Ukraine Zelenskyy addresses Canadian students

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy compared the Toronto Raptors' 2019 NBA championship to the Ukraine fight against Russia in a speech.

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    1. exactly. We have no lesson to give in democracy. We should fix our own country and stop meddling in international politics.

    1. Between 1988 and 1989, she studied at the University of Kyiv as an exchange student while earning a degree at Harvard University. There, she caught the attention of the Soviet Union’s KGB for her pro-democracy, pro-Ukrainian independence activism.

  1. We back Ukraine with tax $, higher inflation, higher gas prices, higher interest rates. With the possibility of losing our homes due to high mtg payments in 2-4 years time

    1. @SImple Everyone should be educated on the Ukrainian crisis. That’s why I recommend Dr. John Mearsheimer’s 2015 lecture on Ukraine. Top notch.

  2. Interesting that she referred to Ukraine as a democracy when the opposition party has been outlawed.

    1. @Tristen M March 2022
      Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky invoked his emergency powers under martial law to suppress several opposition political parties and implement a “unified information policy.”

      In an address to the nation delivered Sunday, he announced a temporary ban on “any activity” by 11 political parties.

      The ban includes the Opposition Platform – For Life party, which holds 43 seats in Ukraine’s national parliament and is the largest opposition party.

    2. @Henry lhd2 The opposition as a whole still holds 94 seats. Yes, that’s way less than Zelensky’s party, but that’s because his party won the 2019 election in a landslide. Also, just because the party was dissolved doesn’t mean that it’s members were expelled from the government. As I understand it, they are still there, and have formed a successor parliamentary group called “Platform for Life and Peace”. Your description of how “the opposition party has been outlawed” is a huge exaggeration and oversimplification of what actually happened. And I remind you, the party’s were only banned in the MIDDLE OF A WAR for being too close to the country that is ACTIVELY INVADING Ukraine. Seems understandable to me.

    3. @Hadrian Ukraine is not a democracy. There is only one political party and there are no elections.

    1. @Ann Smith Given her ancestors actions – she might want to be particularly careful about promoting war

  3. Could Zelensky use Ukraine’s version of an Emergencies Act to ban his political opponents? Freeland could give him a few pointers on that.

    1. @TechnoMach He used the emergencies Act on the Conservative Party of Canada. Weird, I haven’t seen Pierre Poilievre discuss this. Can you send a link? How long did he freeze the Conservatives accounts for?

  4. Ukraine bans primary opposition party, seizing all its assets and money
    The ban of the country’s largest opposition party effectively signals an end to democracy in the Eastern European country, which is currently involved in a conflict with Russia over its eastern provinces.

    By Ian Miles Cheong | June 21, 2022 | News Analysis. Ukraine a Democracy Freeland!!!

    1. @Henry lhd2 incorrect – unless these are digital books in the format of a personal blog; you cannot find these ‘facts’ on any reputable site or poli-sci textbook.

    2. @Tristen M Wrong. They banned other parties. One leader had to flee to Spain – Ukraine STILL tried to nab him. His sin? He was starting to become popular.

  5. I don’t want to listen to all that, but what does he want?
    Is he asking canada for money?
    He got billions from America when they don’t even have free healthcare and are facing an imminent recession and America does not even know what Ukraine is doing with the money, their own Secretary of Staff admitted to this.
    I wish them the best, BUT NO MONEY FROM CANADA!!!!!!!!!

    1. She should go back to the motherland and do a radio broadcast with that earitanting voice after hearing that voice day and out they would get a battery or two of artillery and then fire as they say time on target meaning all guns fire at once on target

  6. What?! Doesn’t he have a war to handle? Why is he addressing Canadian students and why should they care?

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