‘Unprovoked’ stabbing on Las Vegas Strip leaves 2 dead, 6 injured | USA TODAY

A suspect fatally stabbed 2 people and injured 6 others in "unprovoked" attack on the Las Vegas Strip, police said.

A suspect who authorities say acted alone was in custody Thursday after fatally stabbing two people and wounding six others in an "unprovoked" attack on the Las Vegas Strip, police said.

The victims were a combination of tourists and locals, police Capt. James LaRochelle said at a news briefing Thursday afternoon. They were taken to area hospitals for treatment, and three were in critical condition.

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  3. Its never unprovoked…something always happens to shift a person’s behavior to the wrong side of things

    1. He attacked random people he has never even met before. That’s the f*ckin definition of unprovoked. 🤦‍♂️

  4. The suspect told a woman that he was a chef who wanted to take a picture with some of the showgirls with his knife, but he started stabbing people when the group declined the man’s offer, the woman told KTNV.

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