United Airlines CEO Explains Why He's Requiring Employees Be Vaccinated 1

United Airlines CEO Explains Why He’s Requiring Employees Be Vaccinated


United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby joined Stephanie Ruhle ahead of his meeting with President Biden to explain why he's requiring his employees be vaccinated against Covid-19 or face getting fired, even as competing airlines say they won't mandate the shot. "I sleep better at night knowing that we've done the right thing for them," he says.

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United Airlines CEO Explains Why He's Requiring Employees Be Vaccinated


    1. @Blue Crow I edit to expand my comments sometimes. It’s interesting that you are against being forced to get a vaccine, but you want to force voter IDs. Btw, Covid is making America great again by removing the anti vaxxers and anti maskers. Good riddance.

  1. Why would it be a problem for people to be vaccinated and wear masks especially in an airline when you’re traveling all over the world and people can cross contaminate each other come on be smart put politics aside do the right thing the mask may be a little uncomfortable but the lead on a coffin closing is much more heartbreaking for your family do the right thing it’s not serious until you lose someone you love

    1. Its not that, its the European belief that since their ancestors lived unwashed in filth, that they’re somehow stronger than everyone else.

      They’ve been using soap now for a couple of centuries… They don’t have better immune systems than anyone else.

      But some idiots believe white European people fight off disease better than any other race, because European people weaponized disease with things like small pox blankets.

    2. @Carrie Ullrich Wow, way to go racist there for no reason at all. Hi from scandinavia, get your shot, wear a mask – maybe one day you can then be as free as me^^

  2. These airlines can move the virus around internationally. Vaccine mandates are necessary for airlines.

    1. @Al K aka “special Ed”, The Delta variant is running rampant in the red states right here due to anti maskers and anti vaxxers. If you had half a brain you could grock that if Homeland Security has stated those numbers then it’s because they have a head count of captured illegals. You cannot count what you haven’t caught, right? Once they are caught (and counted) guess what? THEY ARE tested and vaccinated. You really should try thinking things all the way through before posting something as dumb as you just did. LOL!!!

    2. @Robin They are tested and vaccinated? Can you feel your soul blackening while you are lying? Homeland security admit that at least 20 percent of the illegals they release into the country are positive. Don’t lie to me

    1. @Paul Knowsit My IQ is much higher than yours, by like, at least 50 points. I actually graduated HS and even went to college, in fact post graduate studies! What do you have other than maybe your uneducated opinions?

    2. @Robin as much as personal choice offends you, look up “3 major US airlines will not mandate shots for their unvaccinated workers”

    3. @Louis Tully Personal choice doesn’t offend me at all. Getting Covid is not a personal choice though, it’s an equal opportunity virus. Those 3 major airlines will do what their insurance carriers tell them to do, just wait.

  3. His employees are more expendable than his customers. He needs to learn that his employees are his most important asset.

    1. I really don’t want to live in a world where I have to provide medical documentation for everything I do.

    2. In your communist dystopian can I fly with the flu, or a cold? I just wanted to check with you first. Because your opinion about my medical status really matters.

    3. @Taspion We really don’t want to live in a world where the intellectually deficient spread disease. If you don’t like it then stay under your rock.

  4. Why not ban the vaccine fearmongers from using your airline, the people spreading lies need to be told their words have consequences.

  5. Thank you Scott Kirby!! You’re absolutely right and hopefully other companies will follow your lead.

  6. thank you having a child with immune compromised health I will definetly fly united feeling safe thank you!!!

  7. You want to play doctor with your employees because you know what’s best for full grown adults.. you should feel ashamed of yourself

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