1. @easy-e whatever helps you sleep at night, comrade. There will be history books written about their sacrifice- as well as the madman that was Putin.

    1. Agreed. Took me right back to our *Texan* *Men* inside *The* *Alamo* Mission back in 1836. It was this Bad. May all of your *Ukranian* *Names* blaze across *Snake* *Island* Forever.

    2. The only reason they are dead because they are soldiers. The only reason they should be dead is because they are human. Same for me

    3. Indeed, they will be remembered. These videos of these heroes will be in the history and on the internet forever. No matter how much Ivan and other Russian bootlickers dislike it.

    1. @Valley Forge True ! How sad ! 😔 I don’t want young beautiful souls to perish like this !!! Neither Ukrainians ,or Russians !! They’re all precious !!! 💔💜🥁🐉🎤💞

    2. @Hygog C bro u eu and nato both notndefending ukraine cuz ukraine isnt neither in eu or nato and second if they do theres gonna be third world war and they dont want the war bruh

  1. In my mind, Ukrainian people, soldier and president Zelensky never be forgotten. In all, you are the legends not only to your country and your descendents, but you are the legends to all countries around the world to fight against invasion. I stand with Ukrainian people and the president to seek the peace.

  2. I read and saw several other reportings on this and yeah the island was shelled and everyone was killed. Was 13 Ukrainian soldiers. One reporting stated that the president of Ukraine was aware of this and said that they will all receive postulously the hero of Ukraine medal. God bless them and their families. There are moments in life where “over My Dead body” is appropriate and meaningful. These 13 soldiers, did more to instill the will to fight for the Ukrainian people with this act of sacrifice and they could ever done by firing a bullet.

  3. Just heard the Ukraine soldiers defending itself, were all killed. That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. I hope the Russians that murdered them, remembers that voice , for many years to come

    1. I hope the Russians who murdered them lose in the most painful manner possible and die defeated in a haze of alcohol and PTSD. NATO should send ASMs to Ukraine to turn those ships into artificial reefs.

    1. @redshirt 51 ok think this question out logically, is it worth ww3 and potentially the end of the world over America going in and fighting Russia? If we go in by force we are talking about potentially billions of deaths

    2. @Haxor The only other option is to sit back and do nothing. And if we do that then we would have condemned all of Eastern Europe (And maybe even all of Asia) to slavery at the hands of Russian and Chinese imperialism.

  4. I knew nothing of Ukrainian Military nor Ukrainian civilians in general, now I know how brave they truly are, to stand in front of a bully and profess you’d rather die than kneel… wow… what a truly great people 🇺🇦

    1. @Cajay Kai Afghanistan literally defeated the Soviet Union when Russia tried to conquer them. Ukraine was part of the Russian empire because they never fought like Afghans did

    1. @Phon Xieng quite true. Too much of the world believes that the United States in the best and that Russia and China are “evil” in reality, this is not true and the United States is rather somewhat the most evil country

    2. @YeahNo He’s right what russia is doing is the least thing they done compared to what the US has done to other nation 🤷‍♀️

    1. @Icy The Plug Yeah but also there is protests around the world about the decision to end the Russian war against Ukraine, maybe a ww3 will happen.

    2. @Cadenstary We didn’t try any. Putin wanted the states to agree not to let Ukraine into nato, and Biden admin wouldn’t guarantee it, nor would they concede on anything when blinkin sent his response to putin. Now this can be an effective strategy to strong arm him, but only if he’s scared. He’s not scared of this admin, no one is. What we did in Afghanistan was laughable by the world. We got our people killed, left advanced machinery, broke a promise about not leaving Americans there, and lose the country within days of pulling out. These things all equaled to Russia attacking Ukraine, and under trump, this wouldn’t have happened. Putin felt confident we’d put our tail between our legs, and he was right. Diplomacy was joes only option after his Afghanistan flop to prevent this war, and yet his administration only stoked the fire. I appreciate you being reasonable on your response, but I can’t agree that we wouldn’t have a different outcome.

  5. This is a moment that will never leave me, so brave and defiant in the face of tyranny…We salute you !

  6. as a Ukrainian, I appeal to all nations that hear us, we are waging a fierce struggle against one of the most powerful armies in the world, they invaded the territory and fired rockets not only at civilian objects, but also at residential buildings, many people died, thousands, including number of children. I ask you to call on the authorities of your countries to disconnect Russia from the SWIFT system, this will put an end to the war in the near future, we do not want war, but we will defend our land to the end as long as we are alive

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