Ukrainian grandfather breaks down at CNN reporter’s question

CNN's Ed Lavandera speaks to 16-year-old Ivan Onufrienko and his family about the damage the war is having on the people of Ukraine, especially the children. #CNN #News


  1. I feel for these young people for what they are going through and the one thing pootin is forgetting is that he has planted the seeds of hate with these young people, and they will take care of him .

    1. These children will not hate…they can see what damage does to one hateful human being…it turns that person into a monster, not even an animal! They will grow up to value life, love. Courage and the importance of freedom and democracy….Ukraine patriotic resistance will be their heritage.

    1. @K Man caring about a criminal who ordered killings of civilians speaks volumes about the state of his/your conscience and principles. In other words that is choosing evil vs good.

    2. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr It’s known as compassion, maybe you haven’t got any, it’s obvious you don’t have any!

  2. Kudos to CNN for keep covering and having focus on a war that has lasted 2 months. Easy to get numb and ignoring something so horrible.

  3. Ivan I hope that you will overcome this heartbreaking horrific war and tell your children and grandchildren about how you, your family and the many brave Ukrainians defeated the evil invaders
    May the souls of those many innocent lives be at peace now
    So much heartbreaking sadness and rage that this war has brought to the world
    Stop war
    Support Ukraine
    Slava Ukraine 💙💛🇺🇦

  4. My mother was 11 years old when the Russians came to Berlin in 1945. She died last year in may, age 86. In the delirious dreams of her last hours she still had nightmares, was crying and shouting while reliving the repeated mass rape of her mother and sister.
    That’s what Russians do to these kids!


    2. That Is The TRUE Horror Of War ! It Is ALWAYS The Innocent That Suffer The Most! We Humans NEVER Seem To Learn! The Way The Russians Behaved In Berlin Was Unforgivable! BUT The Russians Suffered 20+ Million Plus Dead In World War 2! The Horrors The Russian Troops Wittnessed On The Road To Berlin Brutalised Them Beyond Belief! Sadly The Women Of Berlin Suffered As Objects Of Their Vengance! I Would Urge You Chris To Watch A Russian Film Called COME AND SEE. Showing German Actions In World War 2 In Ukraine! May Help You Understand Just Why Your Mother Suffered So!

  5. Young man I am terribly sorry that you had to go through so much pain . I admire your strength , and I sincerely hope you will heal .and smile again ..

    1. LOL 😂 LOL I work for Oregon state and we voted for Trump I run 5 miles every four days I pump iron Monday through Friday other than when I run I am a happy camper and we will even be happier when Trump regains his office that was stolen from him. honey I wake up smiling day in and day out. We come from a very athletic family I was a boxer my younger brother Roland Garza is the current Oregon state benchpress champion log in his name and get a glimpse of who my family is. now you try and have a good day. Let’s go Brandon let’s go Brandon let’s go Brandon

  6. It’s so heart-breaking to see the plight of the Ukraine’s brave soldiers taking their last stand in Mariupol. These heroes are determined to fight till to their last drop of blood. Like the heroic people of Ukraine, the people of Burma are also taking their last stand to stamp out the military dictators from the land, once and for all. The National Unity Government (NUG) which is formed by the elected members of the parliament by the people in 2020 general election, which resides in the liberated areas, has declared to begin an “offensive war” from now on against the military regime, from the previous defensive positions. Loads of junta forces’ wives and children are now fleeing the city of Yangon, to the military stronghold city of Naypidaw in droves, in fear of attacks from the guerrilla forces. On 19 April 33 junta’s soldiers were killed and 42 wounded in a 15 days battle with the KNU. In other news, 5 police and 50 soldiers were killed by mines and attacks near Hteelin (ထီးလင်း) by the People’s Defence Forces – PDF (Democratic Voices of Burma DVB in Burmese 19 Apr 2022). For revenge, soldiers burned villages along the way. Students, who were protesting peacefully on the streets before, are now becoming PDFs and have trained systematically to fight back the military regime. At the beginning, they started with catapults and hunting rifles, but they now have some automatic weapons bought by donations from the people through black markets. They will not stop until they get the victory. They have trained well and are now gaining momentum (BBC in English 22 Apr 2022 “Myanmar – Young rebels fighting for democracy” & 01 Feb 2022 “The deadly battles that tipped Myanmar into civil war”). Fight on heroes of Ukraine till you defeat the Russian invaders! We will also fight on till we get our freedom and democracy! May the hero President Zelenskyy and the heroic people of Ukraine defeat the cruel Russian invaders!

