Ukraine receiving resources from allies, including Canada | Russia attacking civilian targets

Ambassadors Yuliya Kovaliv and Larisa Galadza weigh in on the situation in Ukraine and the need for military resources.
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    1. Friendly fire is always possible but the many thousands killed by Russian missile attacks is clearly visible.

  1. So how does the international support for Ukraine go so far? How many more lives more have to end until you figure out that you should have gone to the negotiating table sooner? That there will be no “winner” of this war?

    1. @Universe is under no obligation to make sense 2 corrupt Slavic countries are fighting. Minding one’s business is not “appeasing”..

  2. The Kiel Institute has tracked €108.8 billion from 46 countries in financial, humanitarian, and military aid, from 24 January to 20 November 2022

  3. canada buying state of the art weapons for ukraine while the canadian military is still using equipment from the korean war.

  4. The S300, which Ukraine had in bulk at the beginning of February. Is one of the best AD systems in the world. If Russia is only targeting civilian infrastructure, why doesn’t Ukraine need more AD, why does it need more Tanks etc? Very curious

  5. the beautiful part of all this spending is the moment we stop russia will just take them over, alot like the states pulling out of afganistan

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