University Launches Project On Unity And Democracy | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Roo Raven we would not need term limits if we put in place campaign finance reform. Besides voting the person out is what needs to happen

  1. The problems for the world require liberal and socialist agendas, not conservative ones. They do not want change – that is what conservative means.

    1. @Al Notterbot I said liberal as it pertains to left side politics not liberty. 2 different things. Google the definitions.

    2. @Al Notterbot liberal as pertains to democrats means unlimited freedom for government to dictate and set standards. For example they can tell me I have to pay $15hr. I can only drive an electric car after 2030. I have to have health insurance or pay a penalty( it will be against the law to just exist) These are all Democrat government enforced items. Hardly freedom.

    3. @Al Notterbot read them 3 times never saw the word liberty. I said comform to a liberal government. I can tell your going to deflect and be a right fighter (to clarify fight to be correct not fight for right side politics) anyway, so we will not be able to have a civil discussion . I wish you the best.

    4. @Craig Norris Liberal means free. Liberty means freedom. They have the same root word. Latin, I believe. Doesn’t matter what labels you attach to the one. Same as not making any sense, hating unity but loving United States.

    1. @Craig Norris
      That’s just like the right-wing media playing videos of arson over and over again and trying to claim the cities are burning down and it is all the the Democrat’s (or blacks) fault. And while there is certainly some liberal media who do the same thing, the scale of the alt-right media fantasy right now is disturbing. Trump and them fed of each other and created the hate that let to the Capitol attack.

    2. @Jock Young I agree, but I also feel the liberal agenda of continually telling minorities they are oppressed creates a self fulfilling prophecy. A minority will be much less likely to try if they’ve been told over and over becoming conditioned to the unfair white privilege. I will be the first to say I’ve seen racism at work in a financial institution. I have also seen great success stories. I worked for a black business owner. Best man I ever worked for. There needs to be less emphasis on how the Democrats can save minorities and more mentoring in the communities. That’s my dislike of Kamala, she rides the racial disparity train way to hard just to get votes. Throwing money at them fixes nothing. There that old saying. Give a man a fish he’ll eat today. Teach a man to fish he’ll eat for a lifetime.

    3. @CShield not my party, we need to clarify. Trump and a handful of idiots. I did not count 75 million republican voters at the capital. You can not project the recklessness of a few onto all of a group. That becomes a prejudice. Just as I can’t say all 80 million liberals burned businesses during the summer. That was a handful of idiots taking advantage of times when BLM was bringing light to injustices.

    1. PROSECUTE! protect america’s defenseless, you! me, from billionaires buying our lives, relative value to them; one of us = meaning/value, a roll o toilet paper.

    1. I disagree. A nation can come together (unity) when faced with a common enemy, yet the previous administration used the pandemic (incivility) to fracture our country even further.

    2. That definition is uniquely your own.

      Unity is found whenever we voluntarily adopt a common purpose – as a community or even a nation. It has zero in common with Fascism. Fascism coerces compliance, not unity. Fascism conditions both the mind and one’s actions through force and coercion. Common civility may be a *sign* of unity and good will, but it can also be coerced and programmed behavior rather than genuine.

  2. seeing as though they brought it up🤔
    Bill Clintons impeachment was an embarrassment. He was impeached because he lied to Congress over something that was none of their business to begin with.

  3. “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and justice for all.”

    1. USA NEED SERIOUS EDUCATION in realistic, LOGICAL, conceptualization(in opposing views esp), understanding oath taking, what an org. implies or demands of you in oath, is it a precise intent or a interpretable & vague, dangerous to poor, like much usa law, etc… the pledge of allegiance from an introspective and highly educated wounded, enlisted, combat vet verses a coached child’s chant designed to teach the words & tolerance/acceptance of them. failure of Christianity; it is hi-jacked by white evANGELICism, hustler preachers, selling Mathew, excessively, rejecting peter, paul, john, etc., imbalance destroyed republicanism. QUOTE: “the anti-christ” divides to dominate and lies, ALL 30k+ documented lies are of satan.” how can you deny your/our bible?!!! lolol, stupid preachers fail.

  4. I’m heartened by Vanderbilt University’s effort. I wish them well. It reminds me of the True Patriot book by Nick Hanauer & Eric Liu.

  5. It’s morning in America
    Please explain how we can have Unity when both parties assume the wealthy will rescue us?

  6. Sorry Willie, you will probably get outbid by the “MOVEMENT FOR SOCIAL RACISM” sponsored by Ronald P Dump.

  7. So he’s claiming he’s not potus anymore? Then do a Trial for him as a citizen in the Washington DC court. Will that work? DC is not a state?

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