1. A few months ago, trump’s Qult of Karens were literally pointing to this dictatorship and begging trump to copy them. Before that, they’d never heard of Myanmar

    2. @Dixon Uranus : Trump is SO, “past,” he’s LAST, but you still love him. Dunno’ the Potato guy you’re on about, kid? Is Mr Potato one the Social Justice issues Fox talks about, when Tucker isn’t telling us that, “America should be more like Chiynah”?

    3. @Dixon Uranus He has blocked all deportations to Myanmar and offered protection to Burmese people in america who have been displaced by the violence. These are kind acts, wtf is wrong with your brain?

  1. Today’s Biden press conference was really enlightened and interesting at the same time, he answered all the journalists’ questions with clarity and purpose.
    Good for him.

    C’mon man.

  2. Oh it took UN. 2 months to realize the military terrorists are using live ammunitions thanks for your concern

    1. un took about 6 months to a year to go into yugoslavia. same will happen here. country will be split in 2. deal will be made where china gets half of myanamar . the other half will be new country.

    2. @Alex Domanovic The difference is that Milosevic was killing people in masses. He actually was committing genocide, and not just cracking down on protestors. He actually wanted a larger Serbia that was ethnically clean. So, again, unless Myanmar starts threatening its neighbors, the UN will probably not get involved.

    3. @Captain Harris what is the junta doing? killing its own people. how many have died so far? same thing! any other reasons are irrelevant.

    4. @Alex Domanovic It’s not the same level of violence. Milosevic was targeting Muslims, killing all men of fighting age, then forcing their wives and children to march south out of both Serbia and Kosovo after stripping them of their property. That’s not happening in Myanmar.

    5. for any reason it is unethical to bring children to rallies for children and women to die from military guns .Those who call for or support protesters using children to let children die in protests need to be punished in this civilized world

  3. United Nation just talking and talking! What is your action? Give that military leader a lesson for his life. Violence in Myanmar must end!

    1. @Captain Win The US has blocked all deportations to Myanmar and offered protection to Burmese people in america who have been displaced by the violence. We’ve also sanctioned the generals and their children and condemned the coup. If we take action we get backlash, if we are patient we get backlash, if we wait for more involved nations to take action…we get backlash. People need to stop bringing the US into this.

    2. @Captain Win There’s a real idiotic perspective that because the US has toppled past dictators that the US will go after all dictators. The US is about helping where it can to keep stability, it’s not about helping arbitrary countries throw out abusive leaders simply for the sake of it.

  4. Talk ,talk , better supply weapons to the oppositions so that they can defend themselves against the brutal military of the greedy Generals

    1. They can’t own guns in that country, maybe they should let them bear arms if this is ever ends

  5. United nations if you can’t protect civilians in myanmar, then just provide weapons to civilians to protect their family from terrorism by military

    1. Currently in MYAMAR there are more than 100 STAFF organizations that are under the leadership of Burmese cgu3 activists. So you are trying to provide weapons to any terrorist organization that you can tell the US military

    2. in the 1990s the US CIA also financed the weapons supply to make TALIBAN the leader of Afghanistan. How many more TALIBANs do you want this world to have?

  6. Send Joe and his drones! China can use the place afterwards to store innocent Uyghers. Should be good for one belt one road.

  7. It’s pretty obvious Myanmar military leaders could care less about the UN and anything they have to say…so WORDS from the UN will do nothing at all. The UN must take action and THEY NEVER WILL. China is happy with Myanmar’s military and China has a strangle hold on the UN.

  8. Yeah, have been for a couple weeks, instead of telling us what we already know the UN should be telling us what our retaliation is, not what they’re doing that we’ve already been hearing about for weeks.

  9. The question is so UN will wait until the Burmese Junta genocided their own people more than a million so they will come?

  10. “Culturally there are different norms in each country, and their leaders are expected to follow.”
    Joe Biden

  11. With that much undying supports from thousands and thousands and thousands of citizens, how could the outside world doubt the results of the election in Myanmar ?
    Obviously, the Military losed big time in the last election.

  12. Life seems pretty intense in that country I just hope one day the fighting stops over there hoping and wishing doesn’t make it so

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