Ukraine: Russia suffered major losses in Bakhmut counterattack

President Volodymyr Zelensky said Ukraine still needs "a bit more time" before it launches its long-awaited counteroffensive, as Kyiv's forces await the arrival of more weapons from their Western allies. CNN’s Sam Kiley has more. #CNN #News


    1. 250km range, big warhead for attacking hardened targets. It is quite old, but definitely badass. They must have integrated it with Mig 29s.

  1. All hell will break loose in the counter-offensive. Russia is its own. They have to sacrifice their only tank they have used in their Victory Parade Day.

  2. The sheer amount of approving and cheering comments by ordinary Russians under videos about the atrocities committed against civilians and prisoners of war in Ukraine were no less shocking to Ukrainians than the war itself.
    We somehow got used to the war, but the realization of who we have been living next to all this time without even knowing it is still terrifying.
    Those barbarians called themselves our brothers.
    Imagine what they would do to you, who they call their enemies, if you let them.
    Not supplying weapons to Ukraine under the pretext of achieving an early peace is like allowing a violator to violate his victim in order to end the violence as soon as possible.
    *Feel free to share this message if you agree.

    1. ​@Vlajko Dzudovic Can you tell me why Russia invaded Ukraine with “little green men” in 2014, yet denied it and claimed they were merely pro-Russian Ukrainians?

      That will help you with your question Igor.

  3. Prigozhin can look to the sky for the extra ammunition that he requested.
    The Kremlin is having it delivered by Ukrainian artillery units.

  4. One way or another, it definitely looks like things are starting to move forward in the area around Bakhmut for Ukraine now.
    Hope the Storm Shadow missiles are going to help make a difference in some areas. We need to make sure we keep sending them. 🇬🇧🇺🇦

    1. Wagner are breaching citadel area, Bakhmut will fall, there is no escape. Some 2km in the fields means nothing , there was nothing but one ditch.

    2. @C- Sure they are. Russian ball-polishers have been saying that Bakhmut is falling for about 7 months now.

  5. Makes a good point, its one of the major risks outlined at the start that this conflict gives a handful of somewhat vicious humans an opportunity to force failure to justify a coupe and the last thing the word needs is an even more militant and authoritarian power in Russia.

    1. what world needs is for all the nations that Muscovites conquered and Soviets ‘liberated’ to become independent countries.

  6. Respect for all Ukrainians and all helping them to defend their country and families , from the fascist invaders

  7. Storm shadows 😂 I’m glad I’m not on the receiving end 🫣 good luck surviving these Russian soldiers. 🇬🇧🇺🇦

    1. @Stalin This missile is designed as a deep penetrator.
      Perfect for destroying heavy bridge abutments, Kerch Bridge?

    2. Maybe a Zircon hypersonic missile straight to London Bridge might make the UK think twice.

  8. Denmark is supplying the vaunted U.S. F-16’s for newly trained Ukrainian pilots as well… By the time this war is over, Ukraine will be legitimately one of the most powerful militaries on the planet from all the hodge podge and collection of serious Western hardware and training.

    1. Do the maths . If the weapons are being destroyed faster than they can be supplied and that is because of the never ending begging by Ukraine and the numerous meeting to send more weapons . One does not need any report from anyone just use the actions by the participants.

    2. ​@Riverside Garden Radio Russians say stupid and blatantly desperate things when you are losing.

    3. @Michael Morningstar How do you explain the never ending begging for more weapons and the numerous meetings to give more weapons except that the previous ones supplied have been destroyed.

    1. Exactly. Because that would make them look even more inept and unequipped. Imagine that they’ve just been using their nuclear arsenal to hide behind because they’re just so trash as a military for almost 80 years. That’s wild to me

    2. ​@SameWaveLength that would make Russia look pathetic… Accepting weapons from another super power to fight Ukraine

    3. @Vlad Dracula Take advantage of? You’re a proud member of the LBGTQ community? I support you.

  9. First it was the desperately needed NLAWS and then the CHALLENGER 2s but as we all know they were just to break the ice! Now we, the UK are sending the long-range beauties and I suspect that’s for the ones who are still on the fence.

    1. Yes, British is looking at what the Russians are doing and through the long history they pulling lessons learn form their wars in India against the Japanese. You can clearly see that they doing something similar.

  10. There wasn’t just one military unit sent to Bakhmut, there were actually two. Effectively, after Prigozhin made his threat on May 6th (I think) to pull his men out of Bakhmut on May 10th because they would be out of ammunition by May 9th and he was not going to leave them to be slaughtered, Sergei Shoygu, the Russian Defence Minister, sent two units to Bakhmut not as reinforcements or to supply artillery ammunition to Wagner but _to stop Wagner from withdrawing!_

    One unit was Russian Army but the other was from another private military company, Gazprom PMC or “the blue butt plug” as Prigozhin calls them (because of the shape of the Gazprom logo). This latter unit were deployed on Wagner’s southern flank and hightailed it as soon as the Ukrainians launched an assault leaving a hole 3 kms wide and 2 kms deep that Wagner then had to try to fill without success. Meanwhile, the Russian Army on the north flank weren’t exactly much better as they lost territory in the face of a Ukrainian push in their direction.

    In his last rant, Prigozhin was absolutely livid. Not only did he renew his threat to withdraw the PMC back to Russia, not only did he absolutely destroy both Gazprom PMC for their cowardice and the Russian military hierarchy for cutting his requests for ammunition to 10% of what was asked for, but he admitted to losing 500 men killed. In fact, from what I have seen on various YouTube channels that cover the conflict, over the last few months Prigozhin has spent more time opening up new cemeteries for dead Wagnerites in odd corners of Russia then in Wagner’s HQ in St. Petersburg.

    1. For the last year in many ways Prigozhin and Wagner forces have been behind soldiers executing them if they tried to run. Now it’s his turn. Poetic justice is great.

  11. I am so proud of the Ukrainians they have proven that quality over quantity is true ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

  12. Prigozhyn is out of ammo because he uses it up willy-nilly when he gets it. He was ordered a number of times to eke out what he was given and failed to do so. So this is about posturing, not a lack of ammunition. Regardless, he’s a dead man walking with a target on his back.

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