1. Of course those guys are not going to cooperate that’s going to even prove they even have something even more to hide🤔

  2. “Breaking news!” “Uncharted waters!” “Unprecedented!” We’ve been here before folks. It’s another carrot on a stick. Wake me when they’ve been held accountable and in prison. Until then…🥱

  3. It’s long pass due to call these hypocrites but did they forgot about Johnson, Gaetz, Graham, Clyde, Cruz, Greene, and etc.⁉️

    1. @Geman1512 take all the stfu time you require to study topics.
      Ruminations are stunting your comprehension in realities.

  4. Seriously, how do Americans watch speeches like those by Andy Biggs, or whatever his name is, without soiling themselves with laughter? They just don’t seem to have any sense of the ridiculous.

  5. I get so f—ing sick of hearing “we’re in uncharted waters” with respect to expecting these SOB with information of criminal misconduct to do what the law calls for!! The system seems to twist itself in to knots trying to figure out criminal liability with respects to these SOB’s! Yea, we never had to do this before, I got it! But we’ve had fuckers that lived like they were above the law before and THATS NOT NEW! Their positions in the public trust doesn’t afford them special privileges with respect to issues of juris prudence! Let’s get on with it!!

  6. Corrupt cops and politicians belong in prison. They act so arrogant because they think they are untouchable.

  7. I hope everybody does watch the hearings! So many of us watched it in real time. Just p,ain awful. But the GOP is trying to run the clock out.

  8. The house should use both an ethics referral and holding them in inherent contempt, ordering the Sargent at arms to detain them should they enter any federal government property including the capital

    1. They can also take away the committee’s they are in, and make it so they have no legislation to do, and also take away “certain funds”…

  9. They should all be charged with incitement to insurrection, at the least. The evidence is in their own words and actions, it’s not supposition.

  10. Liz Cheney knows something about Jim Jordan. I think because of what she said to Jordan when they were under attack. Jordan said let me help you to Cheney and she slapped his hand away and said “I know what you did”. I have been thinking about this ever since I heard this. Today on Glenn Kirschner show ” Justice Matters ” he named 4 things that could be done to make these sobs comply.

  11. All this time later…can we just have some damn accountability for this travesty? We all heard what they were saying and we all saw what happened. These criminals should already be in jail.

  12. About time!
    These individuals need to be referred to the Justice Dept for criminal prosecution!

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