1. I am absolutely heartbroken. It’s like humanity never learns from its past mistakes and we keep repeating this circle of senseless violence. We must end all wars or wars will end us.

    1. @Se7enPr1me NO MAN…(or woman…meaning womb-man also) that is WISE enough to understand…what REAL FREEDOM is …

    2. @Wisdom bites When Communist China said after being accused of bio-weapons labs (the real term)…they also accused the US of having 200 bio-weapons labs across the WORLD…in different countries…Who’s to call one another a LIAR..?? This US Adm. is by FAR the MOST deceitful of them all..

    3. @black12212 I think this is different. This is a mega country Russia picking on a much smaller tiny country. That being said, prayers for Ethiopia and all the other wars worldwide!!

    4. 75 years seems to be when memories begin to fade and new generations become susceptible to the same tactics used years before.

  2. My heart goes out to Sfetlana. I hope you can heal both emotional and physically and the pain from losing your husband in such an horrific manner eases over time.

    1. @Alex xelA nobody cares about Putin’s lies. This is Putin’s war of choice and are the actions of genocidal maniac. Putin is at fault for this and only Putin. He tries to make up excuse after excuse, lie after lie. He has already lost this war no matter what the outcome is. Russia just went back in time and threw away decades worth of progress and will suffer for his crimes against humanity.

  3. I have total admiration for the Ukrainian people. You are standing up for your country in the face of great odds against a bully. Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦

  4. That poor woman describing the moment her husband died as “exploding” in front of her is just horrific and heart breaking. How do you even begin to deal with something like that? Especially in the midst of such uncertainty all around you… No normality, only fear..
    That poor, poor woman. 😞
    Every Russian soldier needs to be held accountable for what they are doing.. I think claiming ignorance at this point is not an excuse anymore.

    1. There are Russian soldiers who were literally forced to join the army a week before the invasion that are fighting. They didn’t want the war and don’t want to fight, but if they don’t then their family and life is in danger as well.

  5. I can’t imagine leaving your husband son father & going into the unknown. Ukraine 🇺🇦 people we pray for you Everyone is so brave🇺🇦🇮🇪🇮🇪

    1. @RUFIORUFIO contrary to your computer games and airsoft battles most of us come home. It takes a lot of loses before a unit becomes combat ineffective .. Now that’s war

    2. Thank you for giving that insight
      May people have a nice ☘️ St Patrick’s day.
      We continue to pray 🙏 for Ukraine people ❤️🇮🇪

  6. Im completely speechless to see the horror brought by this war. My heart cries out to these innocent people dying and to those who are suffering.

    1. Did your heart break when the us invaded Afghanistan and Syria and Iraq and and and…the bombed first and then walked in. They kikled citizens and said that the used them as shield…lie after lie after lie and nobody here cried out.You are all hypocrites.

    2. Guessing your being sarcastic. Wars all ways have the same out come. Lots of dead people and completely destroyed infrastructure. Nato is pushing their propaganda to get more Ukraines to stand up and get killed. Russia didn’t instigate this war this time.

    3. @Marion Richardson I knew all these events. I’ve watched the news. I also knew that the cost of this war are the lives of people (both Ukranians and Russians). Just because that I’ve expressed grief over Ukranians only does not mean that I am apathetic and do not care about Afghan, Syrians, Iraqui, nor any other people from far-flung countries. The least that I can do is express how sorry I am to see stories like these and pray for this to stop.

  7. I’m so sorry for the horrendous loss of this Ukrainian woman’s husband! My heart goes out to her and all Ukrainins losses! My prayers Are with you all!. Slava Ukraini!

  8. It’s heartbreaking to see wives,children and husband’s saying good bye to each other,knowing it could very well be for the last time.The tenacity,dedication and patriotism shown by those who remain to fight instead of instinctively fleeing with their loved ones and despite no military training is humbling.🇬🇧🇵🇲.

  9. The Ukrainians are the bravest fighters I know. With a country like Russia is attacking you and you know you are out numbered and still face up to them. You all deserve a medal for bravery. Brothers in arms. Salute

    1. Lmao Ukraine is getting their bases targeted by missile strikes. They aren’t brave, this is just stupidity.

    2. @Brek Laberif Ask the Taliban and the Vietnamese how wars end up when the locals dig in and fight. The Afghans outlasted the Soviet Union and America.

  10. I actually cried for that woman seeing the love of her life just…I can’t even begin to describe something so gory and traumatic.

  11. The look on that man’s face when the bus took off with his whole life is something I’ve never wanted to witness. That look will haunt me. Im so sorry that these people have to go through this. They just want to live peacefully

  12. My heart breaks for that lady whose husband was killed. I’m in tears for her. I would do anything to take that grief away from her. This is absolutely devastating.

