1. @Biljana Cvjetinovic what have those to do wtih troll – it,s a fact only that . Instead of be red –they now are glowing green .. instead of z green . think smart think russian .

    1. @Hoiner Maybe he is misinformated about their own nukes too? NATO must get involved and check to be sure.

    2. @Biden Ukrainepuppet We aren’t worried. The Russian troops playing in the dirt should be though. Victory to Ukraine 🇺🇦!

    1. Not good enough for 4 dimensional chess master, though. Apparently they dug bloody trenches into it to make extra sure to get good, long whiff of all the exclusion zone had to offer.

    2. They drove right across all the main routes the stalkers (illegal tourists) use to get to Prip’yat, and there’ll be a strip of ground that it’s not safe to walk across for years.

  1. What a brilliant strategy!
    Invade thru the radiation filled area!!
    What could POSSIBLY go wrong?!

  2. That says it all about how much Russia actually cares about their own. It doesn’t even teach them not to play with radioactive material.

    1. That’s how the Soviet an Russia used a part of their military and citizens as expendable and cannon fodder over the ages, often from regions where they treat their own citizens as lower rank citizens and even did ethnic cleansing, mostly in they more eastern regions former Kazach, Mongols, Chinese etc and mostly Siberians as well.

  3. Who would’ve thought that occupying the site of the world’s worst nuclear accident could be bad for your health?

    1. @Mr Rey – It WAS the city water treatment plant, and that basement was a reservoir. It’s a shallow well now with no circulation. It seeps in and sits there until it evaporates. Near me, there’s an area with exposed granite. All the low areas have filled up with rainwater and become pretty little lakes. If you throw a rock into one, it smells like a fart bomb. That seems to be pretty much the same kind of water.

  4. In Novo Soviet Russia, if radiation doesn’t come to you, you go to radiation. (and blame Ukraine for radiation warfare, of course.)

  5. Wow. Who could have possibly foreseen negative consequences for Russia in targeting Chernobyl and other nuclear facilities in Ukraine .
    Not only that, Russia is down wind and close-by. Duh.

  6. Apparently they drove their tanks around the Red Forest and then they even dug trenches there. Confronted about it, they did not seem to be aware that the Chernobyl nuclear accident ever happened at all or what kicking up topsoil and digging in that zone implies. What do you even say to something like that? Mind-boggling.

    1. I’m sure that they never even learned about the Chernobyl incident inside Russia. Not what truly happened.

    2. @Christ power I was thinking the same thing. I doubt the Russian even let their people talk about it.

  7. Patients with acute radiation syndrome (ARS) classically go through four clinical phases: prodrome, latency, manifest illness, and either recovery or death. During the prodromal phase, they usually present with nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and even loss of consciousness at higher doses. With neurological symptoms like dizziness, headache, or decreased level of consciousness, occurring within minutes to a few hours, with an absence of vomiting, and is almost always fatal, even with aggressive intensive care. Most people who die from radiation sickness are killed by infections or internal bleeding. Dying from ARS is a terrible way to die.

    1. The big problem for the Russians is, all of that can be caused by vodka or drinking brake fluid from a tank, too.
      Seriously, I’m betting their sick call kept getting longer every day, and punishments for malingering stopped working. Some of those guys were probably showing up with rashes on their hands right from day one, and whatever they’re using for an infirmary must be hellish by now. They wouldn’t have evacuated them on buses instead of the way they came if it wasn’t bad, and I’m betting their vehicles were driven out by fresh crews who came on the buses. They’ll probably be parked within sight of the Belarus/Ukraine border when this is over.
      I’m sure someone at the plant tried to explain things to their commander and seems to have been ignored until it was too late. When they make the movie, he’ll be playing the same part as Dyatlov at Chernobyl (the same freakin’ Chernobyl), a greasy guy who refuses to listen to experts in favor of following rules and trying to get promoted.

  8. The mere fact that no Ukrainian troops were station in Chernobyl would tell the Russians that something was off. But no, they had to go there with their tanks (that dust with radioactive particles being moved around) and dig trenches at the Red Forest. The amount of radiation they were exposed to would be lethal, it will lead to a slow and terrible death.

  9. How stupid would someone be to dig in that area?!? Or they didn’t know where they were. I have no explanation.

  10. They also looted and vandalized buildings. They destroyed containers containing high-level nuclear concentrates and waste. They contaminated themselves and their vehicles.

  11. And? Who would have thought you could still get sick from the power plant where the worst nuclear disaster in world history happened. Goes to show that not only Putin doesn’t care what happens to the Ukraine people, but his own soldiers as well. Yeah, Russia is such a great country.

  12. Anyone who’s watched the Chernobyl miniseries knows what’s in store for these Russian soldiers with radiation sickness. Makes me shiver.

  13. I might’ve not have been there to see the worst catastrophic nuclear accident ever but going near there in general was a doomed idea to begin with.

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