Ukraine: Russia accused of massacre, genocide in Bucha | CTV News in Kyiv

Chief International Correspondent Paul Workman has the latest from Ukraine where Russia is being accused of carrying out a massacre in Bucha.

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    Gonzalo Lira reports directly from Kiev, every other day.

    1. not funny to laugh at the circumstances of war…but I had to lol at that one. Their world tours are getting old and no one cares about it anymore…

  2. 0:45 its not genocide… lets not make it more than it is… when a real genocide happend are we gonna call it a supergenocide then? Words have meaning

  3. I don’t think the word ‘accused’ should be used in the title, the aftermath speaks for itself….

  4. Y鈥檃ll she makes my day better and it鈥檚 also my birthday

  5. I wonder if he chose a z because it is the LAST letter in the English alphabet… apparently there is no z in the Russian alphabet…

  6. boy if Ukrainians trying sell the massacre they should tell the guy who playing dead not move his arm, there’s video of guy moving his arm on the road when Ukrainian troops driving on the road which one of dead guys moving his arm off the way

  7. Ukraine needs a John Rambo! He would fix Putin and all the so called loyal followers. Rambo where are you, please help

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