Unmarked Federal Troops Snatching Protesters Raise Local Alarm | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Did they have armbands with a big orange “T” on them❓ It was the T force❗(❁´◡`❁)

    1. No this is the earthbound branch of the space force and they are taking the abducted to their ALIEN leaders.

    1. @Liang Mi saving lives by harvesting organs from prisioners and forced sterilizations of Uighur women in xinjiang?

  2. Look! Trump is not beyond creating his own militia to overthrow the United States government. We all know he is being coached by Putin. He has already gutted our civil institutions.

    1. Nope! Federal officers are protecting federal property that the state does not oversee. Homeland Security does not need to identify themselves nor read Miranda rights when a criminal act is witnessed.These rioters will be charged and do time in a Federal prison soon. Say bye bye.

    2. @PavedParadise These are not federal officers. The guys in DC worked for TDC and Blackstone, I’m sure it’s a similar situation in Portland. They will be recognized eventually.

    3. So true. Who ever thought the president of the United States would be a terriorists. I knew trump wasn’t good but I didn’t think he would betray the country.

  3. And, if you are a second amendment believer and some unmarked people to carry you away, you call the police!

    1. @Oldschool Gamer Explaining this to Americans is pearls before sows. they don’t want to understand. their whole state is built upon guns & god.

    2. @AllisterCaine I guess it was _that_ obvious that there was no way i could be an American huh? 😀

    3. mark burke They were there in numbers. And there are probably snipers. You’d be dead before your eye reached the sights. Bang!
      They let you keep your guns cause you’re not a threat. Maybe to unarmed civilians, but not the military or the system. If you let the lawlessness at the top continue, it will reach the point where what you’re doing is illegal. But only if we let it continue.

  4. How are you sure who’s really an official enforcement officer if they’re not easily identifiable as such and are in civilian vehicles? This is reckless behavior.

    1. BLM people are swinging objects like flags, canes at the Police without any response, How can the Blue democrat States let this go on? Question is why is violent protesting still being allowed? How can BLM people feel it is OK to smash a NY police officer in the head with a cane, get arrested, and then is released hours later with NO BAIL to do it again later? This is what the new socialist Democratic Biden policies support. Vote for Law & Order, Vote for Trump!

  5. Isn’t this the type of situation where a good guy with a gun is supposed to intervene?

    1. They are not identifiable, and there are no individual identifying badges, or name tags, they are also in violation of the patriot act, as well as violating the protesters first and fourth amendment rights. A generic label of police without corroborating personal identification isn’t valuation. The fact is in None of the pictures that show people being seized a any identification visible. These people are guilty of unlawful seizure, they were not charged with any crime, or suspected of any crime, they were released after invoking their rights. This was nothing but an attempt to harass and intimidate lawful protesters. These tactics are reminiscent of Gestapo and KGB tactics that Americans.

    2. @Oldschool Gamer about what i expect from a leftist, no argument so you resort to making fun of username…..ok…
      i’m guessing your next argument will involve calling me a racist, that seems to be your go-to tactic

    3. @OsamaBinLooney just what i expected from a trumpist, no sense of humor or theatrics.
      The offer still stands by the way.
      As for calling you a racist, what made you assume that?
      I don’t know you, the only thing i know is you are statistically more likely to vote for trump then for biden.
      So, odds are you are a republican…
      And we all know republicans aren’t racist.
      No sarcasm, some republicans might be, but that is not any of the republicans i know… so…
      No basis for calling you a racist, so.. yeah.
      Besides, i see so much people being called racist that i know aren’t, that i’m very much sick of hearing that term.
      it’s lost all meaning to me.
      (unpopular opinion, i know, hate me all you want)

    4. @Karma Yep, some Americans love the protection against tyrannical government routine but who’s the judge of what one looks like? Starting to look a bit too much like one from across the Pacific in Oz.

    1. @Parslow Pongbert How old are you? Reading a book from the school library and watching PBS doesn’t make you informed. You have no idea what living under a Dictatorship is. You are free to type your ignorance on a Social Media platform without fear of consequences to yourself or your family. People were put into unmarked cars, but were free to publicly report their experiences to the media the next day. Silly little fool, wave your flag and go safely home.

    2. @mateowey hospitals should just send the Information to the CDC anyway or just publish in the public domain

    3. @Shabby Balls Russian trolls with fake accounts would know what living under a dictatorship is!

