UN Ambassador Says U.S. Support To Afghan Women Is ‘Unwavering’ 1

UN Ambassador Says U.S. Support To Afghan Women Is ‘Unwavering’

UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield shares that the US is committed to “all Afghans” and will continually work to ensure that assistance is given to all Afghans who are allies to the US.

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    1. @Erica Espinosa it’s not the RIGHT. It’s the TRUTH. Afghan women REJECT your fake science. We know what real men are and the democrats want to try and shove this BS down Americans throat. Maybe we should take notes how they reject it in Afghanistan

    2. @My Perspective do you think afghan women say that as they are completely covered, with the thought of dying as punishment it’s laughable to believe you could even remotely be yourself but you believe it Allah.

    1. @Crystal Telf Right Trump knew about Covid before the rest of the entire world, and America is a magical land of pancakes, and lamas.
      There is also that fact when he closed the borders all the Democrats including Biden called him racist.
      Trumps cases were all proven false.
      Cuomo kissed, and did much more. To underlings at that.
      Depends on how you define troubles. The Dems will certainly spend millions, and continue pursuit. However over 100 fbi agents, 50+ lawyers, and over 100 million have been spent investigating him to turn up nothing.

    2. @John Freedman Lol…to turn up nothing! You are delusional…we will see.. Also, god gave you a brain…use it!

    3. @Crystal Telf It is nothing, otherwise he would have already been tried, and charged by now. Try using a real news source instead of one that just tells you what you want to hear. Pro-tip MSNBC’s coverage on Trump still greatly out weighs even Afghanistan in this recent news cycle. That means they have an extreme left bias.

    4. @John Freedman Funny, first trump loses, then you all lose the house and senate, you little terrorists attempt a coup and fail that, then trump was supposed to be reinstated on August 13…that never happened, believe me…you have no luck left, trumps going to prison…you’ll see! Lol

    5. @Crystal Telf Lol, what are you quoting Qanon at me now? Of course they picked up some seats, although not as many as you think. Propaganda is a powerful tool to the uninformed. At least Putin got his several billion dollar pipeline compliments of Joe Biden. Gotta wonder if there was another 10% for the big guy.

  1. “When (Trump) sends (his) people, (he’s) not sending (his) best,” he said. “(He’s) not sending you. (He’s) not sending you. (He’s) sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with (them). They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

  2. Malala speaks as if the American people are her country men. We never promised anything, we merely brought the idea of our way of life. They are in charge if their country, unless the want to be an American territory like Puerto Rico. That is the only way her plight matters to the U.S.A.

  3. I think we can achieve helping women and children by freezing all Taliban’s money if they abuse and /or mistreat citizens.

    1. They do not need America’s money as if america would fund that regime. The Taliban will most likely make deals with India and other middle east countries and maybe even Russia and china

  4. Why didn’t the Afghan soldiers want to protect and fight for their own mothers, wives, sisters and daughters?

    1. Because those females are not in the danger portrayed by western media. America used the divide-and-conquer scheme in Afghanistan, pitting brother against brother. That’s over now, America has gone, brothers can go back to being brothers, and the females will go on as usual. Fallout? A few people will get slapped around, perhaps beheaded for betraying their own country — what America calls treason if you and me do it, and will put us in jail for life plus 20 years.
      See? Western narrative has been about 1) terrorists, and 2) Afghani people craving democrazy and Chri$tianity. That plays well in America and the U.K., but not at all well in Afghanistan, a Muslim country that intends to stay Muslim. There is a deeper story, beginning with the deals struck by J.P. Morgan Co. with Afghani warlords sitting on top of mineral and oil reserves worth a king’s ransom.

    2. Because the government officials of afganistan didn’t pay them, wouldn’t give them ammo for their guns, because they still put their lives on the line and Biden admin announced that we were leaving them without any back up. You gotta remember they were still in the Stone age until 20 yrs ago. One of our military LEADERS said 20 yrs ago, ” how do we bomb a country back into the Stone age when they’re still in the Stone age?”.

    3. Probably the same reason as the US. They were willing to sacrifice someone else rather than have it be their problem.

    4. Because Muslims are told to do say according to their magic book. Just like all religions. Like those believe in christ are better? Grow up. Religions are all a joke.

  5. We have abandoned them! We will sit back and watch as they are killed and say isn’t it awful. Hope the Democrats enjoy the show.

  6. What are people talking about?
    Are they really saying the US went to Afghanistan for woman’s rights? This is absolutely revisionist history

    1. @Nick Manning The “good war” as in the morally righteous war, as if there were such a thing. You know, invasion of another country because of women’s rights, “freedom,” democracy, weapons of mass destruction that do not exist. I’ve never heard of any administration saying they are declaring war because it creates jobs.

    2. @TrixiLovesYou hmmmm. I think you need to listen to the departure speech by president Eisenhower…. You don’t think we ever went to the Middle East for oil?
      And again absolutely nobody said we went to Afghanistan for woman’s rights. It was from 9/11
      You can try but you cannot change history to suit what you like

    3. @Nick Manning I think we might be talking past each other. I am totally in agreement with what you said in your initial post and on being in the Middle East for oil. It’s just that both Bush administrations would never admit or word the US being there for oil, because the American people and soldiers would never sacrifice blood for oil. Again, I am in agreement with what you are saying.

    4. @TrixiLovesYou I think we agree also. It’s good to have different political views but can still agree and have a conversation.
      I’m sick of people not able to at least talk things through

    1. They don’t care and the Chinese and the Russians will violate the sanctions. Russia still has an embassy their house to do the Chinese. Let them move in, spend a lot of resources spend a lot of money.

  7. I really don’t think anyone really takes the UN or the international courts seriously. Humanity hasn’t progressed that far

  8. It is all the same bizard to note that the afghan army does not fight the taliban and they ask that the american soldiers leave to die to save their parents.SHAME ON THEM, how can you not protect your fellow human beings ??????

  9. No place has been given 20 years to get it together and did nothing and you’re nothing and now help us come on people

  10. I’m sure the taliban will treat women fairly because of your strongly worded letter! Don’t be surprised if they also use your preferred pronouns!

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