Ukrainian troops refuse to surrender in Mariupol

Russian forces are threatening to destroy Ukrainian forces after they refused to surrender in Mariupol. Daniele Hamamdjian reports.

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  1. For more information, follow Patrick Lancaster on Youtube, a journalist reporting directly from Mariupol.

    1. @glenn hankins No. Sovereignty must be ensured at all costs. The alternative is more war, more invasions, and more civilian deaths.

    1. Sadly the Yemini crisis doesn’t generally interfere with Western interests.
      It’s reported on in Canada, but not nearly enough.

    2. of course, not Yemen or Ethiopia, or Palestine, or Libya, ect…because that wars was permitted by USA but Ukrainian war wasn’t permitted.

    1. Claimed by Russia, who I believe also claimed they destroyed more fighter jets than Ukraine even got. Its safe to say the actual number of troops who surrendered is much, much smaller.

  2. The Azov can’t surrender cuz Russia said they would put them on military tribunals unlike other Ukrainian forces that surrender

  3. Russia could have sent hundreds of cruise missiles into Kiev and decimated the city. Their pull-back was a calculated withdrawal, not a humiliating defeat.

    1. @Ernst Wiltmann not generals. Only one American general died in combat during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Maj. Gen. Harold Greene was killed in 2014 by an Afghan National Army member who opened fire on dignitaries visiting a headquarters in Afghanistan during an inspection tour.

    2. @UkrainianPunk180 That was one highly industrialized county, against a 3rd world country. Now we are talking about 2 highly industrialized professional armies fighting each other.

    3. @Ernst Wiltmann Ukraine territorial defenses isn’t professional. They are conscripts or volunteers

  4. Let the soldiers speak for themselves. They have been putting up videos every day recently. Why not today and yesterday. Where is even Ukraine government speakers? They don’t even have the guts to give their no surrender order publicly. It is absurd we only hear from journalists passing 2nd hand information around

    1. Boggles the mind , For what possible reason could Ukraine command or fighters not take the time to broadcast their whereabouts To Putin the world and for your entertainment ! I am not religious, but hoping is not enough , so I pray pray weapons for defenders food and other humanitarian aid arrive quickly 🙏🙏🇨🇦🇨🇦❤️❤️

    2. Alexei Arestovich whom is vice president in Ukraine gives talks every day with updated front line information. Ukrainian ministry of defense does daily releases as well. But even they never going to reveal whereabouts of those soldiers, they equipment and numbers and what kind of help they get or not.

  5. There is a war going on in Ethiopia but to listen to western news, you would think Ukraine is the only country facing this.

  6. Haha. They aren’t allowed to surrender. Lets talk about the ones who have surrendered. And hear what they have to say. Oh, wait that would be actual journalism. Cant have that.

    1. Earl Grey, Jimmy Dore and Richard Medhurst had some footage posted about those Marine Brigade POW’s being interviewed.

    2. @AGenericAccount , what are you waiting for? They need you brave warriors out there! 🤣😂🍻❤🇨🇦🇷🇺

    3. Hey, I can send you dozen of videos where Ukrainian 36 brigade surrendered, they gave an interview already and they faces can be determined from videos when they were captured. They are safe and loud and sooner or later will be at home with their families. Basically it is a choice, to die or to live.

  7. I thought Ukraine has already taken Moscow according to your report? Why they are being surrounded now ?


  8. The Azov can’t surrender cuz Russia said they would put them on military tribunals unlike other Ukrainian forces that surrender

  9. They are told not to by their command. Anyone in the right mind knows that they can’t hold that position or are they going to sacrifice them like they did their own citizens?

    Military doctrine will always advise to surrender to fight another day unless you’re afraid to be tortured etc. But so far the Russian troops have treated Ukrainian side troops much better than the other way around.
    That’s not to say this invasion is warranted but facts don’t choose sides.

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