1. Even with the economic fluctuation,I’m very excited to have earned $45,000 on my $10,000 investment every 10 days.

    1. I had a bad experience investing on my own until I met Chloe Scarlett I got to change a couple of things and my kids now goes to a great school. You only have to stick with her strategies

    1. sorry but the interior minstry has already made a public statement he could find no evidence of that to be true

  2. Canadians and Ukrainians alike should take some solace and feel confident that our male feminist leader is taking action.

  3. They were going to spend the night there LOL This guy is too much, the worker’s that are Ukraine, I am sure it is in there heart and soul to keep er going and no the ” Russians are not bombing themselves ” Paul…I’m think those Russians might be capable of running that plant tho considering they have 6000 more nuclear weapons then Canada , Hypersonic weapons Space program dozens of Nuclear SUBS, so don’t worry yourself too tuff there bud .

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