Ukrainian bomb sniffing dog helps detect almost 100 explosives | USA TODAY

Coined "the mascot of Chernihiv," a bomb-sniffing dog helped emergency service workers locate explosive devices in Chernihiv, Ukraine.

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Russian forces, facing stiff resistance against their invasion of Ukraine, have sought to gain control of cities but can claim few successes thus far. The Kremlin says its "special operation" is going as planned. But a senior Pentagon official, who spoke on condition of anonymity Monday, said Russian President Vladimir Putin has not achieved his goals and is relying on bombardment of cities in a “near-desperate” effort to gain momentum.

Mariupol, crucial for its access to the Sea of Azov, has been pounded by Russian artillery since the war began more than three weeks ago. Russian forces have been accused of bombing civilian shelters, and hundreds of thousands have recently fled the city.

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