UN envoy: Forces are shooting people in cold blood in Myanmar 1

UN envoy: Forces are shooting people in cold blood in Myanmar


In an interview with CNN, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Myanmar Tom Andrews said the ruling military and its security forces are "shooting people down in cold blood." Andrews made the comment a day after the country saw a dramatic escalation in violence against protesters. At least 38 people were killed when Myanmar's security forces opened fire on peaceful protesters in towns and cities across the country.

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  1. Hope the Asean leader have already prepared to take tangible action if Myanmar military leaders continue hurt the civilians.

    1. @horatio kim Like I said, the West is working hard to block China a access to the sea through Myanmar; just as with the case in South China Sea region where they have also been working on for a decade.
      More truths at my ‘Ole Fella’ comment at, https://youtu.be/MFEEmdKbqBE

    2. ​@Ole Fella Just to let you know that Burma/Myanmar & Indochina nations like Laos Cambodia Vietnam have been in China’s orbit ever since the end of Colonial era, which left them bitter and poverty stricken. Just saying.

    3. Like I said, Myanmar, along with other Indochina nations, has been in China’s orbit for ages, ever since they gained Independence from Colonialism which left them bitter and poverty-stricken, and began to look forwards to the new deal of Social Democratic/People’s Republic [Socialist/Communist] system such as the one in China.

      What happens next then?
      Their ‘my way or highway’ former Western Colonial masters, after accumulating great mountains of wealth in centuries long Colonial era, and still in control and in charge of the world, economically militarily and otherwise, would sanction them for ‘going highway’, for many decades to come.
      True, now we see the never-ending grim picture of hundred of million of poor souls worldwide, all over again.
      It is a sad truth.

    4. ASEAN leaders are no better themselves. Almost all of the ASEAN countries are run either by the military or corrupt governments. It’s the West that needs to take action and do something tangible to protect these peaceful protestors.

    1. Why aren’t you just as concerned about the slaughter of millions of Christian’s or the genocide of the Uyghurs in China.

    2. UN should step in these people are dying for democracy it is our duty to stand by their sides god bless the people.

    3. @Tiger striped cat We can’t pick and choose. What about the genocide in China or the genocide if Christians. How come you don’t seem to care about them.

    4. @Daniel Morse Calm down…the world is always on the brink of war and we are getting better and better at avoiding them and we will avoid this one too now that we have a legitimate government. Relax a bit. If pulling US troops out of Iraq means stopping the killings there, than I’m all for it. We can maintain our presence there without the need to occupy them.

    1. @A Pumpkin but you showed no evidence of genocide when are we gonna we see the so CALLED evidence.

    2. @A Pumpkin You lose credibility by spreading unsubstantiated “facts”. Do it often enough all you are is just a boy who cries wolf .

  2. The junta is growing in confidence with the backing of china and Russia they are confident that there will be no foreign intervention

    1. Im afraid you are right. There wont be any direct action against the coup. Sanctions and travel restrictions for the military leaders is the only muscle they are going to flex against the military. Look at what happened in HK. LAWS were changed just like in Myanmar. Nothing happened then and nothing will happen now. I pray for my brothers and sisters in Myanmar. Rest in peace to fallen.

    2. @Eduardo Oliveira why? Trump gave a blind eye to the genocide that was happening under his watch. He says he’s tough on China. How? By ignoring him

    3. @Phuong Ho the genocide the ccp keeps repeating isn’t happening and Joe Biden claiming it’s part of their culture to do these things?

    4. @Phuong Ho Trump at least tried to punish them economically. Biden already reversed that punishment, begged forgiveness from their leader, made excuses for genocide, and promised to intervene on their behalf in this very conflict. Biden has made it very clear who he is working for.

  3. We just watching people die while we do nothing to help but keep track of the news..
    They keep saying this has to stop, but how…

    1. Ballistic missile was detonated in syria just destroyed a oil storage facility. Russian forced destroyed this facility

    2. dont know if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my gfs Instagram password using InstaPwn. Find it on google enjoy!

    3. @مهند العبيدي rape victims you can find in every country or place its doesn’t matter where you from

  4. So the international community is standing by not doing anything meaningful. The poor people of Myanmar are on their own, no help is coming.

  5. Many had tried & failed from where I now stood, but in my delusions of grandeur I brushed it off as failings of lesser men & into the abyss I went……

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