1. Thug put-in does whatever he wants, as he’s got an opportunity never could get, with presence of mr DEGRADED BRAIN in the office and his TEAM OF INCOMPETENTS. #FJB

    1. ​@May Day in 90’s with the help of Russia, Armenian separatists have invaded %20 internationally recognized Azerbaijani territories. Just like Donbass in Ukraine. Did a genocide against peaceful Azerbaijanis in Khojaly. Fully destroyed 15 cities of Azerbaijan at the size of Lebanon. In 2020 Azerbaijan has liberated %90 of his territory from Armenian occupation.

    2. @Orwellspigs Due to Putin’s threat to launch a nuclear war, countries are staying their hand. But, people from around the globe, have done what they can to support Ukraine. Many are donating to drives for food and supplies for Ukraine. Men, from every continent, with military experience, have volunteered to fight for Ukraine.

    3. Thug put-in does whatever he wants, as he’s got an opportunity never could get, with presence of mr DEGRADED BRAIN in the office and his TEAM OF INCOMPETENTS. #FJB

    4. @Boo Halla No legitimate combat force would target a nuclear power plant. The Russians are basically acting like a terrorist state.

  1. We are in the 21st century, yet still barbaric as ever. Few individuals in power could caused havoc to so many ordinary people.

    1. @Franklin Firstly, by definition Russia is not a superpower. Superpowers don’t solely exercise power through military force despite what your made up definition states. Secondly, the fighting will likely be done through proxy which is what has been done before and what we currently see happening now though it is increasingly becoming inevitable that a full scale war may breakout. China doesn’t need to “start expanding” as they have already been doing so for years. If Ukraine was a NATO country Russia likely wouldn’t have attacked. Russia only really attacks it’s neighbors and failing regimes it’s had alliances with prior to the disillution of the USSR. Regardless, this war will hurt Russia in the long run as the sanctions are already crashing their economy. They’re being backed into a corner, it’s anyone’s guess what happens next.

    2. @TalonTed Russia has China’s backing 😃 they’re not worried about anything. Anyone who voted for Joe Biden should be ashamed of themselves.
      Russia collusion, Russia collusion, Russia collusion. Bad orange man, bad orange man 😂😅

    3. @Deborah Freedman That is true, but Ukraine has estimated 13th-14th largest reserves of natural gas which is still a lot. I’m not justifying their attack I’m just saying if they did not, Ukraine will eventually join nato which will put NATO on the Russian border.

  2. I feel bad for the citizens losing their lives in this war, I feel bad for Russian families losing their kids in battle who fight for the Russians. May this war end in peace and the Russian government pay for their actions against Ukraine.

    1. Thug put-in does whatever he wants, as he’s got an opportunity never could get, with presence of mr DEGRADED BRAIN in the office and his TEAM OF INCOMPETENTS. #FJB

  3. I feel sorry for Ukrainians and the average Russian soldier, no side wants to kill this is all on Putin, I hope the end result is a government change in Russia and not Ukraine

    1. Don’t be sorry for rusdian soldiers, are you stupid ? They crossed our border armed and having orders to kill.

    2. @berretta9mm1 No you didn’t. You watched a Ukrainian tank swerve and run over the car with a woman inside.

  4. My mom has had M.S for 25 years and i wonder about all those with disabilities…my heart bleeds for them. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    1. @J G Why do we need Nato? He made nato pay their contractual obligations. He was tired of America footing the bill. He did ok the pipeline Biden did. You want to hate so bad that it affects how you think. Your parrot CNN that is all you do. By the way they lied about collusion for years. It was a lie paid for by Hillary but who cares about truth as long as you have your hate. This happened under Biden. And last time under obama. What does Ukraine have on Biden How did his kid with no experience and after his 6th stint in rehab get a job in Ukraine for 86,000 a month. What a joke.tou and your hate are

    2. @DrkViol801 why do you keep going back to Trump you’re the problem as well you’re all the problem you all used 338 millions of gasoline a day quit blaming Trump and Trump supporters it don’t matter who you voted for you’re all still part of the geographical problems so shut up

    1. @Jack Sawyer I said, you are the globalist nazi who invades other countries for control of the world. Bases in 130+ countries. You are the bad guys.

  5. Bless the brave Ukrainians! 💙🇺🇦💛🌻🙏 The world is watching. Stay strong 💪

    1. Interesting. “John Rambo”. And you signed up to youtube on February 22nd. The very day Russian troops entered Ukraine. I just have one question. Are you a freelance bot or are you in the employ of the Ukrainian government?

    2. @Herman ten Klooster my bad, I mean half of the russians that want it, and the other half don’t want it. so, it’s half the russians too

  6. God be with Ukraine and all it’s people Lord we pray for your protection and strength for all these people in Jesus name

    1. @thespaceram2 The Mormon Jesus or Christian Jesus? There’s two types of the fictional character called Jesus.

