1. ICU’s are not at capacity. What is happening is hospitals were already underfunded and understaffed and now that they have fired so many nurses they don’t have enough health care works to go around helping the few that need ICU.

    1. @MetaView7 I’m not worried. Why be worried. Honestly the way this world has gone completely and totally to hell living is no longer worth it.

    2. So what?? … you can complain all you want about funding but right now that doesn’t change anything. ICU’s are overrun and understaffed. Get vaxed to make sure you aren’t the one that needs another bed! It’s not that hard to figure out.

    3. @UCwa4wT_Lt8S_twFCkEAH9GA the vaccines greatly reduce the chance of being infected , that greatly reduces the number of infections , that greatly reduces the chances the virus has to be spread , greatly reduces the chances the virus has to mutate .

  2. “6 patients in 3 days” how obvious can you make it?
    they LOVE the sixsixsix.
    just like 6 doses and .3mL per dose right?

  3. 6 today 24 tomorrow 56 Wednesday 178 Thursday 392 Friday… Take it as you will, can’t be the only one that has noticed what nationality our ‘health experts ‘ are

  4. Hey doc, can you tell me why you guys send COVID patients home without even trying some of the existing, safe medicine that thousands of doctors around the world have used to successfully treat their patients? You don’t seem to act till your patients show up sicker than hell at the hospital, where you eventually intubate them and complain about how overworked you are. Let’s not forget that medical errors in Canada are responsible for more than 22,000 needless deaths each year. Looks like we can add a lot of these COVID deaths to that sad number.

  5. If this was true: then Dr Shahab, the CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER and Saskatchewan’s top doctor would know and adjust. This guy is just an alarmist attention seeker.

    but hey, the news pays per interview right?!? better make it worth their while! Alarm! Alarm!

    1. They want war. They want the populace to act violent so they can implement martial law. The Western government got a taste of power and now they want full control. Don’t ever give it to them.

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