United States Vs. Georgia: Breaking Down DOJ's Voting Rights Lawsuit 1

United States Vs. Georgia: Breaking Down DOJ’s Voting Rights Lawsuit


Breaking down the Justice Department's lawsuit against the state of Georgia over its recently enacted voting restrictions.
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    1. @Bidden HarryAss Trump did win, and the deep state could have rigged the election, maybe. I’m good with that. So what? I hope that the deep state cheats Trump again in 2024. What are you going to do about it? Cry me a river? Go blue deep state go!

    2. @srgreeniii then is it about the restricting of absentee ballots to require someone to request a ballot prior to election?

  1. Get ’em, Garland. Those good ol boy Republicans are just butthurt because blacks turned red blue.

    1. @Minute Meditations
      No it has not, and in many states still is not – because it is not needed.

    2. @Nick Romo why exactly is it ignorant to assume that blacks have the capability to procure an ID?!? That’s a pretty racist thing to assume.

    1. @Randi Bagley-Goodwin ease up big fellow. I was just using a bit of humour and I never mentioned any geographical place, so I think your the one who needs to stop.

    1. I am willing to donate to any organization in Georgia that works on getting voting IDs. The fight for access or voting locations is another topic. But lets first remove Republicans first excuse.

    2. @grantg98 And yet that cheating grifter Tr****p thought he was entitled to 11,780 extra votes inGeorgia! What a loser. What a fraud.

    3. Well the sad thing is that it would seem that these supposed fraudulent voters have more interest in voting than almost half of our citizenry.

  2. The USA already has a ridiculously low 61% voting so it’s only natural that Georgia and other GOP-controlled states would attempt to make it even more difficult to vote.

    1. I imagine if voter turnout increases sharply, like 30%+ or more, it will be overwhelmingly democratic. Maybe some republicans know that already.

    2. @swayjacob777 If that it true, that is still not enough reason to make voting harder or making it harder for a specific group to vote. If you have a low wage job, you can simply not afford to take a day off from work, every time there is an election. If it is not possible to vote outside your working hours, a specific group (the poor ones) have a lot harder time to vote.

    3. “They had things in (that bill), levels of voting, that if you ever agreed to it, you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.”
      – Donald Trump

    4. @Laxto Buttgroyn That’s quite a assumption. Voters vote because of policies. Dems can’t crash the economy then expect high turnout. Also it goes both ways. How many millions of conservatives and independents didn’t vote last year? Millions. Some people just don’t vote because they don’t care for it or just don’t think things would change any ways.

    1. @Ralph Sims Life is tough for you huh? Have a great day trying to get the wad out of your panties.

    2. @Ralph Sims They investigated and came to a conclusion? Who are they.
      The investigations are far from over.

    3. @Ralph Sims lol, get ready to cry more grifter. I would walk circle around you about how this is voter suppression but your not a fair actor your a bad actor.

    1. @Ralph Sims How about you define why these laws are necessary and partisan when the election went just fine without them.?

    2. @Brian Holmes lmao, I think you may be waiting a long time for an answer, someone has to come up with a conspiracy, and they are very busy at the “conspiracy Theory” factory.

    3. @Brian Holmes I’m sorry but anyone who has any sense knows that the media are playing word games with you simpletons. How about you go look up one of their talking points so I don’t have to type out a complete novel.

  3. The Republicans were taking it too far with restrictive voting laws.
    If not stopped, they would eventually have required voters to show proof
    that they are registered Republicans before they could cast a vote.

    1. It’s not I.D. that is the problem. It’s reducing polling places, in some areas hundreds of thousands voting in ONE polling place, then reducing voter hours so people stand in line all day and still don’t get to vote. And it’s a felony to bring them a bottle of water and a sandwich, eh? And if they don’t like the outcome of the vote they change the results. How do you like the idea of them throwing tour vote out over unsubstantiated accusations? Because that’s what they want to do. Just a couple of the things.

    1. @Willow Moon Garland is taking care of Georgia first they’re going to do a complete job there and get Donald Trump too

    2. @John H. They read SB202 on the TV and it was restrictive. It cut the hours of voting to working hours. I stops voting on Sunday. It makes it illegal to give someone standing in line any kind of compensation (ie – water). Mail in ballots need to be requested even if you have voted by mail in the past. It reduces the number of ballot boxes in any given county. The number of early voting days is cut.
      I thought that it was Arizona that wanted to make the state government able to overturn an election if they were satisfied with the results. I’d like to know more about that and if it was Arizona or not.

    1. @Rebecca Ainslie DWL…..Rebecca….. Don’t give those tools any ideas…… They may take you seriously.

  4. Working together for a better future for our kids means working together. Voting is a part of our work together, to put good people into office who care about the welfare of all of us, especially (all of) our kids and their future.

  5. Finally some use of the power that current administration has. Only have 1 year + left to curb atrocities across the nation

  6. There was no “widespread voter fraud” in 2020, there was just *WIDESPREAD VOTING.*
    In every election we must VOTE LIKE IT’S 2020 again. Trump may not be on the ballot but Trumpism will be, and it must be defeated! We’ve got the numbers, we just have to keep showing up!

    1. Exactly. 2020 had a record turnout despite the threat of the virus. I credit that to pent up rage. So many people waited 4 years to vote Trump out of office. We succedded.

    2. i have never heard of widespread voting fraud. i’m 66 years old. i have heard of a few cases, but never widespread.

    3. I’ll be voting. I’m not sure what the laws will be in ’22, ’24 and ’26. If I need a photo ID, I’ll have to take the day off from work (which will make paying bills a little tough). I don’t make enough money to own a car, and there are no busses from where I live to the town where the DMV is, So it’s a 45 minute cab ride (and fare), wait in line at the DMV for 3-5 hours (I did 6 once) then a cab fare back. Also I live in deep red W.V. so my vote will probably not matter. However, I WILL vote.

  7. Alright, carpetbaggers, smackdown time. There’s a new Sheriff in town, and he’ll be on you like a new roof. No more free passes. This is going to be gruesome. We can hardly wait.

    1. That is voter suppression. The super long lines are only in the prominently colored districts. That’s why it’s imperative that HR1 becomes law. The other reason, is to do away with gerrymandering. There are currently 30 states that have a Republican-controlled legislature. In about 13 of those states, the republicans lost the popular votes, but won their district through heavy gerrymandering. This is why the GOP is fighting so hard to stop HR1. Without gerrymandering the Republican party will have to quit working for corporations (which makes them rich) and start working for the American people.

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