    2. @Armed Liberal God=Lord Jesus Christ is real as you will see like everyone on judgement day. He doesn’t care for any religion or any of the customs of men. We all as hell deserving wrongdoers must reconciliate with God=Lord Jesus Christ and willingly accept both Him and His salvation and personally confess our wrongful doings to Him and repent while there is time. The unrepentant wrongdoers and the disbelievers will join the deciever satan and his rebel angels in the lake of fire in the end. It is the second death.

    3. @thespaceram2 My American rights are truer and higher than your flimsy belief in the weak Jesus faith.

    4. As Canadian’s we need to continue to stand up for our right to be free of Covid mandates so we can show solidarity with Ukraine in the fight against tyranny… Canadian people have it so bad, we’ve been oppressed for two years because of Covid we need to continue the Freedom Convoys so that we can remain free and not become like the Ukraine 😆😂. We stand with you Ukraine… we will fight for our freedom from Covid mandates until we are forced from our country as you are… we have it so bad here. God be with us Canadians who are have been so terribly oppressed.

    1. Kindly asking all people to boycott Coca Cola products for refusing to stop doing businesses with Russia. Please forward message. ❤❤❤ and 🙏🙏🙏 to Ukraine.

    2. Where was your humanity when Syria, Palestine and Iraq were invaded? Wait. Soon Allah will send down wrath on you.

  7. Honor to President Zelensky. Honor to Ukraine. Honor to the heroes.
    Dictators will be found wherever they put Putin.
    And will be held accountable for their deeds.

    1. Putins twisted megalomania and delusional myopic KGB mind set.
      Make no mistake ~ Putin is a certifiable crazy bully with nuclear weapons .
      He is a danger to the world.
      Heartbreaking for all humanity

  8. Brought me to tears. This is heartbreaking. I can’t imagine the amount of shock and pain they are going through now. Stay strong Ukrainians!

    1. @Jeremy Stern Wow, are you dim. I guess you didn’t notice our gas was half the price it is now under Trump. Policies change the price like shutting down the keystone pipeline which Biden did he also stopped exploration on federal land. Funny gas has been going up since. The government makes way more on a gallon of gas than the oil companies do. You get your info from liars. Under Trump America was the world leader in exporting energy. He even sold rice to China. You unwillingness to look into things yourself and trusting the scripted news on the idiot box is the biggest threat to democracy and freedom than any other. Stop spreading lies.

    2. @Jeremy Stern By the way name calling is the way of the weak and those with no facts or truth.

    3. @Simbor Nabor Trump is not in office. Blaming him is getting old like the word racist. Biden and his Democrats own this. They are leading us to war with Russia wake up before our son’s get drafted for nothing.

    4. @Alternative Headlines They don’t know about that CNN and mlsd didn’t tell them about that shhh!!

  9. I imagine my mother and grandmother being one of these people just trying to survive.
    It’s unbelievable what is happening.
    Step up U.S and Canada….. Get these people to safety. 🙏

    1. YES YES YES !!!!!!!! SHOUT IT LOUD !!!!!! Kindly asking all people to boycott Coca Cola products for refusing to stop doing businesses with Russia. Please forward message. ❤❤❤ and 🙏🙏🙏 to Ukraine.

    2. You guys I’m american and as much as I want to go in with our military you gotta understand if we get involved and putin feels hes backed into a corner he will release nukes and noone will win the war also russia has a dead man switch if any nukes or radiation is detected by russia all the nukes will automatically launch and noone can stop it

    3. Lol, the world should of stepped up when america destroyed Iraq, Iran, Libya Somalia, Afghanistan ect ect. The USA has no room to “step up” they should of been stopped long ago as well.

  10. Praying for the people, as well as all the news reporters from every network there. This is a fragile and extremely dangerous time, and civilian, soldier, and reporter alike all stand together. Truly heartbreaking 💔😢

  11. The 2nd half of this, seeing the elderly and the helpless civilians, I actually reactively and impulsively found myself yelling aloud in anger. I desperately want to do something to help these people. Putin must be stopped. These are innocent people being utterly destroyed – for what? We are all being tested right now, watching this happen – will we allow this to continue? Inaction in the face of atrocities like this invites more in the future. We need to do more, now.

    1. Russian troops attack President Biden’s villa in Uklana. Seized materials such as childhood love and sex prostitution.

    2. @Джон Миллер Liar. They were not the same circumstances at all! The us helped out ion civil wars that were already taking place.

    3. @Roman Kh Да нет Рома, не только в моей голове. То что всех людей с иным мнением заткнули и законопатили по всем фронтам, это да. Но это не победа, это поражение. Армяне тоже думали что побеждают слушая телевизор, и чем закончилось?

    4. @Leon Guseff ну да, ещё в голове безумного фюрера путина и стукнутых по голове телевизором россиян

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