2. @Risky Opinions They used to, but not anymore. Russia’s economy will suffer(they already have) eventually and your country will only have Putin to thank for that. Enjoy eating bread and water for the rest of Putin’s regime.

  1. God please watch over these brave people.

    If you are Russian — it’s a time of great shame for what Putin has done in your name.

    1. @Last man Walking yes at the cost of war. So he chose to make the Ukrainian military bigger. He made his choice this is his war. That’s why nobody will be coming to help. We can send them weapons but they will run out of soldier la to shoot them. He needs to surrender

    2. @Suzy Rottencrotch No he does not need to surrender Russia needs to back the h*** off. Are you some sort of Russian apologist. Russia had no right to invade. Does Mexico get to invade the US because we add more soldiers

    3. @Last man Walking Russia will kill every Ukrainian in their way as they should but it’s not their fault either

    1. @Jorgen dahl You are bots. YouTube deletes comments that criticize the anti-Russian views. Only bots like you remain.

    2. @Risky Opinions So when’s we stop buying oil from Russia. I’m sure you and every Tumpet will start screaming from the rooftops about how that SOB Biden should he hung for the high gas prices! He didn’t cause the high prices now and it won’t be his fault then!

    3. Well Zelenskyy armed the civilians and now they’re not civilians so they get blown up. Blame Zelenskyy

  2. Very eloquent and brave unkrainian young lady serving her country when it matters the most i.e war situation! My prayers with you !

    1. I saw Russian soldiers dead on the streets… It’s sad, it’s so said, it’s a sad, sad situation.

    1. Folk just know that there are a lot of Desperate trolls that Putin can’t pay any.
      The world have the dangers of authoritarianism from dictators. Civilization is not given a single man his country’s power.


    3. @Monke Putin Kherson just fell… the Mayor just told everyone to “follow the orders” of occupying Russian soldiers… Putin is slowly annihilating Ukraine… Your friends are… finished… The EU is finished… Liberalism is dying…😂😂😂🇺🇸

    4. @WhereRuNow once you see it, you can’t unsee it. The corruption in the satanic Dems, and their bhb’s the msm . They are destroying themselves and America.

  3. Mad respect to President Zelensky for trying English for the first 30 seconds. I can’t imagine how stressful this all is for his mind, and he’s trying to speak in a non-native language just to connect with us. Believe me, everyone feels connected to him, even when it is not his voice. His ideas and strength and messages come across clear as day no matter the language. My heart is with you all in Ukraine, every single day.

    1. @orc warrior Russia will take Ukraine and there’s nothing your whining will do to change that…

    2. Civilians who never touched a gun before last week are no match for trained soldiers…

    3. @Risky Opinions how can you find someone’s IP from just a comment ? 😂 where am I from ?

  4. Ukraine people are the definition of Strength and Courage. God be with the people of Ukraine 🇺🇦 💙💛You’re fights will not be for in Vain. Russia sucks. The fact that they are saying that there is reasons for these attacks…. Attacks on people, on children. Putin is a deranged. He’s ISOLATING HIMSELF from people so he doesn’t get a good helping of novachok. I wish someone would give him a helping of his own medicine. P.O.S.

    1. @S D Russian shill talking out of your bum. Biden and the rest of the world waged economic war with Adolph Putin crippling their economy. BTW Trump is Putin #1 fan, he would send aid to Putin if he was in power! 🤡🤡🤡

    2. @S D eh I beg to differ. I think Trump polished Putins balls for him. He’s infatuated with him. Hense why he had done nothing but compliment him. He wants to be Putin, he would have helped Putin. I have no doubts in my mind. Yea….. That’s what we need. A Dictator who’s ONLY war credential is citing his followers against his OWN Vice President…..

    3. @S D I agrée there is evil on both sides . However that doesn’t make it right for him to take over the whole country when they clearly don’t want it .

    4. @Dingle berry McDo I don’t know how much evil there is on both sides — a little or a lot. But I don’t want to see innocent people getting injured or killed. And those Russian soldiers — apparently many of them were tricked or forced or both.
      There is something very strange going on. This is Biden and Putin’s war — but they are playing it in some strange manner. Biden could stop this war instantly, but he keeps on pushing it, keeps on funding it.
      Same with Putin. He keeps on pushing it. It feels like they are trying to bring as much injury and pain to everyone as they possibly can — it’s the only explanation.
      But Why?

    5. @S D wow your comment was very well put and thought provoking ! I appreciate rit . I also am curious what the end goal is for each because it can be stopped as you said

  5. Prayers for this courageous volunteer. May you find some peace tonight and a safe place to rest your head.

  6. Can she make a difference? What kind of question is that. She is the difference. She’s a hero.

    1. I think he meant a larger difference than that but I get what you mean, a question like that is always loaded because it’s entirely dependent on what perspective you look at it from… 🤷

    2. I understand your outrage over the question, but I also understand the question. Some people….too many people…are quick to say, “What difference can my _______ make?” It is a valid question that hopefully will encourage others to realize that while they are only one, together we are strong.

    3. Listen to her eloquent and courageous replay then you’ll understand why the question was ask. They know she makes a difference, it was for us to know who she is, how much of a hero she’s become. I get a sense listening to her, the Russians have already lost the war, they just don’t know it yet.

    4. I think such a question is asked in order to offer the opportunity in the interview for her to say yes and affirm the sentiment you are also expressing.

    1. your reply with ending is also sad is why you got a like from me, kudos to your comment, no prays, no BS

  7. Sometimes you don’t know how to act when something deeply traumatic is continuously happening nonstop for days on end. She’s incredibly brave to stay home, fight and help pick back up the pieces of her town.

    1. @Owen Mersk They have. Maybe you need to pay attention. Not saying it couldn’t’ be covered more but you make it sound like they NEVER do.

  8. Thank you to the medical staff and volunteers. Your services do not go unnoticed and will never be forgotten.

  9. She tries to laugh away the pain, the absurdity of it, but you can see the pain in her eyes and all over her face. My hear goes out to her and the Ukrainian people. Putin should see international trial and capital punishment for his war crimes.

  10. Brave lady and one can’t help but wish her all the best… My prayers go out to her and the brave Ukrainian people

  11. “It’s horrible, it’s horrible, we’ve seen the images too” Dude, you haven’t seen anything yet! Especially through her eyes. Praying for all the people of Ukraine.

  12. My heart is breaking, listening to her. She’s trying so hard to remain brave, but it’s so clear her spirit is destroyed. I’m so sad for them all.

  13. The smile, the tears in the background, the pain, the courage and the hope in her, is so alive and real. There is no word to express the image she reflects about what is happening in Ukraine. My respect and salute to all the 99% united souls of the brave Ukrainians.
    From Nagaland India.

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