1. RIP to all the innocent children, women and men who lost their lives in Ukraine 🇺🇦.

    1. @Vexzi😂 must be because it’s Russians it’s getting a news cycle. Hide the USA own wrong doing for 20 years, but the uktaininfs blow up their own stuff and blame Russians and it’s news worthy.

    2. @J B i love how you just assume that everyone you talk to puts no blame on america for vietnam, afghanistan etc. You have no idea what my stance is but yet you still are sitting here shitting on everyone in the comments. Russia is invading a peaceful country. What is your retort to that? That we dont know the whole truth? Youre brainwashed, focus on yourself and who you want to be. Stop looking at the news 24/7

    3. BIAS Twitter, Google, Facebook – will they ruin the 2024 election as well ? Undeniably proven to intentionally sway millions of votes toward Scummy Biden

    1. rip to all the people who died in this pointless war and helping to fulfilling the new world order agenda to d3p0pulate 2.2 billion in the name of war and famine

  2. Condolences to all the the mothers, fathers and families who lost their loved ones in Ukraine 🇺🇦.

    1. BIAS Twitter, Google, Facebook – will they ruin the 2024 election as well ? Undeniably proven to intentionally sway millions of votes toward Scummy Biden

    2. WHERE ARE THE BODIES, I CAN TRUST YOU TO SHOW THE BODIES. You should know that it is a Russophobic region, so why would the Russians, who dominate militarily, bombard the Russian speakers. Do you have images of bombarded kyiv, corpses? you are liars thieves bandits and neo-Nazis

  3. This is my home town..I don’t even know if my loved ones were inside the theater …I’ve lost all contact with them on the 27th of Feb…😭

    1. @Tex AJP so you are saying the world is nazi and that’s the reason why russia has to bomb and murder innocent people in ukraine

  4. I wonder what orders are coming down, I wonder if this is the soldiers doing or if they are just following orders……so fucked up

    1. @Halo_123 What doesn’t “make sense”? Just asking. I really honestly do NOT understand this thing with Russia. I think this is going to really get UGLY/worse. This is only the beginning. Gloomier days are ahead.

    2. @Tim Smith if it was a weapons stash, it would have made an enormous explosion and killed everyone in the area. It didn’t. The Russians have even been shooting civilian convoys trying to escape the areas. They have fired on buses full of children for crying out loud

    1. @Ray Vincent your first comment shows lack of study – aparently civilian defence should go fight invading heavily armored enemy tank columns in a field so it would be a “fair fight” for the invaders. everything youve ranted after that has been mumbo-jumbo

    2. @teretere vanakere I’m Assured Your Knowledge Of Facts Verses Fiction Is Based On Media & Television Without Reality Or Guidance In Your World

    3. @Ray Vincent i don’t know who assured you this but you are wrong as with everything else so far. my knowledge of russian imperialism comes directly from living in soviet union as a member of a subjugated nation. my knowledge of russian propaganda hysterics and warmongery comes directly from knowledge of russian language and watching said propaganda as can be seen in my subscription list. anything else you want to be wrong about?

    4. @teretere vanakere As The Kids Are Making Ukrainians A Graveyard Rest Assured Those Mercenaries & Extremists Groups Are Flowing Into Ukraine Too Help With Ukrainians Art Collections and Valuables Were Ever Their Hiding Before They Implement Reconstruction That Will Be Awarded Too Outside Sources Swindling Institutions Corporate Monopolies & Swindling Lending institutions Suckling & Milking Revenues & Profits Out For Long-term & Help Collectively Control Ukraines Economics For Generations To Come

    5. @teretere vanakere Rest Assured Satellites Data & The New Star Links Satellites Are Helpful But Access To The Military One’s Requirements Are Of Higher Quality

    1. @lesmo whomever If you say so. And still non of which has any bearing on the atrocities being committed by Putin today.

    2. ​@Chris Johnson You rationalized Hunter Biden’s laptop the same way. How did that turn out for you?

    3. ​@Paul Gibbon Yeah, who cares that they’re doing research on anthrax and other bioweapons there on Russia’s border, as per the documents our own government tried to scrub from their own websites. You just hate it that Tucker Carlson speaks more truth than you, huh?

    4. ​@Chris Johnson Oh, that’s weird. I provided a truthful dig and you, the emotionally unintelligent one, acted like a petulant child in all of your failure. No wonder we’re in the Ukraine when Biden’s family took so much money from them. But yeah, the laptop was “Russian disinformation” according to all of Obama’s top intelligence officers. Think of what you are and who you support and realize that you are everything you claim to hate.

  5. Evil! There are no words to describe how horrific it is for them to murder all of these innocent people and children.

    1. @Deborah Freedman If you have proof the leader of Ukraine before the coup was not duly elected, present it. If you have proof he killed people, present it. (He actually wanted to investigate killings.) It was the case that the protestors (at least, many of them) were violent and violently overthrowing the government.
      There are western reports on how everybody was armed, so I’m not sure where the “unarmed civilians” were (maybe there were some). Do you want to see those reports?
      Anyway, the illegitimate post-coup Kiev government then sent troops to kill eastern Ukrainians (I assume including civilians).

    2. @Deborah Freedman My statements are reasonable, and your only reply is to hurl insults. You are free to enlighten us with “historical facts.”

    3. @Alex xelA Quite a twist you have there. Didn’t see any reason why Crimea was taken from Ukraine. Did the people in Ukraine force Russia to take the Crimea away from Ukraine? Apparently you seem certain that this entire conflict is caused by Ukraine upon an innocent Russia. Keep on stroking yourself in support of poor Putin, whatever it takes to comfort your inside. Peace

  6. Ukraine might be giving history the most comprehensive and honest vision of the horror of war. May every public servant be required to view several hours of the reality of war. Though it would do little to affect those like the orange ogre and “is potato” Putin more human politicians might be less apt to throw voters sons and daughters under the war bus.

    1. You’re right, there’s nothing more complex going on. Everything CNN says is exactly what is happening. It’s not a CIA controlled narrative delivered to you by Operation Mockingbird assets.

  7. We knew he was wrong in the head when he decided to go after the hospitals. He needs to be stopped and everything needs to be stop

    1. The war of media.. now if they were hiding arms and missiles in the church we will never know.. we only know what the media feeds us… say the wrong thing and get banned

    2. He definitely needs to b stopped Putin has always been crazy. But now he’s pushed it Abit to far with babies and little kids it is heartbreaking all these lives lost because of one Insane person I’m sure it’s not easy to take him out he’s probably got things set up to harm so many more should someone attempt taking his life he’d start a chain reaction. Stay safe. Prayers for Ukraine

    3. Or maybe everything you hear from MSM isn’t exactly what’s happening. Truth is silenced. Only the State-Approved narrative is supported by Mockingbird Assets.

    1. I said the same thing just to meet the people who live there such strong people my daughter has been living in Germany now with her family for 4 yrs now while I pray for Ukraine. I hope Putin gets put in a cage with no food or water. Stay safe

    2. The war is not all bad its made it blatantly obvious the Democrats are NeoNazis. After this any Dixie Democrat left is fair game and has no excuse of iggnorance…

  8. When man can’t see over top, Humanity runs with cooking oil. – James T. Black

  9. Billy gatez literally spraying geo engineering and they crying about this lol lmao. Laughable.

    1. Yes, it’s like Zelenskyy said (in an interview): “They will close the skies, you will see… but how many ppl need to die before that?” — it will actually be up to Russia, if it wants to turn this into ww3 & inevitably start a nuclear war (cause they literally got nothing else tactically)… or not.

      And I think they’ll prob choose not.

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