. And indulging him will only make his ego bigger.

  3. Ok the north is bogged down and the South is still advancing. That means that he has to have a large fuel depot either on land or sea because he’s not going all the way back to Russia to get gas. That means they would have had to built it before the invasion because he would have had to have calculated that in his logistics. If it’s on land then it would have to be on territory that he already occupied. There is probably more than one. If its on water it could be disguised under a ship flying a foreign flag. More than likely he’s using more than one source. In order to slow down the invasion in the South and East the west needs to help Ukraine find those fuel depot’s. My guess would be to either follow empty fuel trucks or look for a convoy of them. There is a product called K31-APS soil stabilizer which the Ukrainians can use to make emergency landing strips. It’s a solution that makes dirt as hard as cement in a could days and then you put black top on it to smooth out the landing strip and it’s EIA approved and they could build landing strips that would be hard to find but easy to build. It may be temperature sensitive but there is more than one product on the market. At least it’s worth looking into. If the fuel depots are stuck behind a bridge crossing than that’s a major plus because you would just have to take out the bridge. At least it could by them so time.

    1. this will declare a war from NATO to Russia,now what am afraid of is that Odessa is near the borders of Romania and she is part of NATO and if he hits Romania he will decalre a war to NATO and then i think Asia and Africa will wake up cause i don’t think they want warr either and atm they are Neutral apart from Australia and Japan but on Putin i don’t think he is mentaly rdy for it the fact that he is sitting so far from his own ppls is weird

    1. @Audrey Daleski NEWSFLASH: WW3 started the day after Trump left the white house and Putin figured out that the weak Biden admin. is a P.C. clown show.
      Pray for Taiwan, pray for Taiwan….

    2. Trump tried to shake down Ukraine for fake dirt on Biden instead of just funding it like Congress intended. Did you forget that or did Putin pay you not to mind?

    3. @Richard Arriaga Didn’t Biden threaten to withhold aid unless a prosecutor investigating his son was fired?
      Joe Biden make Nixon look like a saint.

    1. @Treason University Ya there both idiots. But you thinking one isn’t makes you a bigger one.

    2. When sports persons showed, shows any kind of support or sympathy for Palestinians, Afghans, Kashmiris, Iraqis etc. Or opposed the killings of more than 1,000,000 people by US-NATO then these so called non-political “sports” organisations gave them penalties, banned athletes, fined and said “there is no place for politics in sports”.
      How nasty hypocrite west is!!!!

    3. Hello, Can anyone tell me why Ukraine loved killing Afghan people yet they were not part of NATO?
      Russia is adjacent to Ukraine. They at least say they have security reasons.
      What threat did Ukraine had from Afghanistan though it is far far away?

      There are fire balls everyday in Palestine when illegal ISrahell bombs, kills and commit genocide. About 1,000,000 people killed by NATO&friends in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen. Yet No ban of, ISrahell, EU and US from FIFA. Yet cute EU and US never talk about humanity, sanctions, invasion.

      Invasion, killing thousand Ukrainian is bad. Invasion killing million Muslim is Cute!

      How hypocrite west is!!!

      If Russian occupation is bad then ISrahell illegal occupation is nasty.
      If Russian recent bombings is bad then ISrahell’ 365 days bombings for 70 years is ugly.
      If russian border crossing is bad then ISrahell’s existence is the worst.
      If russian operation is invasion then ISrahell is doing genocide.
      If russia deserve severe sanctions then ISrahell at least deserve to get kicked out of Palestine.

    1. Definitely has nothing to do with the United States and nato breaking all their agreements.

      Noam Chomsky was only talking about this a decade ago.

  4. I am writing to you from Kharkov I read the comments and understand what the viewers of this channel think, thanks to everyone for the prayers. there is a request, who can add Russian subtitles? we Ukrainians do not know your language, we want to understand what they say in the videos thank you, glory of Ukraine

    1. Click on “cc” first. Then click the symbol to the right of “cc”. Once you click on this symbol, click on “sub-titles” and then “Auto Translate” and select your language. America is praying for you.

