Unvaccinated Canadians are 'out of time' as fourth wave looms, warns doctor | COVID-19 1

Unvaccinated Canadians are ‘out of time’ as fourth wave looms, warns doctor | COVID-19


Dr. Kashif Pirzada says that unvaccinated Canadians are 'out of time' as a fourth wave of COVID-19 looms across the country.

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  1. I’ve heard this news report before, about 8 months ago. It goes like this, “blah blah blah blah blah”.

    1. @Synix. Masks don’t stop bacteria, they trap it than it grows on the mask exposing you to more bacteria than you would be exposed to without the mask.

    2. @Synix. thats only for an n95 mask and completely non washable its only disposable and it doesnt protect your eyes and ears lol.

      Masks are there to just protect the public from everyone else if there’s one not wearing it; its completely useless besides the virus has been proven(search it) to not stay airborne unless its breathed out by talking or sneezing which the mask prevents from leaking out from you lol. Someone sneezes on you on the eyes lol masks and the only ones dying are those with a compromised immune system

  2. Now all we need to do is wait for the Mega Delta Super Whopper Baconator Double Down Burrito Extra Crispy 5th wave variant….

    1. “Anti-vax refugees living off the grid not bothering anyone – comepletely responsible for armageddon, and no this isn’t just an excuse to slaughter them”

  3. Pretty sure I’ve been hearing about the fourth wave coming for months now….
    How about some approvals for antiviral medicine as a potential cure?? You’re admitting now that vaccines aren’t going to be the end of it.
    Canada is withholding important drugs that could be used as treatment.

    1. It is actually the 4th wave of fears they are throwing at you. A blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. Those guys will get that 4th wave at some point.

    2. Agree it’s all predictive programming and they have made an Idol of a vacine that doesn’t even prevent covid

    1. mandela effect ! that darn lamb sings this is the song that DOESNT end, never has been never.. research the mandela effect !

    2. @SZ ZK

      Just because you noticed and it bothered you, you do not have to say anything.

      Signed,, My ex was the same way. Lol

    1. we’re already at “show me your papers!”

      at this rate by next year we’ll be at “get in the boxcar!”

    2. @Jay yes ever year to 6 months you get jabbed and because vaccines still allow the virus to spread this will create deadlier viruses every year.

  4. Nah, let’s wait for the 5th wave, at least it comes with a Boss fight. Wasting your buff on a 4th wave is a noob move.

    1. Correct ,we actually are doing much better,our sperm is about to skyrocket in value.especially in the coming years.

    1. @Dave Snow cases are dogshit. They dont mean you are infected, sick or symptomatic. They are also cumulative and forced onto most employees

  5. These new waves are coming out faster than the new iPhones. Soon we will have the new covid mini plus plus. Can’t wait for that one

    1. Yes who cares how many cases there are if no one is dying, doesnt that mean we are developinng immunity? this is all just scare tactics to justify our prision.

  6. Lmfao!? Low cases numbers in New York because everyone already died in the murder holes. Oh sorry, I meant nursing homes.

  7. I don’t trust this ‘doctor’. Sure, he’s got the diploma behind him, and he’s wearing the official tv interview scrubs, but where’s the stethoscope? Something fishy going on.

    1. Probably a Secret society member or theyve got something on him. maybe a mistress or heavy debt from a gambling problem that miraculously diaapeared .doesnt take much


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