1. This is pretty serious stuff, any proof? We should have 100% unquestionable evidence before this gets more serious.

    1. Nope it’s waste of time. In the beginning of the Invasion they had support now they realize they are losing that support so they’re trying to navigate the situation like this. I no longer support Ukraine.

  2. I’d like to see some Russian MPs doing interviews as the double standards that this news outlet provides are shockingly one sided.

    1. No they can’t have that…You will only be served what they want you to be served. And if you want the story of the other side they’ll just say you support them.

  3. As tragic and horrible as it is to see bodies in the streets (anywhere), that does not at all tell you who is responsible for them being there.

  4. To be fare no bias. Interview American jornalist Patrick Lancaster reports in Ukraine. He’s in center of action.

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