Ukraine prosecutor Offered Dirt On Biden In Exchange For Firing Of U.S. Ambassador | All In | MSNBC

Ukraine prosecutor Offered Dirt On Biden In Exchange For Firing Of U.S. Ambassador | All In | MSNBC 1


  1. All this time we thought that Trump was playing the Ukrainian president . Now , it’s becoming obvious that Trump was being played… the Ukrainian prosecutor. And Giuliani and friends were in on it. Brilliant.

    1. You’re right: Donald Trump is as incompetent at crime as he is at business. As useless as a handful of dandruff, as my old history teacher would have said.

    2. Trump believes he’s the master on the chess board, but in fact the other players move the pieces and he’s just the pawn. Typical narcissistic response.

  2. Imprisoning and eliminating your political rivals is a page right out of Putin’s playbook. It’s a tactic of every current and past dictator. And we all know that Trump has aspirations of being a dictator.

    At a rally held by Steve Bannon this past March, an angry and hostile woman took the mic and said, “Never in my life did I think I would like to see a dictator, but if there’s gonna be one, I want it to be Trump!” which was met with loud cheers and applause from Bannon and the crowd of cultists. It goes without saying that any American who would cheer for that, doesn’t believe in liberty, freedom, or the Constitution. Anyone American that cheers for that clearly supports fascism and dictatorships. Trump’s cultists don’t want an elected official to govern on behalf of the people, they want an authoritarian dictator who will force his will on the nation, and punish anyone who doesn’t submit to dogmatic obedience.

    1. @TheDesertsweeper which is why bernie supporters want to put anyone who disagrees with them in gulags. At the same time saying free speech is a bad thing.

    2. @mxnfx yes which is why Democrats all over the country are trying to rig the election by having illegals vote and wanting to remove the electoral college. Talked about lowering the voting age and wanting prisoners to vote. Are against cleaning up voter registration of dead people and people that dont live in an area any more.

    3. @Kathleen Dunlap what attempted coup? You really are that dumb aren’t you? Trump was elected. Just bc you dont like him dont mean it was a coup. Do you even understand what your talking about or are you just repeating the same talking trash you hear other people say in the talking box?

    4. @milomilo55 the us has been falling in education for over twenty years. Yet somehow blame the millions of stupid and ignorant on trump and not the democrats who have controlled the education system for fifty years. Standardized tests and no child left behind along with teachers unions and corrupt politicians have all been part of the declining education in America. Obama said people are generally to stupid to govern themselves,but that was ok to say bc it wasn’t trump, right? Just look at how many idiots thought that impeachment meant removal from office? Basic middle school civics.

    5. @Morgoth The First I never said Trump was responsible for people being ignorant and/or stupid nor did I claim education, or changes made e.g., “no child left behind”, were for the better. What I did note though is that Trump is reponsible to decreasing the budget in an area that needs more, not less, improvement. Previous presidents, e.g., Obama, Bush, etc. at least recognized the need for improvements in education and increased education budgets, even if they weren’t successful in their attempts at improving things.
      Trump constantly talks about people being stupid, uneducated, etc. and then allows massive budget cuts to that very area, i.e., education, so what message is he sending?
      I could not find any links of Obama calling people stupid, or too stupid to govern themselves and that doesn’t sound like his usual mode of speech. Do you have the link?

    1. Shifty Schift was more right than we knew. This whole bunch of crap was a shakedown. More a quid pro quo situation all the way around.

    2. @Donee Stoner Yes. Shakedowns drug deals etc. Yet was Lutsenko gone soon after Yo left? He certainly didnt give it to Taylor did he?

  3. Conspiracy and Threats/Witness Intimidation 3rd Article should be
    Hope FBI/CIA looking into it, get them, BS indeed.

    1. @Dave Sbultz Do you think he has to pay if he owns the golf course..?
      I don’t think he pays for golf.
      And doesn’t collect a paycheck!

    2. @Thor God of thunder What a load of bs….

      The reality is This investigation in Ukraine has been going on since before Biden announced he was running for Prez.
      Keep watching..
      Yovanovich stopped 4 Ukrainian witnesses from coming to the U.S., they want to testify as to the corruption in Ukraine.
      She is a deep state puppet.
      Keep watching….

