1. @Robin Fleet That was actually kinda funny!😂
      Not because it’s most likely going to happen, I envision all these monster plants taking over and no one knows how that happened.

    1. @Mishee Mercier The video says to call the Canadian food inspection agency at 519-691-1306 or at 1-800-442-2342

  1. It would be nice if the video promos didn’t appear at the end so we could read the rest of the damned text.

    1. I discovered that if you click “picture-in-picture” the popups don’t follow and you can read the text!

    2. @nemes1s It’s on the video image when you are moving the mouse. Center right (maybe only in Firefox which is what I use). It makes the video window pop out and you can move it around and resize it.

    3. @Gary Rumain Agreed! On my iPad, I figured out hitting pause makes the promos transparent so I can see the text on screen, however it is annoying that they still haven’t fixed this issue.

  2. They might be a Trojan Horse, they are showing up in the USA too, dont even open them, possible bio weapon alert

  3. Such an important and actually newsworthy topic, presented like a poorly produced and edited TicTok video for kids. This is what a failed business model looks like and highlights why they rely upon Govt subsidies.

  4. Do NOT plant them. A giant beanstalk will grow to the sky and a giant that owns a golden egg laying goose will come down and kill everyone!!!

  5. The “One China” policy is outdated and Taiwan 🇹🇼should be recognized as an independent country.
    – Canada 🇨🇦should cancel its “One China” policy in respond to China’s🇨🇳 National Security law and the Wuhan outbreak.
    – This will strike at the heart of the CCP’s dark motives and ambitions.

  6. Yeah heard reports of that in Florida yesterday could be an invasive species so don’t cultivate them.

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