2. They are turning the tide in areas north of Kiev they have been counter attacking. Their special boys did over a massive Russian convoy earlier today. They just pasted the fk out of them with NLAWs. Russian trucks and fighting vehicles on fire. Russia are losing this and they are losing badly.

    1. Ukrainian gangs are holding the civilian population and preventing them from evacuating. The Russian army is conducting a special operation to liberate the civilian population. Zelensky is a puppet. The fake president of the country he betrayed.

  3. God bless you, Ukrain President and all Ukraine people.

    1. If he dies he will die a hero, defending his country. You will die and nobody will remember you except as a coward behind your computer screen.

    2. @mongorians22 agreed he will be a martyr and will ignite a spark of such you have never seen !!!!

  4. TO: Zelensky – If you truly believe there is a fighting chance to defeat the amount of Russian Military coming in and knowing that NO NATO troops will come in to help, then why don’t you and your cabinet members pick up rifles and weapons and go to the front line with the civilian men and women who you gave rifles and weapons to, and defend your country and risk your own life?? But then you’d probably come out with the excuse that Ukraine needs a living leader to lead them? Well in that case, just have ALL of your cabinet members pick up a rifle and go out to the front line. You can keep your ‘ALL-TALK’ fanny safely in the capital. Do this, then I will know you’re at least somewhat “walking the walk”, and not just “talking the talk”?

    1. TO: Russian bot. Why doesn’t your dear leader Putler come and assist his cowards in Kyiv? The closest thing that Putin has to bravery is sitting 30 feet away from the French president. One week and every military advantage possible, and the Russian military is being humiliated at every turn. 7,000 of your teenage conscripts dead already, how many more?

    2. I only said this because Zelensky is giving rifles and weapons to “untrained” civilian men and women and asking them to go to the front line as defence? It’s like a suicide mission against a trained military force? If he is going to do that, then the least he can do is give his cabinet members rifles and weapons and have them risk their lives as well instead of hiding out in the capital with security guards, food, and supplies? UNDERSTAND??

  5. In your Dream Zalensky
    You will be gone

    You were also better off as a comedian on TV

    Get out and let the Ukrainian childrens have a better future

    1. Ah yes, I suppose by “better future” you mean what Russia is doing, murdering women and children with artillery because they are too cowardly to fight up close. Standard Russian tactics, pretending you’re a real power when in actuality, you’ve sent confused teenagers to do the fighting.

    2. I love him he’s a hero to the free world!!!!!! what is wrong with you ?? 1million people with no home and nightmares to wake up to and remember where is your human spirit one word !! Ashamed!!

    1. @mongorians22 Russia already grown enough balls. So Russia is winning. EU & NATO afraid to confront Russia.

  6. Lmao 🤣 how will you win you been loseing can’t wait to turn on the TV and see Ukrainian burning 🔥 power to Russia 🇷🇺✊🏼❤️

    1. Hilarious that for all of your Russian “military might” you resort to murdering women and children from afar, and your troops are STILL getting defeated again and again despite every advantage. The truth is out now about how shitty your army is, if you had to fight either the EU or the US you’d get completely destroyed.

    2. @mongorians22 not even look at the allies that have Russia has you think United States will wanna take on China and Russia together never United States fears China their military technology is not even in their level 🇷🇺🇨🇳✊🏼❤️

  7. Thanks God in heaven! For president of Ukraine he looks good and now than few days ago of submerging himself in this war to survived for his country and his
    people. Still praying 🙏 for his safety and strength for his family wife and children waiting him to be back to thier lives around. Take care Mr president and praying 🙏 ……

  8. إلي الامام 🙏🇺🇦🙏🇺🇦❤️ im from Algeria 🇩🇿

  9. This man is 1000x the worth of Putin. A leader who stays with his people even at the threat of his life, instead of sending teenagers to fight a war against women and children.

  10. This is not about win or loose…people are loosing there life’s…and This dude speaking about winning..like wtf

  11. President Zelensky helps all of us in the US realize what a clown we have for a President. Our president doesn’t have the competency to manage a Burger King.

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