  13. I am quite empathetic to all Ukrainians in this horrible human tragedy that’s occurring. I don’t have much information that i can say is accurate but I still think perhaps all Ukranians can just leave their country or place of war threat for a bit. I would think that Ukraine might just loose the city of Kyiv, Do you really think the world would allow Ukraine as an entire country to be conquered for the long run? And even if so, Shouldn’t your major bond be between your loved ones/people rather than a specific place? Russia/Putin is in the wrong here taking so many innocent lives, but do you all really have to risk your life this way? Russia has arguably the most nuclear power in the entire world….. Is this the only way to fight the ‘oppressor’? I think there has to be another way rather than trying to engage them in this ‘fist fight’.

    Furthermore temporarily it might just be best for Ukrainians to convince their leader to give Putin/Russia whatever they want for the time being. It might not be fair but at least their will still be Ukraine as an independent country with no more unnecessary violence, after Putin looses his ‘motivation’ to continue the assault. After that through the use of words and understanding i think a lot can still be accomplished in the long run. This might be close to impossible to accept for people who are personally affected by this war (i.e family member death) but still might be the best way. I do not want to offend anyone but just sharing how I feel currently. No further lives have to be lost and the true “war” can still continue, another way.

    1. @Ore Andr Next is Moldova, according to their plans they were stupid enough to show on public tv. But no wonder Latvia and the other two asked for a permanent NATO base.
      Btw, Poland is off the hook for the moment, they played Romania (referencing WWII), but Hungary is still shaky gorund which has to be delt with.
      Let’s hope April 3 will kick off their putinist tyrant, or the country will be stuck with its system for the next 50 years.

    2. @gagnashdiak x Please do not get the wrong idea. I’m not sure what makes you think I’m a Russian propagandist. You are being emotional and empathetic for the country of Ukraine and tI completely understand that but stop assuming that I’m a Russian propagandist….People can have their own point of view without being a Russian propagandist.

      1. It’s simple logic if a lion comes to attack a deer a deer is not supposed to go heads up against the lion. It’s suicide in a way, unless somehow you get multiple dears to team up against one lion. That’s just the logic I’m using, nothing about Russian propaganda here . If you still think I’m a Russian propagandist not sure what to say to you bro…
      3. If so, then even more the reason to not be too worried and perhaps focus on saving as many lives as possible just for the time being….
      4. I do, but homelands can change and do change. Tomorrow if their is a major earthquake prediction or meteor strike that can’t be stopped heading for Ukraine – what would the people do? This is just one of those type of unfortunate events disregarding the possible fact that one man is personally responsible for it. Also my argument is more philosophical I guess here, that homeland if only consists of “land” perhaps should never be a reason by itself to sacrifice/majorly risk your life. And it seems to be that this sacrifice/major risk is currently at-least a type of choice that is being made unfortunately.
      5. You don’t have to abuse me, you can talk without abusing. In a way you only weaken your argument if you personally abuse someone like this.
      6. It’s not my threat firstly…. Again this goes back to my 1st point mentioned in this reply about a deer trying to combat a lion. Maybe it will be worth it for Ukraine at the cost of many lives, for instance if Putin somehow decides to have a change in his moral compass and stops his forces after “X” amount of casualties, or if somehow the Russian military disobeys its superiors because of awareness being spread about the true situation etc. That’s not for me to answer, I just don’t think land by itself is worth any human life…. But even if it is to some people maybe they can get their land without having to risk their life in such a major way? If they think they are getting results and they have strong passion even after considering everything (like the things I mentioned) then who is anyone to stop them? I just hate to see more and more people die like this….
      9. Who said anything about “giving up”, in a sense it’s just re-strategizing in-order to save lives for instance. Putin will eventually die (even if not overthrown in some way by his “own people.”) just like every other human nowadays because currently that’s just how the world works…. Something to consider.
      11. I specifically mentioned in the brackets that personally affected in this case would mean something like a family member death…. since all other type of personal affections like the most of the worlds is close to nothing compared to such type of personal affections….

      PS: I just edited a small typo in the original post that’s all.

    3. @tom guy the thing is that he wont likely stop, it has already been suggested that moldova would be next. puntin is acting like a madman, he gets stopped here or he bulldozes eastern europe. if anything, if ukraine holds him here, he doesnt get the ego to try and attack poland, which would be a nato country and the beginning of ww3, if his ego gets big enough he doesn’t even seem to be deterred by the threat of NATO smashing him. you seem to be of the opinion that Putin will stop, but his behavior seems to indicate that he feels invincible, and will violate every law to spread terror.

    4. Yes, they DO have to resist. Life is not so damned precious as all that. No-one here is giving up eternity, just an uncertain amount of time. You write like a fifth columnist, but I’ll take you at your word, and just call you pathologically empathic and naive. I don’t even have a realistic hope for their victory, I expect tragedy for weeks or months more, despite all the happy talk on TV, but I know they still must resist. And so do they.

