Ukraine ‘will pay’ if Germany sends it tanks, Russia warns


    1. Condolences to the civilians that Russia send to the battle field 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

    2. A rivalry between Russia’s drugged out prisoner military and Wagner’s Girl Group has come to a head in Ukraine. Wagner Group main cheerleader, Yevgeny Prigozhin in what Russian state media claims is the one who wears the biggest skirt and uses the pom pom’s in the squad.

      A leadership change also suggests that Pootin is scared like a little girl and seeking to bolster military leaders in that rivalry. Who knows what’s next for the R-squad. Stay tuned Russian state media says.

  1. According to Russia it is already “fighting all of NATO in Ukraine.” So why would it be a problem that more NATO equipment is in Ukraine?

    1. @Will robinson You probably come from a country who supports russia?
      How? Let me guess…

      You watch the observers from your country who sold their souls by foreign interferences because they know your level of intelligence as an audience is below the average therefore you become the sheep target against your own people and those who support the idea hatred against their own and others as well….
      The symbolism of sheep following sheep.

    2. @Sk If you are the biggest guy in the bar and you see a little guy kicking the crap out of a loud mouth bigger guy, are you gonna save the big dope from the little guy?? Or sit back with your arms crossed and watch? lol. Maybe accidentally kinda purposely drop a cup of beer on him while hes on the floor.

    3. @MrThartofwar yeah sanctions might not be working but without McDonald’s your losing ruble crashed. You really think Putin can take on Nato or any decent army. Not trying to be rude but I’m almost positive Putin will lose this war. Here in the states you find many websites taking donations for Ukraine and if he uses nukes we are all dead

    4. Very good question. you see moscow put missile defense in place around moscow. They know what is coming one way or the other!

    1. @Jimmy James Maybe russia should stop using gorilla warfare when this is a special military operation. Killing Ukranians to liberat them,,, you and your counties leader is insane

    2. @Kryzzan Why do Ukrainian farmers like the T-80?
      It scares away predators that threaten the livestock.
      Animals are afraid of fire.

    3. @philipb2134 I am fully aware of that, but now the war criminal Putin has attacked Ukraine and mobilized hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers to help terrorize the population. It creates an image of the enemy in the West that some few Russians cannot remove, no matter how great a gift to humanity they may be.
      Everyone who takes up arms against Ukraine is also an enemy of the West and there are no mitigating circumstances in that account!

    4. @sicko1021 No, but you must be since you don’t realize that Russia has invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, killed thousands of civilians and almost destroyed their society. How blind do you think you are allowed to be?
      Wipe the sleep out of your eyes and face the realities!

  2. A lot of comments talking about how Ukraine has already been paying sure Russia’s actions and that really goes to show the long term flaw in their strategy targeting of civilians and civilian infrastructure pretty much from the start of the war.
    Since they already started with ruthless attacks on civilians, all their threats now ring hollow since they’ve shown they were willing to be that ruthless from the beginning, it doesn’t matter if we send tanks or not.
    The threat of force is often more effective than force itself.

    1. A rivalry between Russia’s drugged out prisoner military and Wagner’s Girl Group has come to a head in Ukraine. Wagner Group main cheerleader, Yevgeny Prigozhin in what Russian state media claims is the one who wears the biggest skirt and uses the pom pom’s in the squad.

      A leadership change also suggests that Pootin is scared like a little girl and seeking to bolster military leaders in that rivalry. Who knows what’s next for the R-squad. Stay tuned Russian state media says.

    2. @MrThartofwar yeah right, Mariupol and Butcha massacres happened for which reason?
      Keep your lame nonsense for yourself!

    3. @L R Ukrainians said they will fight to the death, Putin gave them what they wanted, who can complain? Ukraine wanted death they got it, it’s a win win! Stop complaining you know damn well Ukrainians will fight to the death, so don’t cry when they die, they choose death, rather then peace, they destroyed there own country the price of there own ignorance, no one else’s, Ukrainians are fully responsible for there actions and will be held to account! Why don’t you keep your support for Ukrainian terrorism to yourself, if you can’t handle Russian retaliation, Russians can do exactly the same back to Ukraine, just ten time harder 🙂

    4. Brutal long range missile attacks on urban apartments full of civilians is a sign that the Russians are frustrated that their army of criminals aren’t winning against Ukrainian military forces in the field. The West should send Ukraine what ever it needs. Russia will still be the world’s biggest country even if their cruel invasion and attempted annexation of Ukraine fails. The Russians don’t need any more territory and we need to stop buying from and selling to them until they get out of Ukrainian territory completely.

    5. @John Smith No, Ukrainians don’t want to be under Ukraine, who has been murdering and abusing Ukrainian Russians since 2014, hence why they exercised there democratic rights to join Russia, Ukraine was never united, that’s the lie Ukraine has sold you, when in reality it’s been abusing its own Russian speaking citizens for some time, hence Russia holds the moral high ground, As Russia is the only one defending those democratic rights of Ukrainian Russians. Hence those four regions are now Russian lands as voted by the people, it is Ukraine trying to suppress those rights not Russia, ya nato bot!

