Union warns against salary cut at Dominica television station

The company, which also operates a television service, has sent letters to employees urging them to accept a 10 per cent salary cut.

But WAWU general secretary, Kertist Augustus, said that while the union was not against the reduction in wages it must be done within a specific timeline.

“This matter is still up for discussion because we informed Marpin that whereas we would not object to a 10 per cent cut that would have to have a specific timeline and that any cut in salaries can in fact be changed to the purchase of shares.

“The decision to deduct the 10 per cent will be for the workers to decide, because I understood there was a meeting with the workers where management informed the workers of the predicament of Marpin and was seeking the cooperation of workers in ensuring that Marpin continues to provide a service,” Augustis said.
Augustus, a former senior executive of the Caribbean Congress of Labour (CCL), said that his union would be informing the workers against just agreeing to the request for the 10 per cent cut.
He said it must be “tied to a specific timeline and it cannot be a permanent 10 per cent cut in salary because that would have to be negotiated with the WAWU”.

Augustus said that the union had in the past had to raise the issue with the company with respect to three employees where the cuts were as high as 52 per cent”.

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