    2. You are right. This video does not have subtitles. I am a foreign language teacher, so I am used to making YouTube videos comprehensible to non-native speakers. Put on the captions and slow the speed down. Then, someone who is intermediate level of English can understand.

  5. She’s absolutely correct. Putin doesn’t care. Ukrainians, Russians, whoever gets hurt or killed doesn’t matter to him. Only power. Will anyone actually help Ukraine? All I hear are words and sanctions. 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

    1. Exactly!!!!!And I honestly donk think that the Russian military wanted to do this but they Scared of Putin.

    2. @Gene Lund So they should had surrender and become slaves????Putin is a dictator.They want democracy.

  6. I am in awe of the courage, humanity and determination of the Ukrainian people.
    The world loves you Ukraine!!

    1. Don’t be a PUPPET for the USA stand with Russia and China 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇨🇳🇨🇳 ZERO bravery by Ukrainians just NWO slaves!

    2. We you in awe of the resistance of the Iraqi, Yemenis, Syrians and Afghans or did you call them terrorist. Western hypocrites

    3. @Music on a budget
      Can’t handle the criminal cases piling up on Trump, huh?
      It shows 🙂

    4. This is so funny. All you white leftists pretend to be warriors for democracy, but the minute ppl actually stand up for their country it’s shocking to you. You’re a fraud. Have been your whole life.

  7. I was against the Vietnam war, totally against the Iraq war, somewhat understanding of the invasion of Afghanistan. Although I felt that Afghanistan was done totally wrong, going in and going out quickly was the only Way to go about it… But with this situation I am for a no-fly zone she is completely right he will not stop there.

    1. What makes you think it will stop with Ukraine? No-fly zone would definitely stop it in its tracks.

    2. @Nic Moreno He was playing recordings of Chomsky and others that are actual intellectuals on the topic of Russian and the Ukraine. People CNN won’t talk about nor the subject.

    3. @Irvingstine if CNN lies so much why do you continue to watch?? You really don’t have any evidence to back up your claims…just some washed up comedy channel turned conspiracy speaker…I looked into what you pointed out how is it I’m able to find out more than you?

    4. @Irvingstine and yes Noam Chomsky has said some interesting things but you wouldn’t even know where to draw the similarities….so since you feel your so educated tell me what is he talking about with what’s going on NOW with the 2020 presidential election?

    1. @el ill I highly recommend the book’s confession of an economic hitman and manufactured consent

    2. @Irvingstine NATO hasn’t been doing that on Russia’s borders. And that’s just one point in a very false equivalency. And neither Mexico nor Canada would want that because they have a very different relationship with the USA.

    3. @Irvingstine And please tell me where to find these missiles in Poland. I really mean that, would like to know. There was a missile defence system that was cancelled, that’s all I know.

  8. Zelensky is very tired.We could see it in his eyes.He hasn’t slept in days.I truly feel sorry for the Ukrainians.And I admire the courage of these people and their leaders and their president.

    1. @Robyn Heartthrob well is because they’re dumb. Because Zelensky is showing how a real leader should act.Putin is a BULLY.He doesn’t care about killing children and women and civilians just because he refused to let go of Ukraine.

    2. @Mike Graham We are not talking about Trump.We are talking about a real leader which is Zelensky.

  9. IF Russia had attacked Afghanistan or Iraq or Yemen instead of Ukraine, would anyone from the United States and Europe or the United Nations or any other organization have reacted the slightest?!🤦‍♂️

  10. Zalensky and this lady are the only politicians I believe.I suspect a huge number of Russian mothers are going to be grieving.

    1. China joe is still purchasing millions of barrels of oil from Russia a month and financing Putin’s attack on Ukraine 🇺🇦 shame on joe

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