    1. Looks to me that they have no identity therfore not police or guards.They are probably trump surporters and kkk dressed up playing soilders. America you have a problem. 😨

  6. Do your history the brownshirts of Nazi Germany, Trump’s been using Hitler’s playbook 🙏🏼 for American

    1. @Mausemädchen Mi brother I’m ashamed of the US in these times how people are treating each other , ✌🏼🙏🏼

    2. its called federal marshals . UNITED STATES MILITARY . i hope they roll tanks up in there ,

      teach these protesters a lesson..

    1. rrmndtqrg8 q I love cops. Even when I’m stopped for speeding I love cops. Why? Because conservatives respect law and order unlike Commies and anarchist leftists.

    2. Pam Deshane without any response? If anything the police are being too responsive. A man in oregon was shot in the face with a rubber bullet for tossing and exploded flash bang aside. He had to get facial reconstruction

    3. these are the people that protect this country .. if you know anything about the world you would understand ,

      learn as you go,

    4. ANTHILL
      if as you say. They would not need to hide their identity.

      this is the abuse and harassment of US tax payers with private policing thug tactics .

    1. @Gary Campbell If they were doing those things then why were the police not arresting them? Can a group of MAGA nuts get hold of a load of official looking uniforms and attack peaceful protesters? If you don’t know who they are you don’t know who they are not.

    2. @Andrew Jenkinson : Many of those mayors told the police to back off, which is why so many store owners are livid.

  7. TRUMPS SS. Tell me how he isn’t like Hitler except that he hasn’t reached the body count yet.

    1. I call out the bs as see on both sides and I get called out as I’m both sides instead of maybe just seeing that its just one large rigged system. When did the common knowledge of all politicians lie and are crooked stop being common knowledge and instead start being worshipped as idols to the point of ignoring science. I feel like the scientist are the adults trying to drag the rest of the human race kicking and screaming towards a decent future. Why?

  8. Gee, you’d think the people so worked-up about “federal government tyranny” would say something right about now.
    Never happen.

    1. I was never worked up about government tyranny.
      But you know, guns are not working against this as proposed. Where’s the three percenters?

    2. @bill Dude, the funny thing is, there are enough armed people in the US.
      But they are calling this “justice”.
      I am from germany and believe me: if i understand how on thing works, it is oppressive regimes.
      As long as people have guns, they feel safe.
      So they strip them of their rights piece by piece.
      With the words of huxley “you control people using the things they love, not the things they hate”.

  9. To the people in the US of A: Welcome to the twilight zone. Go through the looking glass and find yourself in the United Fourth Reich of A.

    1. I love your comment. I just posted a similar one somewhere else on You Tube. We now have Storm Troopers. What’s next? Concentration camps?Re-education camps? Interment camps?

    2. @blunt force Why because he is speaking truth in a stark warning.
      Vote Biden !
      Vote Sane Government , Decency & Democracy in the USA !

  10. Barr is Trumps Himmler, deploying the SS to unconstitutionally kidnap and terrorize peaceful citizens.

    1. I doubt that they are interested in your “peaceful” protesters. More like the people bussed in to totally destroy businesses and torch police cars. Where do you think that’s ok?

    2. Debra Wilhite Shut up Debra, the right is sneaking into BLM protests and causing destruction so they can blame the left. Pathetic

    1. they alll ready spray painted the building up,,so they have them on tape recording , i hope they get federal charges on every protester out there,

      you know federal charges are 10 X worse ,, “”As a general rule, federal penalties are longer that state penalties for similar crimes””

    2. @PavedParadise And that’s the way it all works. Chip away little by little under the guise of law and order and have enablers rationalize it at every step. Then, one day, the country you thought you lived in has gone – forever.

  11. America the land of free, the beacon of democracy now looks and feels like German nazis of the past. LOL.

    1. @AKB 241113 BLM is in for there self. 25% of every dollar donated go to salary. The other 70% goes to “consulting” which is family from the salary personal. Shameful!

    2. No I can’t agree because it appears is that we have the Nazis attempting to overthrow established order in the cities. Much like Hitler‘s radicals destroyed businesses on Crystal Night, we have radicals attempting to destroy our major progressive cities. We have anarchist we have communist we have radicals attempting to tear down civil order.and we have members of the political class afraid to step in and restore order. The radicals claim they are protesting police that are abusing people in our most progressive democrat governed cities but we have had arrests of the Murderous cops and now we must let the justice system prosecute. Apparently they’re not willing to let that happen.

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