1. Condolences to all the mothers and fathers who lost their beloved children

    1. @Colonel Calcium yeah that’s actually really sad when whole lot of people have dead children little children are dead

    1. Shame on all the cops on scene who did not go into the school while the shooting was taking place. This is criminal negligence on part of law enforcement. This is merely a distraction.

    2. Sadly this tragedy claimed the life of another victim. The husband of one of the slain teachers was in deep and unfathomable grief and as a result suffered a fatal heart attack. They were high school sweethearts and he was devoted to her! Many say he literally died of a broken heart! 4 devastated children now have had both of their parents ripped from their life and are now orphaned. RIP to this loving couple and prayers for their children. I cannot imagine what they are going through. ❤🙏❤🙏

  2. Unbearable suffering and pain, this type of pain does lessen but NEVER truly disappears. The parents and family are trapped in hell rn but hope and faith is what keeps these families going through their everyday w/o their children.

    1. @sherri j
      Faith means different things to different people, which is why I asked what it means to you.
      And I have already answered this…to me, it seems like faith is the excuse people use when they don’t have good reason or evidence.

      The Bible says faith is a replacement for evidence. Which works if you don’t care whether the belief you’re putting faith in is true.
      (Don’t ignore this part:) Which is why Muslims, Mormons, and Hindus can all use faith. It simply isn’t a pathway to truth.

      But none of this is relevant as to why the OP felt he could speak for others.

    2. @Moon Shoes faith is simply belief in someone or some thing. It’s what people employ to get through something as horrific as what happened in the last few days and weeks. I asked you a question and you went on about trying to assume that you know something about me that you don’t. You try to elevate yourself by calling me dishonest and then asking me why I didn’t attack the OP. Why? I didn’t attack you and I certainly wouldn’t attack them. It seems to me that the only one who would be prone to attacking someone would be you because you don’t believe in God. Because you don’t believe in God doesn’t mean that God doesn’t exist, it just means that you don’t believe it and you are totally entitled to your belief (as is everyone else. That’s it; no attack, it’s just how it is. I sincerely hope that you never find yourself in the position of all of these people who have to relive this nightmare over and over for the rest of their lives. Have a good day and be safe

  3. You could tell the guy doesn’t want to be living with anger and hatred in his heart. Sending blessings to the victims RIP 🤍🙏❤️

    1. @LaoRhino
      Matthew 5:38-39
      “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’ But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.”

      You REALLY need to stop cherry picking.

    2. @SendThis you proved my point. Christianity is endorsing people doing evil acts to you. Such a great morality system. What Jesus should have said is if you turn the other cheek you deserve to be slapped twice

  4. My deepest condolences and sympathy to the mother’s and father’s who lost there babies 🙏🏿🙏🏿

  5. My heart cries out to these kids who were taken by evil. May God Bless All family affected by this tragedy 🙏🏼🥲 not being able to go in and Save those Children is beyond me. A mom went in and saved her kids! Put her in a uniform !

  6. Forgiveness is key to healing. My condolences to everyone who lost a loved one that day.

    1. @Tony Charles not mad at all. I rather speak to someone like you who can bring something to the table other than “no”

    2. @Fernando Cerritos then please, explain why forgiving a killer of children is superior to seeking justice? This is going to be entertaining

    3. @Tony Charles My argument is not that one is superior than the other. We hope for forgiveness and Justice. However we only have full control of one which is forgiveness. We hope that justice will be served but how many criminals end up getting away with a light sentence or don’t even get sentenced at all? There’s just so much we can do when it comes to seeking justice cuz we can seek it for the rest of our lives but we will never be content. Which is why forgiveness is key to healing. If not we’re consumed by hatred and resentment. No sentencing will cure that only your ability to honor your loved one and forgive the criminal in your heart. If you agree or disagree I leave it at that.

    4. @Fernando Cerritos forgiveness and justice are mutually exclusive. You are doing all sorts of mental gymnastics to try to say you can have your cake and eat it too. By forgiving you are pardoning, by pardoning you are condoning, and by condoning you are therefore tacitly advocating for it. Forgiveness is not a virtue it is a vice to those who are unwilling to make wrongs right

    5. @Fernando Cerritos nah, I’m good. You don’t have to forgive to heal 👍🏻 I’ve done it

    1. @Tony Charles wow! Continue with your expert diagnosis doctor. So interesting to hear such an educated statement

    1. Yes you would be angry and rightly so, but then after the disbelief, shock, fear, anger and hatred and deep grief, come a form of acceptance and a will to go on. Forgiving is the HARDEST thing we humans can do…especially when it involves children, but I believe if one doesn’t let it go, it will cloud your life and you will become a bitter human being. You become “that guy” and you become a victim of this tragedy.

    2. I would be thankful for the opportunity, there’s a lot of people that never get children or the nice house with the family, they should still be grateful they at least had that for a time.

    3. @FIREKING there’s a lot of people that are underemployed or unemployed, where’s there chance for children? These parents should still be grateful

  7. “They’ll make a statement soon.” Smfh they really had no heart this entire process. They should have alerted the parents individually. They should know was in attendance in the classes and notify immediately. Really sickening.

    1. When I went to school we took attendance each day and then the attendance sheet was taken to the office. It really shouldn’t take that long to account for all the students. And if the police did their job in a timely manner they should have had the situation handled before parents even had time to make it to the scene

    2. It’s a sick world, you think life is about having your white picketed fence and beautiful house? It can be wiped out in a matter of seconds, that’s the world we live in.


  8. “She will always be a part of this family, even in her death.”
    This is a man who knows he will see her again in heaven.

  9. To all the people in the comments saying oh I wouldn’t forgive him maybe not but don’t judge this man who just lost his little niece for saying he forgave him. That’s his choice and he should receive no judgment from outside onlookers to how he processes this horrific event. He has enough deal with already

    1. @Tony Charles forgiveness is NOT condoning something. forgiveness sets u free from being filled with so much rage, forgiveness a gift. hate is a poison that one drinks thinking it will kill the other. forgiveness let’s u live. it doesn’t make what happened okay and it surely doesn’t condone it, but it lets love and a sense of peace shine through during all of the pain and suffering.

    2. @Stinky Acceptance is a better concept then forgiveness, regardless being angry and having hatred is a part of the grief process. No one apologize so there is no need to forgive, btw this action can’t be compare for a stupid mistake that one did as an adolescent

  10. What an incredibly beautiful soul, that man. May peace surround him and his family throughout their lives.

  11. Hearing the uncle speak is so comforting. The calmness, the lack of bitterness, the recognition of God’s forgiveness, the emanating of forgiveness as a human being who is being wronged is so commendable. I pray that healing will take place for the family and all families that have lost their loved ones. It will not be easy but with time I hope the pain can lessen

    1. Reminds me of the sandy hook father that was smiling and laughing right before his scripted speech. I am NOT GOD I wouldn’t be so forgiving!!!

  12. Omg, this is breaking my heart I’m so sorry for the loss of all these beautiful babies. I have a 7 year old granddaughter and this is scaring me so much I cry every damn day. There needs to be change right now so that this never ever happens again in these schools all over the country!

  13. ‘Sir, they’ll make a statement soon.’
    The time that follows directly after that message is always the most nerve wrecking and must’ve felt like hours.
    The way he says he is filled with anger but he hold no hatred towards the shooter is unbelievable, yet incredibly powerful.

  14. Ellie I’m so sorry for you and your classmates, that no one saved you. My heart breaks for these families and children. I can’t imagine what they are going thru. Enough is enough !! Vote blue 🔵🇺🇸🔵🇺🇸

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