Uncertainty Looms in Jamaican Cruise Ship Sector - March 30 2021 1

Uncertainty Looms in Jamaican Cruise Ship Sector – March 30 2021


The lone suspect in the Khanice Jackson murder investigation has given a caution statement to the police lawmen say they have gathered substantial evidence in their probe.

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  1. This isn’t the first time this man is doing this ,the police need to find out who other he is connected with and to.

    1. @D13 Thomas we are sailing into Ochi aboard the MSC Seashore in November 2021

    2. We have been doing videos begging the government to approach the cruiselines to allow homeporting locally…finally they say that they have started talks.

  2. May God comforted the hearts of the mother, family and friends of this young lady. This is very sad.

  3. My condolences to Khanice friends and families. I pray God give everyone comfort during this sadden time.

  4. Omg why these duty men don’t leave the young women them let them live why them going around killing all the pretty woman them

  5. What Dr Guy said about the mask wearing is true. Mask wearing is very important. I’m here in New York and we have to wear our mask everywhere we go. We cannot enter into no building without our mask on. And we have to maintain social distancing 6ft apart

  6. I will say it again…
    A genuine deadly pandemic doesn’t require 24/7 advertising to remind u it exists…

    Real pandemics don’t need marketing campaigns and endless propaganda…

    but psychological operations do.

    1. @How me see it: Have you lived thru a previous pandemic to know how it’s done. The previous pandemic, so far as I know, was the Spanish Flu outbreak around 1918… I’m pretty sure you weren’t there so how do you know how things were done???

    2. ​@Judene McPherson Very good question now asked yourself this… If COVID was not in the news would anyone remember it, are even care? if you want to speak about a real pandemic Chikungunya virus was the boss it mek young people a walk wid stick, even now I am still affected by Chiv-V.
      As far as I can see COVID need a PR team to seem dangerous.

    3. How many pandemics have you lived through? Please get real. EVERY single sector and every citizen is affected by this pandemic so why would it not be covered everyday? We also live in a different era where technology makes news readily available and accessible, hence something like this will be reported on constantly. The world is more connected that it was before and that’s why things so different with this pandemic. Besides the last pandemic on a similar scale was over 100 years ago so you’re on to not a damn thing bout psychological BS.
      BESIDES people are not listening and acting like nothing is amiss, so they clearly need 24/7 reminders

    4. @How mi see it let’s not. Chik V was widespread but it wasn’t a pandemic and it was constantly covered as well, the difference was that its effect though lasting for some was not as contagious therefore fewer people caught it and fewer people died. Yes some people may still feel effects from chik V but COVID 19 is still a new virus and no-one knows how long some of the effects will last. After Chik V, my ankles hurt for half a year but a year after COVID I know of people that still have BREATHING problems…which more detrimental????

    5. @Cher have you asked yourself why no one cares anymore… when last year people were running from Portmore when we had less than 500 cases?
      Well, it’s because it’s not as serious as they make it sound in the news and people with sense are seeing that.

      I personally know over 30 persons who contracted the virus and all are doing well, I got it also and the flu is worse.
      Don’t believe everything you see on the Tell-LIE-VISION about COVID-LIE-TEEN.

  7. Blessed day everyone my condolence to the families of kanice I love if ever one join in hand on stop this covid 19

    1. What happen to the killer face put it up last week they find fun putting up the police he didnt hurt any one put up the picture

    2. I saw that. When the guy wanted to jump off the roof. it true no one wearing mask. Oh my all the people came out in the Kingston

  8. And this is my solution people who do not wear masks and contract c19 there is a place over by the Riverton City you put them over there amongst the rubbish over there in the garbage if it was me and I tell them one time I will never ever tell them again and anybody who contract the virus after I give the warning exactly where they would go over where the garbage piled up

  9. We need the police to come out and inforce that taxi driver’s only carry the required amount and also each passenger wear their mask.

  10. We plead to our young women to be very careful & to notify whereabouts when leaving out & be vigilant with person around…..keep focus not everyone say what they mean, not interested in a person don’t entertain them please .

  11. My condolences oh my gosh it so sad . The government needed to do something about the crime out there it sad

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