    1. @Katoshi Takagumi If they would have just reassured Russia they would not join NATO.. NONE OF THIS WOULD BE HAPPENING.. THE 🤡 THOUGHT HE COULD HANDLE RUSSIA… BIG MISTAKE..

    2. @Katoshi Takagumi Everyone will lose their lives eventually. The question is if they would be lived with dignity. That didn’t happen in Poland. That didn’t happen to the Jews. That didn’t happen to the French. That didn’t happen to disabled people. We saw the aftermath.

    3. @Annie Crouch First, there was no way Ukraine could have met NATO standards for joining for something like 10 years. Meaning, no Ukraine in NATO for the foreseeable future. Secondly, Russia has no veto power who gets to join or not join NATO. If they wanted to have such power, they should have sought to join NATO in the first place. In order for Russia to meet the standards the first thing they would have needed to was to boot Mr. Putin out.

    1. A rivalry between Russia’s drugged out prisoner military and Wagner’s Girl Group has come to a head in Ukraine. Wagner Group main cheerleader, Yevgeny Prigozhin in what Russian state media claims is the one who wears the biggest skirt and uses the pom pom’s in the squad.

      A leadership change also suggests that Pootin is scared like a little girl and seeking to bolster military leaders in that rivalry. Who knows what’s next for the R-squad. Stay tuned Russian state media says.

  3. FDR once said “when the freedom of our neighbors is taken away ours is not secure” when Ukraine asks for tanks and they should have them no question.

    1. @Dan Dlion it’s a fraction of the money we spend on the military-industrial-prison complex (our prison population is the same as Chinas, even though we have a fraction of their population size) and a good economic investment in global economic prosperity and security, and one of the most ethical uses for the weapons in recent history. So, no. I’d rather we reform our tax structure and economic policy so the wealthiest stop getting even wealthier off the underpaid hard work of everyone else.

    2. @ayoungethan source: my arse
      China doesn’t publish records of its prisoners. Ur comparison is basicly fake news.

    3. @Dan Dlion Do you not understand that if Russia is allowed to win in Ukraine. Russia, China, North Korea and half a dozen other countries will see it as a green light to start attacking and taking over other nations. NATO should have told Putin I double dare you to invade the Ukraine. NATO should have flattened them right away. NATO literally could of destroyed the Russian military in a week or 2. It would take Russia decades to rebuild. They don’t even have new weapons or the parts needed to build new equipment. If we destroyed their military their only defence would have been nukes for the next 25 years. And they know if they launch nukes the pull the roof down over their own heads.

  4. Europe needs to be doing more. This threat is on your doorstep, and now is the time to act. History shows us what happens if we try and let problems in Europe “work themselves out”

    1. @Ole Toustrup nonsense, many European countries has finally agreed to meet the 2% mark.
      Better sooner than late. Stop backstabbing your own coalition, when important changes are happening! Newspapers is a thing, try following reality

    2. @edmundo oliver be careful using the label “incapable”. Same was said about Ukraine, they are still independent and fighting fiercely staying so.
      Tiny Denmark saved 9000 fellow Jews from certain death in Nazi death camps. No other country were capable of equal heroism.

    1. @Douglas Freeman

      Last time, they all lol’d at Russia being unable to conduct deep strikes, so Zelensky thought it was a good idea to attack Russian civilian infrastructure and troll him on Twitter about it. The missiles haven’t stopped coming, since.

    2. @Spring Bloom it IS. They bought those new from north Korea 😂😂😂 can you believe the humiliation? 😂😂😂

    3. @Spring Bloom its called *INTELLIGENCE SERVICE* you really expect them to confess? Well actually they did. A general confessed that the drones were iranian on russian TV😂😂😂😂

  5. My late Ukrainian father who fought for his country’s independence against the Soviets during WW2 always told me, when a Russian issues a threat you know you’re safe. But if he’s quiet, be ready to fight.

    1. My grandfathers also fought on the Nazi side, which of course for Germans came more naturally than for Ukrainians. Sadly, your father would have been disappointed what his German allies would have had in store for Ukraine had they conquered. This would not have been what you commonly associate with the word “independence”.

  6. Look at these stats – just dropped an hour ago, and 2.4k comments and likes out of 118k views. Very positive responses for Ukraine. Let’s go..

    1. @Neo Wuwei the number of comments is more relevant. People generally don’t ‘like’ war reporting

    2. Putin is a mentally ill person. We have herd this threat before as with the threat to release nuclear weapons. The world will break Russia, the illegal war on Ukraine is beyond what the world will tolerate. I have no respect for Russia and Putin. Putin is a murderer of innocent Ukrainian people.

