1. It would be difficult for any nation to absorb such a huge influx of refugees but somehow Poland seems to be holding on at least for now. The demographics of Poland and Europe is rapidly changing as a once great Slavic nation the Ukraine may no longer have an ethnic Ukrainian population as a majority.

    1. They can built it again as long the women and children are safe, many are will in to return to Ukraine but they need to stay away to repopulate again.

    1. Wasn’t China a big factor in helping Biden get elected. He received a lot of money from China as well as his family. Just a shameful idiot.

  2. All I wanted was to have a good life with my husband and kids. Before this war we were all doing fine, everything happened so fast I lost my husband. I have no home to stay with my kids, we are appealing for help (funds). I need to move abroad for my daughter’s health. Nothing will be too small to add up and save her life.

  3. It’s official government policy around the world to allow in as many refugees as they can. The politicians, of all parties, are following one of the instructions from the World Economic Forum, which is to increase the diversity of the population. The ultimate aim is to have a one-world (unelected) global government.

  4. To people all over the world, who want to help: google -> Polish Humanitarian Action (Polska Akcja Humanitarna). This organization knows very well what is needed on the place. All they need are funds. From PAH website: “War in Ukraine – we ask you for urgent support! We are providing humanitarian aid including food and other forms of support to people who had to leave their homes. Our actions include people affected by conflict both internally displaced as well as refugees coming to Poland. The situation is very dynamic. We’re monitoring all emerging needs. We will keep You up to date about our activities for the people in need.” Don’t wait! You really can help!

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