1. From the Netherlands:

    BIDEN ain’t perfect … but at least he’s not praising PUTIN for being a genius. 🙄

    1. @Nil Nil Putin didn’t have to lift a finger while Trump was president, Trump gave him everything he wanted without a fight.

  2. General Zaluzhnyi and the Ukrainian military have done it again. The absolute mad lads. Slava Ukrayini.

    1. @Ronald Carpenter I live in a democracy, thank you. And I know the difference between urge and begg. But, nice try defending you boyfriend. But, be careful, in motherland being gay is not well accepted. Good luck.

  3. Plus Being Of Mixed heritage of Ukrainian and Russian Heritage I do not Like seeing My Mixed Bloodlines fight and Kill each other . It makes me Saddened and Its hard to feel and what to think of all this when its wrong . It never has to be this way .

  4. Heartfelt condolences to those Russian-speaking Ukrainians ONLY who lost loved ones during Russian invasion.

    1. @Nobody Russia stepping in IS the reason innocent people suffer. Russia annexed Crimea and started a proxy war in Ukraine by arming and sending troops to violent extremists.

    2. @Wayne if Putin had just taken the Donbass, which is the region in which they actually had support and polls to back it, the war would have ceasefired in weeks and the global response would have been far less like it was, China probably would have supported them for example and places like Latinoamerica and India would have stayed far more neutral, but Putin showed the world that his intentions were not of liberation but of subjugation

    3. @Assaultstan You might want to catch up on your history knowledge of my country, specifically Donbass, Crimea and East in general. Russia stepped in because 14,000+ of our countrymen were murdered by violent extrimists over the course of eight years and hundreds of thousands have been getting oppressed. Crimeans specifically are mostly Russian speakers and overwhelmingly voted to join Russia. Might want to educate yourself on a bit more than the media is telling you.. and probably learn to be a little wiser.

    1. What lions? 😂 The ‘soldiers’ in the Azovstal plant were just ordered to surrender to Russia. Wow, got some great lions there.

  5. dont advance too far…Remember defense requirers less resources and man power than offensive.

    1. Send me your email,. And I send WHOLE video,.))) it a joke, that CNN do to you brain,.)))

    2. No, advance more, until you cut the highway artery from Belgorod to Russia’s front line in Eastern Ukraine.

    1. @Matt Dreyer well, in fact, they themselves confirmed the displacement of the borders, Yelensky (z is banned) also comfirmed

  6. I keep hearing idiots talking about a “stalemate” in eastern Ukraine at the same time that the Ukranian army is standing on the Russian border and large areas are being re-taken by them. The Russian armed forces are falling apart, and their tanks keep playing Pop Goes the Weasel. They have no air superiority; their navy is impotent, and their soldiers have no interest in the fight. When will this “stalemate” start pray tell?

    1. @Вася Петечкин So it took only 10 homeless people to defeat the Orcs? Lol! I have a bridge for sale nearby-slightly damaged, but I’ll throw in some spare tank parts!

    2. @Ronald Carpenter Вы пишите глупости. Россия сила!

    3. Stalemate doesn’t mean completely stagnant, in this case it means that the battle is evolving slowly and territory is going back and fourth relatively slowly. The invaders do seem to be falling apart, but until the war is over I’m not going to get excited about little bits of territory.

    4. Because Ukraine can’t retake Mariupol or even get close, they can’t take back south Ukraine near the Black Sea, and they’re losing ground in the Donbas. Until we see some major counter-offensives there, there’s no end to the fight in sight.

  7. I heard that some Russian units aren’t even fighting. They are just pulling back as soon as it seems forgivable for them to do so. And I don’t blame them.

    1. Recently I saw this behind the scenes this video.. no battle.. brought a sign.. then comeback.. comedy here

  8. The Ukraine army needs to maintain offensive momentum .. That will over run artillery, and keep the Russians on their back feet.. Just as the German army did under operation Barbarossa

    1. Do you think Ukrainian super soldiers just come out of a factory? This was a Russian withdraw because there is no achievable objective to take a city the size of Kharkiv. Russia does not have unlimited manpower either. It would take at least a 100k . Ukraine also does not have enough troops to start wondering around Russia. They still need to defend the city.

    2. The Azov just surrendered in Mariupol. Russia controls 20% of Ukronazi territory. What momentum????

  9. Mr. Pittard. I’m glad your doing good. Mr.pittard used to be the commanding officer at fort bliss,tex. You did a awesome job. God bless you sir.

  10. The true definition of madness,” Einstein reportedly said, “is repeating the same action, over and over, hoping for a different result.” Unfortunately, many proposals for ending the war on Ukraine ask the Ukrainians to repeat the same actions they have tried over and over with disastrous results. Those advocating for trying these approaches yet again bear a heavy burden of explaining why this time would be different.
    Many outcomes that may sound plausible to those uninformed about Putin’s history quite rightly look disastrous to Ukrainians. For example, Putin has said he wants a neutral, “demilitarized” Ukraine. Russia had that beginning in 1994, when Ukraine surrendered the nuclear weapons it inherited from the Soviet Union in exchange for guarantees of its existing boundaries from Russia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.
    Rather than allow this neutral, demilitarized Ukraine to live in peace within the longstanding boundaries Russia pledged to guarantee, Putin exploited Ukraine’s weakness to intervene in its politics and fix a presidential election for his deeply corrupt crony. When the Ukrainian people overthrew Putin’s puppet, Putin again took advantage of Ukraine’s weakness by seizing Crimea and a large part of Ukraine’s industrial heartland in the East.
    At some point, outsiders may tell the Ukrainians that they should accept a ceasefire at any price, even if it leaves Russian forces in their country. Ukraine did this after Russian’s 2008 invasion, with the promise of peace talks.
    Russia responded by stalling, shelling unoccupied parts of Ukraine, setting up two corrupt puppet regimes in its occupied territories — one of which shot down a Malaysian civilian airplane — and ultimately disavowing its agreement, to invade yet again.
    Nor are these isolated intrusions. Throughout the region, Russia has repeatedly seized parts of its neighbors’ territory, agreed to a ceasefire, and then continued its occupation without serious negotiations. It has occupied two regions of Georgia and one in Moldova for decades. Ukrainians know these “frozen conflicts” mean an indefinite loss of sovereignty, the indefinite subjugation of Ukrainians to Russian misrule, and a constant source of instability draining the country’s human and financial resources.

    1. I agree, you can’t have peace talks that end amicably when one side just wants conquest. Peace must go both ways.

    2. @Манька Облигация Fair enough, that video seems pretty legit. That’s a shame, but war propaganda should be expected. I’m not too devastated by this debunk anyway, and Ukraine is still right to be fighting back.

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