Under Taliban-Rule, Afghanistan Will ’Revert Back To The 4th Century’ & Women Will Be ‘Subhuman’ 1

Under Taliban-Rule, Afghanistan Will ’Revert Back To The 4th Century’ & Women Will Be ‘Subhuman’


As the Taliban closes in on Afghanistan, they will likely “revert back to fourth century standards” says Janine di Giovanni, Senior Fellow at the Yale Jackson Institute for Global Affairs and a columnist for Foreign Policy and The Nation Newspaper in Abu Dhabi. After more than three decades of experience as a war reporter, Giovanni says the Taliban will have a, “brutal reign, human rights will be discarded, and a humanitarian catastrophe, the likes of which we haven't seen in a while, will ensue.”
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Under Taliban-Rule, Afghanistan Will ’Revert Back To The 4th Century’ & Women Will Be ‘Subhuman’


  1. Afghanistan is the Vietnam of the 21st century. We waisted Trillions on this Faild Effort. When will we wake up we are not nation builders we need to focus on our own country and set examples and let those people in other counties make change in their own countries.

    1. The nation building was just a cover for natural resource plundering.
      Afghanistan has a lot of valuable minerals. The US wanted them.

    2. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith When they stand up for their own with their own support and fight. Our county was saved from others by standing and fighting and many gave their lives. This as the Afgans lay their arms down and flee.

  2. The Afghani would not fight for the right of self rule… Their government practiced twenty years of corruption and has now failed… They wanted others to fight for them… That never works out….

    1. @Jami Moon We have lost a lot of wars
      War Of 1812
      Second Samoan War
      Korean War
      Bay Of Pigs Invasion
      Vietnam War

    2. @William Harrell
      Nope…their book says Verse 4:34 and their prophet called for Bukhari 7226…
      …Islam is about war and the Taliban are practicing islam as written

    3. @Jami Moon what are you, 12? You don’t know what you’re talking about. 175,000 afghans have already died in the last 20 years, for nothing but to sooth the US ego and flex war mongering American imperialism. The USA had no business going there in the first place. Btw, the USA has lost its share of wars buddy, open a history book…

    1. ​@redarrowhead2 How many Trillions do we need to spend on wars? With no universal health care for ourselves (with a pandemic raging on no less). How many bad guys should we be at war with at the same time? Just going to throw this out there: China hasn’t been in a war in 40 years…

    2. @Chad Thompson 600,000 plus lives lost to a pandemic and many still don’t believe it’s real. We lost 3,000 lives on 9/11 and went to war with the wrong country. We need to fix the leadership here before telling others how to live.

    3. @Dbg Dbg Al-Qaeda is no more. And ISIS would have to go through Iran to get to Afghanistan, which would be very difficult. So, I don’t believe that they could harbor terrorist that could be a threat to us on the mainland USA. We have way more technical security compared to 20 years ago.

    4. So are you willing to send your son to war and fight for a country whose MEN are UN willing to fight and die for their family?

    1. Joe Biden report card-
      *Inflation crisis
      *Gas crisis
      *illegal migrant invasion crisis
      *Delta Variant crisis
      *spiking Crime crisis
      *Afghanistan terrorist Taliban crisis
      *Worker shortage crisis

      “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to F**k things up”
      – Barack Obama 7/12/20

    2. Does that really matter right now? Will that matter after the next 5 minutes? Then it doesn’t matter at all. Carry on.

    3. @Biden pandemic Nice try, but there is no gas crisis. You’re most likely a youngster that doesn’t recall when we did have a gas crisis. Lol

    4. @Biden pandemic 1. Raise min wage. 2. Develop alternative energy sources. 3. Help foreign countries. 4. Vaccinate. 5. Fight corruption at the top. Raise min wage. 6. Exit Afghanistan. 7. Raise min wage. A+ for effort.

    1. Taliban could easily get to work on nuclear weapons – then what will the West do? So stupid letting this happen – Republicans and Democrats both.

