Ukrainian cities shelled in retaliation for Crimea bridge blast | USA TODAY

Civilians are among the casualties after Russian attacks strike multiple Ukrainian cities, including Kyiv.

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Missiles hit civilian infrastructure in the center of Kyiv during rush hour just two days after a major bridge linking occupied Crimea with the Russian mainland was damaged in an apparent truck bomb attack. President Vladimir Putin blamed Ukrainian special forces for what he described as a "terrorist attack." Among other major cities battered by missile strikes were Dnipro in the center of the country, Lyiv in the west, Kharkiv in the east and Zaporizhizia in the south.

Ukraine's army chief said Russia launched 75 missiles, mostly from drones, and that 41 of them were shot down by Ukrainian air defenses. Critical infrastructure, mostly energy supply, were hit in eight regions and Kyiv, where more than 30 fires broke out, the State Emergency Service reported.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Monday in a social media post that Russia is "trying to destroy us and wipe us off the face of the Earth."

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  1. Just yesterday my friend and i was talking about this when he said just wait for the retaliation, and i said yeah right, they would of retaliate by now, and i wake up to this this morning, i guess i was wrong.

    1. @DMS REPAIR As a Ukrainian who would love for that to be true. Even if, optimistically, every other missile doesn’t fire or misfires or something. All it takes is one to start nuclear Armageddon.

    2. @Vk Rj USA as well as Russia have technology to take out Nuclear weapons. Besides if Russia tries sending Nuclear weapons to the U.S. The U.S. would reciprocate.

  2. Jeremiah 4: 7 He has emerged like a lion from his thicket; The destroyer of nations has set out. He has gone out from his place to make your land an object of horror. Your cities will be reduced to ruins, without an inhabitant.


    1. Zelensky already said it was “possibly” his special forces. He talked about the smoke over Crimea moments later with a smile and said there would be more to come. Most countries agree and even Ukrainians started tik toks and memes celebrating it. People better start negotiating because the lies of him no longer being able to strike the North West Ukraine is clearly lies. So this is what the Donbass has felt since 2014 and heavily since 2018. People are people regardless of what side of country they are.

    1. So he can nuke Ukraine like he’s been wanting too. Although it seems like right now he’s just shooting missiles at civilian centers. I’m sure he’ll go full mad king before too long.

  4. Was walking on this bridge last august it’s an absolutely beautiful overlook of the city. It’s so sad that the evil of one man must tarnish such beauty

  5. How is this possible USA Today? If the president of Ukraine just declared victory over Russia? You guys made a whole video about it? Go back just a couple of videos or look it up, how strange.

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