UN releases landmark report on climate as wildfires rage 1

UN releases landmark report on climate as wildfires rage


A landmark report from the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change from global scientists says the window is rapidly closing to avoid catastrophic changes that would transform life as we know it. The report concludes it is "unequivocal" that humans have caused the climate crisis and confirms that "widespread and rapid changes" have already occurred, some of them irreversibly. CNN's Becky Anderson has more as wildfires rage in California and parts of Europe.

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  1. It has been know for decades, author Frank Herbert (Dune series) warned about this in his lifetime. Greed and pure stupidity is killing the human race, not Earth. When we are dead Earth will recover and be just fine.

    1. AHHHHHHHH someone scared this kid when he was most vulnerable in grade school ………….. and thats what Lenin said…………..Give me your kids for 5 years and I will own their thought….Remember the first one who taught you … maybe without knowing

    2. @Regulatory Affairs You do know that a good thing for some things can be bad for others, right?
      Secondly, something useful can be detrimental if there is too much of it.
      Humans need salt and water, but in excess amounts both can be deadly.
      Right now, because of all the burning of the rainforest, it actually creates more CO2 than it absorbs. Just because trees need CO2 does NOT mean more of it is better or does not matter.
      Not only are we creating more CO2 than can be absorbed, we also have methane which is a hell of a lot worse than an already bad thing to contend with.

    3. @Raw Bacon

      “The human race is doing better than ever.”…………………

      Yes they are with homelessness, poverty, rac*sm, war, gang banging, human tra**icking, drug addictions, nuclear bombs…. Better than ever…..???

    4. @Priest Fulton J Wingba JR if that’s what you believe then that’s a very sad loss. Pull your head out of the dirt and stop believing in fairy tales that we’ve told ourselves for countless millennium to justify our existence as something more than what it really is. That belief is one of the biggest, bloodiest, most corrupt forms of manipulation and control that has effected humanity for too long. It has been the source of corruption, war, sexual exploits, and genocide of many people and civilizations. Evolve yourself above such archaic fantasies and you’ll be truly free.

    1. Let’s not lump everyone into two political categories. I’m prolife and pro Christian freedom, but I also take covid seriously, obeyed the mask mandate, and got vaccinated.

    2. If you HONESTLY think trading one pollution for another ex:”electric cars” then you have been fooled.

    1. @Michaël Vervekken There is this amazing website called Google. It is filled with amazing knowledge. You could even ask it which country has the highest pollution rate.

    2. @ndrthrdr1 …must be hard being dumb. China’s cities burn coal. I challenge you to actually go to Shanghai in November. You won’t, but will claim you know about China. Typical liberal.

    3. That is what they cant control and doing zero energy in US will not change anything anyway …they lie and use it to control the people and fund their new energy friends

    4. @Vital Signs It’s called the industrialization of countries / cultures. The modern world was founded 500 years ago with the Scientific Revolution in Western Europe, followed by the Industrial Revolution. If China and India go back to being peasant farmers (which most of China was 40 years ago), there wouldn’t be much of an issue. Rich countries are rich due to industrialization. Poor countries are mostly peasant farmers and stone age people and don’t consume or pollute much . Unfortunately, the genie is out of the bottle. Other countries will industrialize to make their populations / citizens wealthier, which will further lead to the warming of planet earth. China managed too bootstrap 500 MILLION people into middle class consumers in less than 40 years due to industrialization. There’s BILLIONS more people who want to become middle class consumers so they can enjoy a higher standard of living and the luxuries of modern life. You cannot stop progress or them for pursuing that unless you want to go back to living in the stone age yourself.

  2. What a joke we are . Sumerian tablets talk about annunaki having the same problem . Yet we learn nothing

  3. The sad thing is, we don’t have control to stop this as regular people. We only have our feet to change our footprint, we don’t own any power plants, we have no oil rigs, all we have is our own small place. I just hope that enough people work together to turn the tide.

    1. Terry Stevens meanwhile….. China adopts a 3rd child policy. China’s the most populous country on the planet.

    2. NPR ran a story today, the cause of California’s wildfires is 75% related to poor forest management.

    3. Remember in the early weeks of the covid crisis and lockdown when almost no one was out driving? Do you remember how gasoline prices plummeted? Please tell me you remember that, because THAT was something real. It showed exactly how much control we actually have. It took about a week for prices to almost halve. The petrochemical companies of the world seem like they are the most powerful forces on the planet sometimes. The amount of money they have seems like it can be used to shut all of us up. But it only took a week to send them in a tail spin. It only took a week for us to collectively and demonstrably show that we have far more control than they do. There’s thousands upon thousands of times more of us than them. If we do come together, we can bring down whole institutions whose greed threatens our species.

    4. The real trouble is the gov cant be trusted and use the it to control and fund as they wish… giving contracts to friends and making life tougher for the ordinary person …. not Obama or Biden with their 10 mansions and Kerry with his 12 and all with private jets …. Come on now…when they start to set examples I might listen

    1. And thats why there is fire now ….. they prevented the cleaning up of the floor …environmentalists said no no no… Actually they could be right and so arent the fires right and natural

    1. Yeah we need more lithium child slave mines, coz climate! Ahahahah. Sacrifice the children for batteries that still use coal energy to power them. The climate change propaganda is working very well i see, just like John Kerry and his private jet he fly’s everywhere claiming he cares about the environment! Ahaha

    2. @whistler : The climate is going to continue to get worse if we don’t act. How corporations use people for mining can be a moral issue but it’s not about the lithium per se. Any person’s hypocrisy about their carbon footprint doesn’t change the science. If Kerry uses carbon in X amount negotiating an agreement that reduces carbon by X times 1,000,000,000, it’s well worth it.

    3. @Lily Jade You should research lithium and plastic on the electric bikes or vehicles we’re trading one pollution for another. All the politicians care about is money in their pockets.

    1. @LR Vogt SAVE OUR LIVES ?????????????????????????????????????????????….. you must be in constant fear every day ..Im sorry some out you into this state

    2. @the robot pimp NO , the leaders are paying the Scientists to hear what they want to hear……..funding “research”…. Check out what the non funded scientists say

    3. @the robot pimp No. As a scientist once you go public with your finding you can never backtrack because your livelihood is tied to it re: funding. There are so many phenomena we can’t explain yet science can profit on fear..We know in the past there have been greater droughts & fires via climate change; unfortunately for science large population and technology did not exist to correlate it with so called man made environment-climate events of today..

  4. Sorry, but as a young person, I refuse to take a responsibility and be blamed for this. The politicians in charge of the world should be blamed and take responsibility, not us the regular citizens.

  5. I think this is the point where science meets philosophy. ie those in power have no faith in what happens after death except for black… darkness…. Nothing?
    So they are riding this train right off the rails cuz there is nothing after so… go big the whole/hole way

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