Un-Vaxxed Tax: Should The Unvaccinated Have To Pay More For Health Insurance? 1

Un-Vaxxed Tax: Should The Unvaccinated Have To Pay More For Health Insurance?

What’s the best way to persuade the unvaccinated to get the shot? A recent Op-Ed in the New York Times suggests higher insurance premiums for them, in the same way that smokers also pay higher rates. In effect, a tax on the unvaccinated. Mehdi Hasan looks at the pros and cons. 
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  1. Vaccines and masks mean jobs and growth. Those choosing illness and Death over Liberty don’t get to choose illness and death for other people’s families, businesses and communities.

  2. Pro-life , my word, kids are getting very sick aged from a few days old to teenagers. Masks and vaccinations are public health issue. Republicans are discouraging vaccinations and masks when they are vaccinated. Jacksonville Church had 6 dead and some congregation members are hospitalized. 3 of The dead were under 35years old. Let that sink in. Look at India’s recent outbreak. They’ll be another outbreak in India because they don’t have the resources to get enough people vaccinated fast enough. In USA we have the resources but brainwashed or brain dead republicans are refusing the vaccinations and resist wearing a mask.

  3. It’s not carrot or stick. It’s people who are unvaccinated expecting the rest of us to subsidize them, and people who are saying if you’re not going to take basic steps to prevent this then you can pay the consequences.

    1. @Nicholas Ballard Which was conducted only on a group of African American man whereas this shot goes to everyone. Are you telling me that black and Hispanic people think that nurses see them coming and switch the tube?

    2. @Bryan There is a much more straightforward cause-and-effect here but yes I think that when insurance company set insurance premiums on people they do take a look at their overall health. So if you smoke and drink a lot and never exercise your premiums should be higher than somebody who takes care of themselves.

  4. She’s being real and he’s living in a fantasy world. You’re not going to get people vaccinated that don’t want to be vaccinated… and somebody is going to have to pay the price for it, and because it’s their baby they should pay for it.

    1. History proves you completely wrong, smallpox vaccine,etc… get an education before saying things you know nothing about

    2. @Bryan they already pay more in health insurance… besides, they don’t put other’s lives in danger & stall the economy in the same..

    1. lol, U heard one say I wont have a vaccine shoved down my throat. I’m thinking wait for the intubation tubes

  5. My Wife is an actuarial for A major health insurance company. It’s already in the works to raise premiums or even deny coverage altogether to unvaccinated who have no legitimate medical excuse.

    1. @John Mags Yes, we are getting technical.
      Don’t start playing if you plan on quitting half-way.

    2. NO! Taxing them is NOT the way. For those that deny vaccination just make them pay for the hospital bill. Private insurance companies can easily do this. It is great to here that you wife as an actuarial for a insurance company is doing this. And such should not cover any residual problems caused by COVID-19,

    1. Then people with heart attacks should also be denied treatment because they caused it through their personal choices.

    2. @Bryan wrong in advocating for antivaxers to not be hypocrites … if they don’t believe or trust drs then don’t go to them when the choice you made gets you sick its called freedom right well …

    3. @L. Austin Republicans have made it political period they want to own thenlibs so bad they are willing to die for it

  6. They need to criminalize it like they did with AIDS. If your behavior causes someone else harm (like infecting them with a deadly virus), you should be criminally charged.

    1. @Kewlzter TC How many intentional bio spreaders were at Sturgis? Or at the State Fairs? I hope the government has a handle on this because a lot of the families of the next wave of victims may want to sue the event organizers and identified spreaders.

    2. @Wayne Slater it’s just messy. Some people are saying it’s natural, it’s just something we live with, people die all the time it’s acceptable loses, leave it to God. Those are the people who should be charged.

    3. @Kewlzter TC Perhaps God really wants those post funerary estate auctions be something Great! Always cracks me up “leave it to God”. People typically don’t even allow ‘God’ to drive their cars, but when they do they crash.

    4. I agree. If you are running around without a mask and without vaccines then you are a public health threat. I think it wouldn’t be out of the way to charge them criminally if they cannot prove that their health would be affected by the vaccine.

  7. I agree with the lady…those people make us all pay … they make children pay…so make those people pay….a lot.

    1. Majority of blacks and Hispanics are unvaxxed. You think they should pay more if they happen to need medical care?

    2. @Bryan It’s not about race. Everyone should be vaxxed and if they choose not to, then they pay more in premiums—period.

  8. It’s unfortunate that the country that’s dealing with Covid worse than anywhere else, is the country that has the worst healthcare system in the developed world.

  9. Insurance company has the right to refuse to cover hospital bill for unvaccinated people.
    Told them now you gave 1 month to get your 2- shots.
    Or if you sick of vaccine because you don’t get vaccinated

    1. @John Mags People who have been vaccinated and get it don’t end up in ICU’s. I am not surprised this conversation is happening. I was wondering when the insurance companies would get angry about the costs. Insurance companies are out to make money and the unvaccinated are costing them money.

    2. The obese need to pay. If they weren’t fat in the first place. They cost us a lot of money at the beginning by being obese to start with.

