1. They hoped in vain … Zelensky has already abandoned many important agreements … It is likely that the United States did not give its consent to the agreement ……

  1. I sincerely doubt that Russia will keep to this agreement or any agreements. Sadly I think they only agreed so they can mark where exactly the mines are so he can run his remaining navy through the minefield.

    1. Russia always fulfills its obligations, you are confused with the habit of the West to violate agreements

  2. Immense respect to the efforts of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Turkish government for brokering this deal. For years, many have long been critical of Turkey’s closeness with Russia, but here it has paid off for the sake of preventing hunger and saving countless lives. 🇹🇷

  3. A beacon of light…a beacon of hope she says….
    No, it’s a green light for global hostage ransoms

  4. My admiration for president Erdogan has increased immensely. Turkiye is next move is brokering a peace deal between ukraine and russia . If they accomplish that move, i sincerely hope turkiye will added to be part of un veto countries. Some veto countries is doing everything to prolong this war.

    1. Erdogan does only what Putin allows him … I say this without diminishing the dignity of Erdogan

  5. Signing a treaty is nothing unless it actually happens. I will believe it when it does. If it does.

  6. Nice to see this 👍 given the circumstances it is unprecedented….GODSPEED to an END TO THE WAR

  7. Wow this feels like a letter of permission for the Ukraine to export their stuff and before the war they were doing🤔

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