  14. I’ve met Ukrainians on 3 occasions.
    What I was most impressed with is how they never mentioned my race. In fact – they seemed to be 100% oblivious to the fact I looked any different than them. They were each very very proud of thier heritage and 1 was very untested in mine. If I were there – I would fight along side them.
    I hope their spirit and kindness translates into victory for them.
    If these people lose – we all lose.

    1. @Solar Fox bit fast on those predictions. China is right now recounting its chances, fact is that Russian economy has been destroyed in days. And they have been prepping to be as independent from the dollar as possible.

    2. You are right that the vast majority of Ukrainians are like that, and I’m glad you had a positive experience. But before you pack your bags, you should be aware that while a small minority by population or popular support, the neo-nazis in Ukraine have huge political influence as the US uses them essentially as the musclemen to control the Kiev government. So for example, until not long ago Andriy Parubiy was the Chairman of the Ukrainian parliament. This guy co-founded the Social National Party of Ukraine.

      Further, the national guard of Ukraine was created after the 2014 coup with the primary purpose being of officially arming and militarizing the neo-nazi militias, the most well-known of which is the Azov battallion which has been terrorizing the people of Mariupol for the last 8 years.

      If you don’t believe me, then check out what happened to the Roma people in Kiev after the city council appointed another neo-nazi youth group (called C14) with police powers in 2018. A pogrom is too mild a word to describe what they did.

      Now, I’m not saying that all Ukrainians are like that. In fact, I can attest from personal experience that 99 out of 100 Ukrainians you meet won’t be like this. But be aware that these people have a great deal of power in Ukraine and are armed, and essentially immune from criminal prosecution. Therefore my suggestion to you, if you are not white and do decide to ever go there is to be extremely careful. You can also search out current reports from Indians, Chinese, and Africans, in Ukraine right now to see how they are being treated.

      This is one of the ways that the US maintains control of the Ukrainian government bodies.

  15. The old woman crying shattered my heart to pieces. Hugs and condolences to Ukrainians who lost their loved ones. Slava Ukaraini!

    1. @xlr8r2010 regardless of how you feel about other nations, and their actions – you cannot tell me that what is happening is to Ukraine is okay. Putin had a choice not to attack, and he didn’t take it. That is nobody else’s fault.

    2. @AlmightyFridy Why did he feel compelled to attack at all….there has to be a reason. NATO had promised not to keep expanding towards Russia’s border….they broke that promise numerous times. I think Putin had had enough of the lies, from the US and NATO.

    3. @xlr8r2010 Is your real job being a Russian troll? Must be really tough on you now, since the ruble is worth what, around a penny now.

  16. Just watching this video makes me weep. I cannot imagine the heart break of the Ukrainian people. My heart to you all.

    1. This war is NOT between Russia and Ukraine, but between Russia and the USA. This war is a “War for Global Changes in the World”. On one side of the war – USA and EU, on the other side – Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Southeast Asia. We are living at the beginning of a Big Global War between West and East. It is possible that in 2-3 years the financial US Dollar system will collapse, and the whole world will be use the Chinese Yuan in international payments. In this case, the US economy will become like the economy of modern Germany, and the Chinese Yuan will become the world’s currency. We are living in the beginning of WWIII for create of a “New World Order”.

    2. @Solar Fox 6000 Russian soldiers have been killed while 1300 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed. The big difference in number is because war criminal Vlad Putin uses Russian soldiers as cannon fodder. And here you are Ivan, supporting Vlad. Russia is the only country in the world that doesn’t care about her soldiers.

    3. @Viva La Raza! US Army vet Everything is the opposite. The Russian army lost 1,200 soldiers in 21 days. The Ukrainian army lost approximately 5,300 soldiers. The Russian army controls 33% of the territory of Ukraine and will continue liberate Ukraine from the Nazi regime. Stop watching CNN because they show information beneficial to the USA government. Please note that CNN only shows information from the Ukrainian side, and 0% information from the Russian side. Be careful! Be careful because you only get 50% of the information and that is always disinformation.

    4. @Solar Fox you pose opinions formed by media of other countries then the USA. You then accuse Americans of being liers or believing lies of American media. You are a hypocrite. But no one will change your mind because you are loyal to your side.

  17. The most heartbreaking part of all of this is watching the generations that were supposed to be free of all of this have to experience what their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents had to go through.

    1. @confidential privacy Russia has 100 times the neo nazis as any other country… Ukraine elected a Jewish comedian as president..putin called him a nazi leader… putin is lying

  18. My heart is with the Ukranian people. Congratulations also to all the journalists there reporting what is defacto going on, you guys are putting your lives on the line great respect and admiration.

  19. The dimension of human suffering is the most heart-rending aspect of this war. Such a monstrous war. I’m glad the International Criminal Court has started its investigation into war crimes. That is a cold comfort to the Ukrainians but I hope it is something of value to them.

  20. I cannot imagine seeing the horror and devastation going on in front of you…..it seems so surreal…my heart goes out to Ukraine and may the Lord be with you through this tragedy. God bless you all❤

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