'Unnecessary Deaths': Fox Insider Slams Network For Covid-19 Lies 1

‘Unnecessary Deaths’: Fox Insider Slams Network For Covid-19 Lies


As President Biden urges Americans to get vaccinated, a former Fox executive is out with a blistering op-ed saying the network is “poison” for America and that the “channel has contributed substantially and directly to the unnecessary deaths of many Americans.” Dr. Jason Johnson discusses the importance of getting vaccinated with epidemiologist Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. People acting like you didn’t have to get vaccines to travel. There are multiple countries that require vaccines for certain diseases you can pick up.

    1. Diseases with a mortality rate greater than 1% for healthy people under the age of 45.

      You’re only at risk against covid19 if you are unhealthy or multiple decades outside your reproductive years. You cannot compare other required vaccines for international travel to covid19.

    2. @Dave_T. Cause you could be a carrier and you may infect others whats so hard for you to understand are you that stupid.

    1. @Sheila Boston just making fun of the virtue signaling of fauci, the obamas, bidens, and celebs that virtue signaled their shots. nothing gets by you sheila. many got the vax in public view. those that did are better than us.

  2. If I am fully vaccinated, I’m wearing a mask so that unvaccinated people feel safe. To trust the science, we must test the science by not wearing a mask if you are fully vaccinated.

    1. I’m fully vaccinated and had Covid, and I don’t wear a mask anymore, unless required. I haven’t had any problems with others feeling uncomfortable.

    2. I’m not vaccinated. I don’t wear a face diaper. I don’t care who feels uncomfortable.

    1. @Steve Wolfe by knowing the other and pointing out the propaganda for the lies that it is? Boy you must love your echo chamber

    2. Here’s something troubling. And real talk.. All these people don’t want to get vaccinated because of who’s in office now, but instead listen to a fake president who behind close doors got vaccinated. ( We all know he did and that’s fact not fiction ) And his friends at FOX Entertainment spread his lies with him and for him. NOW. Let’s flip the script now if dumb dumb told you all to get the vaccination. What would you do?? Go get it because the messager is your mouth and mind piece instead of using your freaking common sense.

  3. “It’s very hard to translate laboratory data into ‘what’s going to happen if I’m vaccinated and someone sneezes on me and spreads delta all over my face?'” said Dr. David Wohl, a professor of medicine in the infectious diseases division at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, who runs UNC’s vaccine clinics.

    That’s why it’s important for scientists to look to places like the United Kingdom, where the delta variant accounts for nearly 100 percent of current Covid-19 cases. Despite having higher vaccination rates than the U.S. — 68 percent in the U.K. have had at least one dose, compared to just under 55 percent in the U.S. — cases are rising in the U.K.

    “The only real difference between us and them is delta,” Wohl said. “I’m really worried that what’s going on in the U.K. is precisely what’s going to happen here.”

    1. In my coastal community, the vaccinated local people are all wearing masks because since the country opened people who are unvaccinated are traveling and spreading the virus. We will continue to protect ourselves. This is not over!

  4. It is morally bad, but one would wish that these people be good candidates for the Darwin’s prize…

    1. More bogus news, from msBSnc.
      I documented 108 video of biden corruption, youre toast soon MSNBC.
      Grow up and watch my playlist, youre duped and misinformed pinco. LIke all MSNBC biden fans, so naive, wow just wow.

  5. Presstitutes’ dictation duty is braindead as usual. Walmarts are supposedly closing so that they can upgrade the remaining ones. Loss loss loss is their business plan?

  6. The only question now that Walmart put everyone out of business and has initiated a closing trend up in Canada is when the US assault will be launched.

  7. Twelve *MILLION* people in California are unvaccinated! 30% x 40 million. Why are they so concerned about states with so few people? Hmmmmmmm

  8. The pandemic maybe over for us vaccinated adults, but not for our young children with a new deadlier variant coming. The school district where my Grandchildren attend has decided to abandon the safety protocols. I am sick of that “it’s my body” excuse. It is about stopping the spread and stop the mutations. And, It is EVERYBODIES body. We will be seeing variants that are immune to the current vaccines. That is why it is vital that we help the global effort to contain the virus. Otherwise it WILL comeback to ‘bite’ us.

  9. How about all the Republicans telling women what they can do with their bodies. Just verbal diarrhea, shouldn’t surprise anyone to hear. It’s the standard playbook.

  10. What’s that smell? OH, someone’s trying to load TONS of fabric softener to the reputation laundry machine.

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