Ukrainian ambassador to the U.S. addresses Russia’s invasion (LIVE) | USA Today

President Joe Biden said Russia's actions in Ukraine will trigger massive sanctions, a response he has been threatening for weeks as President Vladimir Putin built up troops on Ukraine's borders. He said President Vladimir Putin had flagrantly violated international law.

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Putin on Tuesday received authorization from the upper chamber of parliament to use Russian troops outside of the country. He told reporters this was necessary to formalize the military's deployment in two rebel regions of eastern Ukraine, which Russia recognized as independent on Monday.

Biden says Russia "will pay an even steeper price" if continues aggressions.

"There's not question Russia is the aggressor," Biden said. "Whatever Russia doies next, we're ready to respond."

Biden says the sanctions are designed to "cut off" Russia from international loans and other forms of financial assistance they rely on. Penalties also target Russian "elites" and their family members who profit from its military adventurism.

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    1. @skydog729 Amen to that! I thought the same thing. Damn shame that someone actually wants Russia to win. How is that good for anyone but Russia?

  1. Very complexed state of affairs for Ukraine. Ukraine’s people ask for help but Russia’s president issued a very chilling warning on anyone who impedes on his plan of action.

  2. I live in the US, but my family sent me pictures of an airport that got attacked this morning. They took the pictures from their home. I’m so worried for them. Please think about my family, pray if that’s what you do. We need it all.

    1. They don’t need prayers.
      They need a better equipped army or another nation’s army to help.
      Biden just wrote the Ukraine off with sanctions.
      Good luck to your loved ones.

    2. @Decimus Rex thanks friend. I know they need more than prayer, but I wasn’t exactly about to ask a YouTube section to sign up for military action or send money lol. Moreso just my way to chip in and comment on what’s going on, and to point out that the people there are real, they’re tangible, actually relevant.. I know it’s hard to remember that online, sometimes

    3. @Flutterbree
      You guessed wrong on my account.
      I’m more aware and sympathetic to Ukraine and the drawn out situation that has been going on for a decade there.
      Ever since Yanukovych, Putins puppet ,I’ve been wanting the U.S to address Putin and his twisted lust to grab Ukraine back.
      As usual, no one cares until it affects them personally and don’t know what the hell they’re talking about when it does.

  3. This is horrible ๐Ÿ˜ข my heart goes to all the civilians especially children ๐Ÿ’”!! Praying for Ukraine ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

    1. If humans weren’t so dumb, then we wouldn’t allow clowns to be in power! This is just a battle of power and greed! Humans got to conformable in their little boxes and won’t do crap to change the system!

    2. I have a Ukrainian friend. I cannot describe my feelings having just gotten off work and heard this news…it’s surreal.

  4. As Ukrainian living in Scotland for the last 20 years, i would like to thank all nations and people of UK and US for their support and most importantly for honoring their promises that they give to Ukrainian people in Budapest.
    Smart people of Saudi Arabia managed to build paradise in the desert while pisheaded russians build large gulag with its own flag anthem and ridicules poverty for all but putins mob.

    War in Ukraine is not about territory as such, it is about evolution of humanity where some want to work together, value each other and stand to address global challenges that threaten humanity. Others wants humanity to roll back to 16 century and bring back feudalism.

    This war is ongoing for the last 8 years and it is aim is to answer one simple question – Did humanity learned anything from previous two world wars?
    Unfortunately it show that we have not. Germany condemns hitlerism and everything associated with it while embracing putins bait in the form of cheap energy despite frightening similarities in the actions of Adolf Putin.

    Actions always talk louder then words, so in due time German people will be once again fill embarrassed for their actions and lack of such as they failed again to get out of their comfort zone and stand on the right side.
    Trouble never asks for convenience!
    This is exactly what make us humans, the ability to consciously step out of the comfort zone and to what is right.

    Once again, i thank you for supporting Ukraine.

    1. adolf putin lol ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yes some men love power so much and are willing to die for it and kill others too! Murder still is a sin Mr Putin ! i am catholic and since my childhood raised in a home that prayed the rosary and we ALWAYS prayed for the conversion of Russia so it won’t spread the errors of their was communism for it is evil to be this and it is not from God this communism! I am 61 yrs of age now and I am seeing what Our Lady warned us about yrs ago! I know that before Fatima Our Lady appeared in the Ukraine to warn them! My roommate is from Scotland just thought that was funny she is the sweetest ๐Ÿ™‚ We are praying daily for the Ukraine and for Russia to soften HIS heart! This effects us all I can not get you off my mind Ukraine!

    2. what help please stop being delusional you have been left desolate because you joined nato went and poked the bear

  5. Love her demeanor, she is composed and you can tell doesnโ€™t take any bull. We stand with Ukraine, send more weapons and troops! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

    1. @AlzheimersD115 I think we should ask the different branches for volunteers then offer that support to Ukraine.

  6. Ukraine has held its defensive lines overnight and inflicted serious casualties on the invading forces. Long live Ukraine!

    1. Where does this news originate from. Please, I’m sick of hearing US politicians flap their gums about useless responses

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