    2. Taliban will obviously take over the $ billions that US gave to the spineless Afghanistan military. Craziness and a big boost to our enemies paid for by US taxpayers

    3. On top of their agenda will be getting WMDs. Nukes obviously takes time to produce, but they won’t have any trouble getting other WMDs from elements in Pakistan.
      And contrary to NK and Iran, sanctions can’t be enforced due to the long boarders neighboring nations simply can’t protect. If one even can come up with anything that could be sanctioned besides their future export of heroine. And contrary to NK and Iran who understand they will be destroyed if they use them, the talibans will sooner or later use them for their outspoken agenda.

  3. All the death just to get back to this point again all that money spent for what … this will get bad there very soon

    1. You didnt see the Taliban leader say “we were a young taliban when we attacked the u.s but now we are experienced fighters an you can bet we will keep the peace just let us have our afghanistan back! The one we want!” So with that being said as long as they dont bite the lions tail they believe we are going away. An i say we should go away. We cant whitewash islamic people.

    1. Your snarky comment does not take into account that they have the ability to bring the war to us…they have no reason to stop…the Afghan folded quickly and so shall we

    2. Yeah, they must be overjoyed knowing that they finally got their hands on some of most jankiest tech on the planet lmao. That stuff always has to be routinely maintenanced and those tribespeople are just gonna go back to their trusty old AK47s and pickup trucks when that happens.

    3. @tetleydidley Oh, so ISIS is gonna hold their hands everytime those humvees break down? Stop kidding yourself. What’s more realistic is that they will start killing each other in the near future. Just like they have been for countless generations until some other nation invades them

  4. Founding Fathers specifically said we were not to import our government on other nations, their welfare is not our responsibility.

    1. @20 Savage aka XXSAVAGE: You’re a fool. If WW3 happens entire cities would be destroyed in a matter of days.

    2. @Reason WW3 is the pandemic. Where did it originate from? Which country was the only country to increase their GDP in 2020? That country started WW3.

      Nuclear countries never do a conventional war against eachother due to the “Mutually Assured Destruction” principle.

      You call me a fool, hilarious. The 1960’s called they want their foreign policy back

    3. @20 Savage aka XXSAVAGE: “The pandemic is WW3”?
      My god, you’re a FOOL! Don’t respond. I don’t suffer fools.

  5. Well like we didn’t see this coming!!?
    The second there is no Authority Taliban will make there own laws!!

  6. Sadly by the west staying too long in Afghanistan and especially staying without a proper specified mission, the environment is now ripe for the Taliban. We cannot impose our values and systems on them I’m afraid. It didn’t work for the British Empire and it won’t work for the US.

    1. @livewireOr that ‘s my question . Will they date though ? Only if China backs them up and its the last thing they need, we all hate China already

    2. We didnt….were you deployed to Afghanistan? I was….all we did was help them set up infrastructure. I don’t remember trying to force locals to listen to WAP or adopt a constitutional republic

    3. I remember being quite respectful of their beliefs and culture while I was deployed to Afghanistan…..we even participated in some of their cultural rituals

    4. @livewireOr The Taliban never attacked us. It was Al-Qaeda, and they were ultimately destroyed 10 years ago. So, the Taliban isn’t our problem.

  7. ” if you are not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people that are oppressed, and loving the people doing the oppression”. Malcom-x.

    1. Also Malcom X – “The white liberal is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man.” Malcom was a pretty smart fellow.

  8. Dude, why the media hardly mentioned the incompetence of the afghan government?? 20 yrs of support, hundreds of billions of $..folded like a deck of card..

  9. This is no longer our problem. We should’ve taken our queue from the Russians when they got thrown out. Did wheel pay attention to what happened to them? Nooooooooo.

  10. I’m sorry, there were 300k strong Afghanistan protection force. They gave up and let the taliban have their country. We can’t and shouldn’t fight for people that won’t fight for theirselves.

  11. We sell weapons to a country exactly like Afghanistan in terms of women’s right it’s called United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

  12. Hope this is a final lesson to the West – you can’t cure Islam, You can only contain it and keep it out of your countries.

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