    3. @Rose Wimberley I commend you for your conspiracy theory but I only like facts…so yeah OH BTW if you didn’t know Ukrainian government is investigating the ambassador being stalked and threatened… remember Trump said in the transcript” she’s going to go through some things” to Ukrainian president

    4. @Thor God of thunder She’s gonna go thru some things because she is all involved in the corruption. . ..
      Just keep watching…

      She held up passports for 4 witnesses that want to come here and testify against her and others…
      You don’t have to believe me….
      Just keep watching.

  4. Wow this links even more really solid evidence directly for Trump’s personal Political gain without question. Nothing suprises me regarding Trump. But this proves Pompao himself is strongly involved being that he called Maria back to the USA ” on the next flight back” . So Pompao is not a sitting president, why can’t he be one of few charged with Treason? He should be arrested immediately.

  5. Does, Conspiracy, stalking/Surveillance, plus threats -Going to go thru some things, and even as testifying -Witness Intimidation, along with smearing a US Ambassadress count as a High Crime or Misdemeanor?

    1. As Trump tweeted himself ( can you impeach a president for gross incompetence? ) not if your a republican i guess

  6. He has a pattern of intimidation..Cohen confirmed it, Stormy Daniels said she was approached in a parking lot…he does this every day on Twitter. LOL

    1. GRAY WOLF, Trump is a proven NARCISSISTIC SOCIOPATH and CONGENITAL LIAR with a DAMAGED FRONTAL LOBE from birth – in other words TRUMP HAS LITTLE or NO IMPULSE CONTROL; and his DAILY Twitter rage is very significant. Trump is like an seething impetuous child that has found the matches and a blow torch.

    2. Trump was making negative public statements about her **while she was testifying in a Congressional hearing into his potential wrong doing and obstruction of justice** .

    3. T Electronix, EXACTLY! – that’s why Chairman Adam Schiff immediately called Trump out for WITNESS INTIMIDATION of Ambassador Yovanovitch during the impeachment hearing. CLEARLY, that should have led to a THIRD ARTICLE OF IMPEACHMENT. (And NOT ONE Reprobate Republican said a single word of rebuke while Trump did this CRIME in real time as it was broadcasted on national television!)

  7. 38 arrests, indictments, convictions, and counting. Trump will go down as the more corrupt politician in history. A true sociopath. Unbelievable!

    1. My sister had a great saying: ” Just when you think you’ve reached the scum at the bottom of the barrel, you discover whole new layers” Donald Trump IS THAT SCUM.

    2. @Varekai Ascendant awe why bc he isn’t promising you a free life free of having to take care of yourself or be responsible for your actions. What a loser.

    3. None of which was for anything that the media and dems lied and told the people was going on. Process crimes and old crimes from before Trump even ran for president. Just shows how unbelievably biased and fake they all are.

  8. Trump and rudy have been involved with criminals their whole lives !! They thought they could pull this off!!!

    1. You mean Democrats are accusing Republicans of bad things say it ain’t so.

      Marie Yovanovitch U.S. ambassador to Ukraine:

      *STEWART:* do you have any information regarding the President of the United States accepting or issuing any bribes?

      *YOVANOVITCH:* No.

      *STEWART:* Do you have any information regarding any criminal activity that the President of the United States has been involved with at all?

      *YOVANOVITCH:* No.

    2. @salmonline Exactly, and that’s why Trump is gaining in popularity because its the weakest impeachment in our history, and the most partisan impeachment in our history. Even had 4 Democrats voted against it. It will also be the first time a President gets impeachment and reelected further showing Democrats are focusing on the wrong things.

    1. Lol out of context accusations are not a smoking gun and she was allowed to testify.

      From Marie Yovanovitch testimony:

      *STEWART:* do you have any information regarding the President of the United States accepting or issuing any bribes?

      *YOVANOVITCH:* No.

      *STEWART:* Do you have any information regarding any criminal activity that the President of the United States has been involved with at all?

      *YOVANOVITCH:* No.

      Looks like she put that smoking gun on safety.


    1. @Little Nat
      If only someone had some evidence of that. Maybe he has a history of running scams that we could show – like maybe a fake university designed the rip off poor and working people, or maybe a fake charity that he “used like a personal checking account”. It would really look bad if we could prove that he is secretly trying to make a multi-million dollar business deal in Moscow and lying about it. I wonder if maybe Biden owned some casinos that were cited for violating money laundering regs more than any in NJ history? If we had proof of things like that on someone, YOU’D KNOW they were dirty! I wonder if we know anyone with a record like that in this race?

    1. What are you even talking about? I bet you just make a habit of saying things that have no basis in reality. Probably everyday.

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