  7. Went to high school with survivors of the Bosnian genocide
    These kids have a long road ahead of them

  8. My wife grew up in Colombia during the war, she watched 2 of her babies die in her arms. This is the reality of war. So when ever someone suggests war, or revolution, remember these news casts- this is the reality- In war, a lot of non combatants die, like kids, old people, girlfriends, cousins, dogs and cats, farm animals etc. Nobody wins, it’s just a question of who can stand to lose the most.

    1. @Jasmine Bali I would say the modeling matches the War of 1812. Thankfully when people were telling France and Germany not to send help, they didn’t listen and we get to have this discussion now. What would you do with the 800 million for the Ukrainians? I don’t necessarily agree with weapons either. A nice man from a place called the Mozart initiative says they need medical equipment and supplies more than weapons. If we sent 800 million in medical supplies and equipment, would you be fine with that?

  9. Even after two months it feels surreal, like a fever dream, that someone could have the power and the obeisance from so many to commit such a crime against humanity. Slava Ukraini!

    1. You are so right. That is what I keep saying. Kashmar, nightmare. My wife’s mom and dad and grandparents from Kharkiv lived through Holodomor and WWII and the Soviet repression. She keeps saying it’s a blessing her father died a year ago because this war would kill him because he loved his country so much.

    2. @Keith Dunwoody Thanks for sharing that. It seems many around the world have histories of loss due to Hitler and the Soviet Union. I lost several relatives at Auschwitz and during Prague spring, ’68. I am learning to despise Russia for all of the autrocities of the last 100 + years. As a culture they don’t seem to value and respect the lives of others.

  10. The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk. The best and most useful book on Trauma I’ve ever read. That book could help these people before trauma destroys them from the inside out. It helped me to understand and move past my own ptsd more than forty years after I was abused as a child.

  11. My Polish mother told me of the atrocities committed against her great grandfather during the time the Russians occupied southeastern Poland, during the 1800s. He was an organist for the Catholic Church in that area. The barbarians chopped off his hands. Things haven’t changed, even in this digital age.

  12. Remember the heroism of people like yourself and your Grandfather…the citizens of your country are so admired by the rest of the world for this…it is for that reason you will succeed and things will get better…the world is watching and many of us want to physically come to your aid…for now please accept our prayers and with the will of your own citizens you will be victorious…your victory comes at a cost but, victory will be your’s Ukraine, you have the greatest weapon I have ever known, courage and faith

  13. Powerful words by that one young man. “This is what happens when the Russian World (Ruski Mir) comes.”

  14. God bless this brave family and help their hearts heal and remain gold as they were before this war .
    My guess is that the grandfather was their strength 😢.
    As long as I am alive here in 🇺🇸 I will fight for Ukraine 🇺🇦 to be free and made whole again .

    1. You Are Actually Fighting IN Ukraine! MASSIVE RESPECT If You Are! if You Are Just Virtue Signalling SHAME ON YOU!

  15. This is heartwrenching… I’m so sorry for the misery the Russian regime is bringing the citizens of Ukraine… No words can be enough… Slava Ukraine 💙💛…

  16. Just as Grandfather said “I have no words” I being a Grandfather lost it right there and then. Wishing I was still able to apply the skills instilled in me by the U.S. Marines, I would pick up my gear and be there (If only I could) I will continue my prayers and hope The Good Lord will be with these outstanding people and end this atrocity soon. Peace.

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