    1. AAaaand Ukraine is RUSSIAN (!!) and we DO NOT NEED ANY “ukrainians” at all in The West. No. We don’t.
      For Your Information… THIS is the propaganda young (usually VERY young) russians get to see before they
      get blown up into little pieces inside a tank or die somewhere in the mud in Ukraine.
      The video is VERY symbolic. The ukrainian flag represents fields of wheat under a clearblue sky.
      And it’s a Holy War. Holy Russia started in Kiev, Ukraine in 988. Every russian knows this. It’s important for them.
      Zelensky is 100% BS. Of course they want to “break free”. Only problem is… This is impossible. Ain’t gonna happen

  7. Putin feels as though he’s in Germany’s collective head, that’s why he says this

    Also, it doesn’t mean much when someone who’s attacking you says “stop protecting yourself or I’ll hurt you”, the result is the same either way

    Ukrainians have the right to defend their people and their land, we should continue to support them in doing that

    1. Go join the fight then if you think we should support them. We have enough problem’s in our own country. Democrat traitors selling our secrets to china and God knows who else. Homeless, drug overdoses and much more.

    2. @jvjd Ukraine wants to be free from Russia. Russia is attempting an imperial land grab and must be stopped. The international rules based order must be upheld. No country can invade and annex a sovereign country at will. Russia is breaking every rule and must be defeated. If not, Russia will try to regroup and invade other countries it wants again in the future, like the Balkan countries. Russia is the problem, is always the problem and must learn. Sadly, the future of Russia is going to be very tough unless they get a new government who can be trustworthy and cooperate and build a better, peaceful future.

      Support Ukraine with all the weapons it needs to be able to live free forever!

    3. @Darius Lateralus Russia will also be happy to help Germany get rid of the dictates of the United States, which, in fact, occupied Germany since the 40s of the last century, placing several military bases there, and they provoked this war in Ukraine, as well as the destruction of industrial production in Germany, destroying cheap gas supplies from Russia, including the undermining of the gas pipeline..

    1. Why do some right wingers still watch cnn after they lied on purpose about iraq. Seems radical

    1. @Zelenskyy-the-Blackmailer here o_________________o If you care for the living instead of the dead, why not criticise megalomaniac Nazi Putin for his insane attacks on peaceful neighbours?

    2. @zelenskyy-the-blackmailerh5920  Russia has already lost triple the soldiers in 1 year what the US lost in 10 years of Vietnam. The only reason Ukrainians are ending up in cemeteries is because they burry their honored dead. Russia just leaves theirs on field to rot and tell their families they are just “missing”

  8. I love how Russia is essentially admitting that the Russian tanks Ukraine already has (many captured) are junk, because they are saying any use of western tanks instead would be highly “escalatory.”

    1. The logic of an elementary school student. I especially liked the “insert” – “many tanks have been captured.” Probably, this is done in order to somehow calm yourself down. And the fact that more than 3,000 Ukrainian tanks “burned down” in Ukraine, apparently, is not necessary to say…

    2. I read some comments about Russia here, it feels like children aged 10-15 are writing here – right in the course of the dialogue they fantasize and compose stories…

    3. @Frank O Good question. There are a couple reasons why the Abrams is not being provided, or even requested by Ukraine. It’s an excellent tank. Better than the Leopard. But, 1) the training and logistical requirements for the maintenance of the vehicle is a nightmare, and not worth it when time is of the essence (unlike the Bradleys, which the U.S. is donating in spades!) 2) the Abrams has a turbine (jet) engine; it can run on diesel, but the Swedes ran side by side tests and found that the Abrams uses twice as much fuel as Leopards in real world conditions, and 3) the Abrams has export restrictions. The armor is made of depleted uranium. These would have to be reconfigured for export, or potentially require approval from Congress, which is not easy in the current environment. Meanwhile, the U.S. is willing to provide F-16 jets and other goodies. The only ask from the Germans is to 1) allow other countries who have them to release them to Ukraine, and 2) give the Leopards in Germany that are currently storage to Ukraine. The quickest way to end this war is by enabling Ukraine to win it.

    4. @Wild Chameleon They could send a much larger force, but can they feed and supply that force with ammunition and fuel? So far they’ve demonstrated that they can’t, that their logistics can only supply 25% of what their troops need.

    1. ​@Lew Dischnerwhat’s hilarious of Ukrainian dieing , being in debt to the west for at least a century like UK was with US and your economy being rank 0 ? Maybe you should be sent to the frontlines there and see if it still funny.

    2. @Tony Watson There are many wars going on beside Ukraine vs Russia , this is only being covered a lot because Russia is involve and that is due to Russiphobia. If the US weren’t scared they would have already invaded Russia like they did to Iraq and Afghanistan , they are scared of Nuclear deterrence which Ukrainains never had

    3. @jvjd  Russia has lost more troops in 1 year than triple what the US lost in 10 years in Vietnam. Russias economy has fallen 70% and they lost their biggest trading partner the EU. The world will help rebuild Ukraine. Nobody is gonna help Russia rebuild. They are fkd.

  9. “In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.” Winston Churchill

    1. Knowledge is power. Tricking your enemy into thinking you are walking right into their trap while they are completely missing the real attacking force and their goal like they did with the double agents in WW2 feeding the Germans bulls*** and they ate it up like it was prime rib. We will be attacking the pas de Calais. Normandy is just a diversion. Hold the main forces back somewhere else and wait for the main attack which will be coming shortly. They even told the Germans through the double agents that Normandy worked so well they cancelled the main attack at Pas De Calais. They still believed what the double agents were telling them. They really pulled one over on them.

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