    3. @John Mags , for all you know, the vaccinated are causing the mutated variants because they took an unproven vaccine. So you’re part of the problem you thought you were going to solve. Thanks a lot you selfish SOBz

    1. Certainly the higher taxes on smokers doesn’t have anything to do with the high prices of pharmaceuticals, eh ?

  10. Pretty much a no brainer there. Seeing how the Anti-Vaxers are clogging up our hospitals at the moment. They’re definitely a drain on hospitals and the economy. Charge them more

    1. @Bryan Hold up I am Hispanic. I am vaccinated, my brothers, my mother, my aunts, my cousins (and I have a lot of them) are vaccinated .So some Hispanics do get vaccinated.

    2. I’m afraid you are not being told the full truth here about non vaccinated clogging up the hospitals, this vaccine does not prevent you getting a virus or spreading it, and those who are vaccinated and contract the virus are more ill than those who’ve not had it a lot of the time and it’s the double vaxed that you will probably find clogging up hospitals!! The unvaxed are not a danger to the vaxed its more like the other way round, you could be walking around with the virus and be one of those who is hardly feeling unwell and pass it onto a person who is unable to have it and end up making them very ill, so get if your High horse and use your brain!! And those that have refused in my opinion are the sensible ones. You self righteous may have to swallow your moaning.

    3. @Ilona Morland …. oops, you’re dead wrong. 99% of all new cases are unvaccinated. Vaccinated cases are only .077%, Vaccinated hospitalizations are only .0.004 % and Vaccinated deaths are only .001% you’re the one with the wrong info. Get a clue, bud

    4. @Ilona Morland Why are vaccinated people still testing positive for Covid but not getting as sick?
      It’s All about the type of immunoglobulins produced from vaccination. For those of you who are hard core scientists, ignore this post- it’s geared toward lay people and meant to be easy to understand. I’m going to do an epic under-simplification of a very complicated subject. Look away!
      IgG is a type of immunoglobulin (antibody) that is plentiful in our blood serum. These are the immune cells that our Covid vaccine is really good at producing.
      IgA is a type of immunoglobulin that is plentiful in our mucous membranes, like the respiratory tract (nose and throat). Unfortunately, our injected vaccines are NOT very good at creating a lasting army of this type of antibody.
      SARS-Cov-2 (virus) that causes the disease Covid-19 is a respiratory virus- meaning, that it enters the body through the respiratory mucosa. It sets up shop in the area of the back of the throat where the nasal passage meets, called the nasopharynx. While it’s there, it enters those cells and reproduces. Once it reproduces in high enough numbers, it moves it’s way down the respiratory tract and attacks lung cells. From there, it enters the whole body and attacks almost every organ system.
      When you are vaccinated, your mucous membranes in the back of your throat are still relatively unprotected, because they lack the IgA antibody response at the mucous membrane level. This is why a vaccinated person is still showing high viral loads in their nasopharynx area when swabbed. However, once the virus tries to move down into the lungs, the very good vaccine induced IgGs that are circulating in a vaccinated person’s blood serum, quickly identify the virus and begin destroying it. The body then says, hold on…where’d these guys come from? The antibodies see the open door at the nasopharynx and then move the troops to destroy. This is the reason that vaccinated people are not getting as sick, even though they are getting technically infected and why vaccinated people are contagious for less time than unvaccinated people are. Our defense is delayed, at the upper respiratory tract, but we eventually have a neutralizing response.
      This is why it became important for even vaccinated people to begin wearing masks. We still have several days of the virus successfully replicating in the backs of our throats, which means that when we cough, sing, laugh, talk loudly….we can pass those viruses to other people. This is new with the delta variant because it is better at unlocking those respiratory cells than other variants were. This is what changed. The previous variants were not as good, and it took them longer to unlock cells and replicate so our vaccine induced serum antibodies used to have more time to recognize and respond than they do now.
      So what you’re seeing with vaccinated infected people is: sudden onset sore throat, dry cough from nasopharynx irritation, eventually a fever as the virus tries to make it down the respiratory pathway and your immune system activates, but then a marked reduction in symptoms that suggest that the virus has been unsuccessful at invading any other organ systems. This is your reduction in hospitalizations and deaths. The lungs never get so sick that the person requires oxygen. Vaccine IgGs are very effective at staying off a massive infection, but not great at stopping the virus from initially replicating in the throat.
      This might suggest that we should focus efforts/funding into more research and development for nasal spray type vaccines (several are in trials) that produce better IgA response for virus neutralization at the mucous membranes which would be better at halting transmissions of the virus between people.

  11. 100% they should.. It’s a pre-existing condition just like everyone else that has one so what’s the argument? Don’t get me wrong I absolutely understand his argument on this as well…

  12. Better yet, they should just stay home, and not incur those hospital bills at all. Because, you know, choosing not to go to the hospital when you’re sick with a largely preventable disease is your god given right.

    1. Agree … Anti-vacers, Anti-maskers, Anti-social-distancingers, Anti-hand-washers … must also choose to have NO medical care whatsoever if they get sick!

  13. if they refuse the vaccine, and have no medical reason for doing so, then the insurance should be void for Covid treatment

  14. Imagine in the US in the 21st century, offering beer to people to get a life saving shot. Incredible

  15. Yes. Including Medicare. After a date certain — by end of this year — they should also have to pay their own doctor and hospital bills when they become infected.

  16. Yes! The hospitals wouldn’t be over whelmed if the unvaccinated got vaccinated! They are putting children and their communities in harms way!

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